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    I'm Amy, an experienced RPer lookin' for new partners! I need a long-term partner who will maybe talk to me in OOC, as well as keep up with IC. I don't mind about the writing length, as long as you don't post one-liners. I will try to keep with your posting length. I will have more than one opening for each plot, so I will RP with more than one person on the same storyline. I love seeing how things go with different people! More details below. So... yeah! Have fun reading!


    1. All Iwaku Rules Apply (duh...)
    2. Romance? I Like Romance, But No Further Than Kissing
    3. Death? I Like Death, But Nothing To Gorey
    4. Just So I Know You've Read This, Put "Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire!" In Your Response
    What I Expect From You

    1. Grammar. You should be able to use proper grammar. Thank you.
    2. Spelling. On computers, when you spell something wrong, a red zig-zaggy line appears under the word you spelt wrong. Right click the word and it comes up with options for you to spell it correctly. Use it!
    3. Keep in touch with me! Chat to me! Not just about the RP, but about RL as well!
    4. :) Emojis! :)
    5. You may write in 1st or 3rd person. I like 1st, but I usually do 3rd.
    6. Please write in past tense!
    7. Please write in full sentences!
    8. Tell me when you cannot RP, or if you want to leave.
    9. No. One. Liners. Or. I. Will. Leave. You. Forever.
    What To Expect From Me

    Ok, now plots...

    "Really, we shouldn't be here..."
    Character 1 is a fearless daredevil who will do pretty much anything. Character 2 is his cowardly friend. One day, the two buddies go to a 'haunted manor' (despite character 2's begs to not go). They split up, unaware of the dangers within. Character 1 gets killed, and turns into a ghost. Character 2 cannot see him, but he can hear him. Character 2 gets scared and leaves without her friend. Character 1 tries to live with her, but can't. He is trapped...

    Will character 2 come back to save character 1? Or will character 1 live his life as a ghost forever?
    "B-b-but our p-p-parents?!"
    Character 1 comes from the Gewel family, a group of extremely good fairies who help humans whenever they can. Character 2 comes from the Lavine family, a group of extremely bad fairies who cause chaos wherever the go. Their families are enemies and therefor hate one-another. One day, character 1 and character 2 meet and fall in love, despite knowing that their parents are sworn enemies...

    Can they keep a steady relationship? Or will their families find out and make them hate each other?
    "Sorry... I'm to dangerous..."
    Character 1 and Character 2 are BBF. One day, they decided to go on a trip into the woods, but things didn't end so well. Character 1 has a dark secret which Character 2 doesn't know about. This secret is life-threatening towards Character 2, and anyone else who enters the woods.

    Will Character 1 tell his/her friend about the secret? Or will Character 1 hold the secret back?

    I may add some more later if I think of any... Oh, and I'm also willing to hear your ideas! So, if you're interested, reply to this thread or PM me, whichever you prefer!

    Wait! Don't go yet! I do Fandoms as well!

    1. Harry Potter
    2. Percy Jackson
    3. Greek Mythology in general
    4. Hunger Games
    5. The Big Bang Theory (oh, how I want to play Sheldon...)
    6. Disney!
    7. Pixar!
    8. Pokemon
    9. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Now, for the real conclusion...

    So, if you're interested in any of the above, please reply to this thread or PM me!

    Bye Peeps!
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  2. Hi! I'm interested in your first plot about the haunted manor.
  3. Cool! Which character would you like to play? What gender?
  4. I would like to play as character 2 and female, if that's alright.

    lol Just gonna add this in there: "Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire!"
  5. Oh yeah! Forgot to look for that lol

    So, would you prefer me to play female or male?
  6. Male, please. Is it going to be through thread or pm?
  7. Which do you prefer?
  8. Thread is fine.
  9. Ok. First or third person?
  10. Third. Quick question: are they trying to convert the ghost back to human or?
  11. Third person it is then! We are trying to make him human (I think...)
  12. Alright lol
  13. Ok, do you want to do CS's?
  14. Sure, maybe a simple one?
  15. Ok, here it is:

  16. Okay. Would you like to make the thread or do I make it?
  17. I'll make it :)

    Would you mind PMing me your character, so I can put it in the thread?
  18. I wouldn't mind taking part in the one with the friends in the woods :)
  19. Ok, which character?
  20. Hey there :) I'm actually interested in your Romance Plot and wouldn't mind at all doing it!
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