EXERCISE Plot Practice: Week 23, "It's occ-ult."

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot. Participants can use the inspiration and prompts however they wish!

    This is primarily an exercise in how to make use of inspiration even when you maybe aren't 'feeling it'.

    1. Blind person + Caretaker
    2. Occult Blue Eyes
    3. "I wonder what I look like in your eyes?"
  2. Have you ever wondered what you look like to your love? Would you look beautiful to them? Plain? I don't know the answer to that. But I will say this, you look like an angel to me. An angel, sent from heaven to make me whole again.

    What do I look to you, my darling? Ugly? Repulsive? Maybe plain, like I said before? ...You say I am like sunshine? That I chase away your clouds? Darling, I love you so, but I cannot help but think that isn't me.

    When I look in the mirror, I see a monster. A disgusting creature that leeches off the one I love. I often think about how I mistreat you, day in, day out. It hurts me, just as it hurts you. And yet, I can't help but want you, need you.

    Darling, why do you hug me so? Why are you whispering it's alright? I'm crying, crying because of you. And yet, I feel so happy. So I'll ask again, what do I look like through your eyes? ...Radiant? Beautiful? I cannot help but cry.
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