PROMPT Plot Practice: Week 8, Sacrifice

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot.

    1. Priest x Sacrifice
    2. One Way Trip
    3. "I don't mind sharing."

    Below are my examples.

    1. Priest x Sacrifice

      He hadn't meant for this to happen. This was his first sacrificial ritual, and the girl laid across the table in front of him leaned her head back as she waited. She was trembling, a small smile on her face as the tea from earlier numbed her body to pain.

      He drove the knife down, but stopped just short of her chest.

      "Get on with it." A voice came from below him with a drunk-looking smile.

      But he couldn't. His legs gave out underneath him as he started to shake. An uproar sounded from the assembled crowd.
    2. One Way Trip

      The blood of countless fools clung to her hands. Metaphorically, of course. She'd scrubbed them raw countless time. Now it was her turn, and she knew she deserved it, but someone did not get the memo and saved her at the cost of their own life. Now, she must discover why a person would rescue the Butcher of Impyra.
    3. "I don't mind sharing."

      Vampire twins are stuck in the zombie apocalypse. Stuck with a limited supply of blood dolls, they must either share or one must starve. One of their dolls has a fever and may be infected already.
  2. 2) One way trip

    Kyle stepped into the machine and nodded to the technicians. He knew this was a one way trip, but the present he lived in was on the verge of self-destruction and he was being sent back in time to stop WW1.

    Is he successful? Does he even arrive at the right time and place? Will anyone believe him and offer him assistance?
  3. The kingdom of Yorabi is an ancient and abiding land bordered by a massive wall built with ancient magics, meant to ward against a natural disaster of epic proportions that rains down from the sky. It is a well-known fact that only a worthy member of the Sasturnis' line, those who possess the blood of kings, can adequately power the wall, and those who volunteer live their lives as a conduit for its energies, effectively a death sentence, as the Wroth of the Firmament runs its course.

    Now, after many hundred years of peace, the walls are all but forgotten, until the threat reemerges. Already, the King has thrown his three sons to the Wall - but they were cut down, considered unworthy. The kingdom grows weary under the weight of the disaster that ruins their crops and threatens their water, and the king sends the last of his children: a slave girl whom he fathered and kept close as his illegitimate, but beloved child.