Plots, And Basic Parings.

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  1. About me: I am just an artist with a basic understanding on how to write. I'm pretty good at writing a decent sized posts, and occasionally I'll get to about 9 paragraph posts, especially if I'm working with two or more characters.
    I like OOC chatting.
    I do like to use mainly one or two characters that I already have made because I feel like every new roleplay I do with these characters opens up a new side to them that makes them more real.

    Now onto the pairings. The symbols are:
    ♥ Would love to do it
    ♦ Kind of interested, but need to kick start my muse
    ♣ Not likely, but I'd be up for it if my Partner was super excited to do it

    World's greatest detective / Master Thief ♦
    Student / Teacher / Teacher ♥ (I've got a plot idea for this one. You have to be cool with more than 2 characters in a relationship though. )
    Beauty / Beast ♦
    Prince / Servant ♥

    This list will get updated if I think of any more, but I didn't want to just throw down 100 little things without thinking about them first.

    PM ME, or just... post. Whatever. Hope to see someone soon!
  2. Interested in the Prince / Servant. Let's bounce some ideas around.
    This is seriously random, but here's a nibble to chew on.

    I've instantly came up with a Servant spy who is suppose to end the royals' lives, but instead find him to be too interesting and valuable alive rather than dead. Learning more about his future plans for the kingdom, the Servant comes to the striking concluding that the Prince isn't what her Employers claimed he is. They believe he'll rule like his father; therefore, ending the King's life and his pup is the best option for the future of their entire kingdom.

    Turning against her Employers placed her on their hit list now, but fearing the cruel punishment that may come from the King for her original intentions is far worse. The Servant is stuck between a rock and a hard place, for to return to her Employers without a pair of heads for their platters, she will be punished as well. She realizes that the only way she can get out of this situation alive is to tell the Prince the truth, hoping he will understand and forgive her for her evil intentions. If she can regain his trust, then perhaps together they can stop her Employers from finished what she could not, and possible help the King realize his mistakes and change his views around for the betterment of their kingdom before all the problems he's caused catches up with them all.
  3. I would be interested in the Student / Teacher / Teacher one, so shoot me a pm and tell me about your idea? I enjoy chatting about the plot with my partners so no worries there. (though I've yet to meet someone who wanted to chat as we did the plot...) Not that I mind. I like fleshing things out at least a little bit more often than not.
  4. Still looking?
  5. If you'd still like a partner, I'm very interested in some version of a Beauty and the Beast tale!
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