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How do you like your twists?

  1. Surprise me! Keep it a secret until the dramatic reveal!

  2. Let's discuss it and find the best way to shock our characters together

  3. Give me the bare minimum, I still want to be a little surprised when it happens

  1. Whenever I look at 1x1 requests, it's common to see people state that they want their partner to be active in the story, including setting up plot twists. However, that can be taken many different ways, and I'm often left confused as to what exactly is desired.

    So for all you 1x1-ers, my question is this: when you want twists in your plot, do you want it legitimately out of the blue and completely a surprise to you when it happens, or do you want the twist to be brought up and discussed between partners and just a surprise for the characters? What happens when you're planning a twist and your partner unknowingly makes it so that you can't use it?
  2. as a 1x1-er, normally when i'm going through checks, i don't really know the player too well and what they want from their own respective roleplays. buuuut i also do 1x1s with people i know well in equal measure. it's always best to err on the side of caution with plot twists and let your partner know beforehand what you want to happen. i find that whenever a twist is planned out, i still end up feeling a bit surprised one way or another. by the way the characters are feeling, the way the scene is written, the smaller details that play out, etc.

    however, with character related plot twists, like a character having an unexpected reaction to things or confessing something, that's normally out of the blue XD. surprises myself too when i put myself in their shoes. everyone loves a partner that can be active in their stories ^-^

    when you are planning a twist that's been unknowingly executed by your partner, what's the problem there? i'm pretty chill and go-with-the-flow with whatever happens, so just add onto their plot twist i guess? with players i know pretty well, i just kind of make it a surprise because i'm already familiar with their style and how they like to do things.
  3. I think that with plot twists out of the blue you have to be writing with a partner for a while in order for them to work. There is that level of being comfortable with someone's style of writing, knowing they won't do anything upsetting if they drop a twist. With that said, I do enjoy them. However, if the plot twists involve a revelation about a journey or my partner's characters.

    Even if I write with someone for a long time I don't like twists which directly relate to my characters example being, their whole life history is a lie or they were a demon in a past life. I'd consider that controlling my characters and that's something I do not favor. Now if it's something like a location visited is really a front for something sinister or my partner's characters are not who they appear to be, perfectly fine. Go ahead, surprise me.

    A level of discussion is good too just not the entire plot of the story because then I'll get uninterested. I enjoy it to play out. To be surprised. Plotting before a roleplay always works and being comfortable with who you write with too as I said before. If I'm planning a plot twist of my own that I can't use, I'll think of something else. Pull another rabbit out of my hat.
  4. I'm a teamwork sort of person when it comes to rping so I very much prefer discussing it with my partner. If they have a great idea for a plot twist I like to plan it in such a way that we'll both be satisfied.

    Making a big decision such as a plot twist without letting your partner know could be considered GodModing as well.
  5. I forgot to say it before, but thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate the help!
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  6. A bit of both, I found. On one hand, I like to chat with partners about setting up scenes and the general direction the game should be heading, but it's always super fun to throw a kink in the chain and do something unexpected... provided your partner and you trust one another and that your motivations are in the right place.

    Recently, I had my character get shot and start bleeding out in an alleyway, which shocked my partner and forced her to react to that situation and it set up future events to be adapting to his injury, for instance. We both were excitedly talking about the whole scene, so I chalk that up as a win.
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  7. Plot twists are fun and I love dishing them out. I do like to give my partner a hint though that something may be coming up. Mostly anyway. >:3

    As for reacting to plot twists, well that wholly depends on how close I am to my partner. If they're my friends, I'll be very vocal about it. :'D But if it's someone I'm not friends with, I'll be mum for the most part. Unless I dislike them. >:D

    It also depends on the kind of plot twist as well. If it's something like "Tada! This character is actually a girl!" or something to that degree, that is actually pretty fun. As for injuries etc, since I dish them out to my characters all the time, I try not to fuss about it.

    What I do hate as a plot twist would be "Surprise! My character is randomly going to cheat on yours because unnecessary drama!" Yeah, that ticks me off.
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  8. I'm late to the party.
    I enjoy plot twists, I think they go well with the story especially if they make sense. I do like to discuss with my partners a bit about them. A plot twist shouldn't be done if it involves someone's character without their knowledge. That's a good way to end the partnership, at least for me.
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  9. I'm fine with any scenario. Execution, timing and mutual respect is what matters. Want to set up a big surprise plot twist? Sure, but make it something my character has agency to react to and doesn't make previously written material and set-ups something to throw out of the window. You know? Like, don't decide to reveal you're your character's evil twin right in an emotional bonding moment the previous five posts have been leading up to.

    Discussing these kinds of things make plot twist easier, I guess, but I've mostly been GM'ing when it comes to my experience with plot twists in RP's so that power balance is kinda skewed as in that meaning I could pretty much do anything I want. In 1x1s... I've not really gotten to the point of surprise plot twists often, it's mostly been discussing twists prematurely before happening.
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