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EXERCISE Plot Practice: Week 2, Villainy

Discussion in 'INSPIRING MUSES' started by The Mood is Write, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot.

    1. Blood Mage x Cleric.
    2. Stalker with a Crush
    3. The antagonist seeks to protect his family.

    Below are my examples.
    1. Blood Mage x Cleric.
      A cleric seeking unity through arms encounters a blood mage who gave up his soul to a devil. The cleric tries to end the soulless being's life, but something stops him, and now he must figure out why, while still doing all her can to conquer in the name of peace and his god.
    2. Stalker with a Crush
      She'd never seen anyone so beautiful. The Princess, constantly kidnapped by men in the past, found her current captor's femininity positively alluring. For what purpose was she taken, however, and how can she escape from someone who knows about every aspect of her life?
    3. The antagonist seeks to protect his family.
      The Hero of Light never expected his youngest child of seven to meet her end to raiders while he was away. He made absolutely certain that the raiders from the neighboring country paid, and then their entire country, as well. Who can stop this grieving madman as he seeks to make the world safer for his children that remain?
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  2. Bloodmage Dapharan holds a love of all things and the belief that everything is connected as one large, beating, breathing unit, that every man, woman, and other are like cells to a larger being with an expanded consciousness. Consequently, he has no qualms over using his own and others' blood to cure the sick, flush poisons, and mend the broken.

    Cleric Diresta Sire is a devout man of a religion which upholds personal sanctity to the highest extreme. Dapharan's prolific use of blood magic and fluid sharing - which is often times performed without explicit verbal consent, say in the case Dapharan comes across a conflict zone - is in severe violation of his religious tenets developed through childhood into his late life. So Diresta takes it to himself to hunt Dapharan down, regardless of state law and boundary, for Dapharan's blatant disregard for the fundamental basis of culture and civilised life.

    (Also, thank you The Mood Is Write, I just made two characters ^_^).
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