EXERCISE Plot Practice: Week 17, Scales

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot. Participants can use the inspiration and prompts however they wish!

    This is primarily an exercise in how to make use of inspiration even when you maybe aren't 'feeling it'.

    1. Fitness Coach x Gym Regular
    2. Reptiles Are Abhorrent
    3. What if Justice's scales weren't weight measures, but a different sort of scale?
  2. Trying this for the first time >.> I'm sorry if I done it wrong or something.

    A woman in her late 20s with a raven black colored ponytail can be seen pacing around in the small apartment house, in an impatient manner. She donned a simple white colored singlet top and a pair of denim shorts. After letting off a grunt and tightened her fists, the doorbell was rung. In response, the anxious woman quickly made her way to the door and opened it. After noticing that her guests are a young woman who just reached her adulthood, along with a tall, busty blonde behind her.

    "Finally! My dear Princess has arrived!" The woman with a ponytail exclaimed. However, her expression immediately changed into a grim one as her gaze turned to the blonde. "Of course, with that blond-colored snake behind her...!"

    The long, curly haired blonde simply shook her head in response, while the young woman sporting a straight black hair and school uniform simply did a forced giggle. With the... greeting done and over with, the female trio headed towards the living room, where the wall in front of them were stuck with the blueprint plan of Los Santos Harbor along with a couple of photographs and shipment invoices. There are black marker scribbles on the blueprint and the photographs, indicating several points of interest.

    "We..." The ponytail woman spoke once more with her previous excited tone, eager to present her plan. "... are going to rob Merryweather!"

    Her audience was befuddled with her statement. It did not took long for one of them to speak up their thoughts.

    "Rena, are you---"

    The blonde spoke out but she got interrupted at the end by her angry friend who immediately lashed out to her.

    "Shut up Evelyn!" Rena angrily gestured, pointing her index finger. "You owe me one! And now you are going to help me!"

    "Have you even consulted with that four eyed genius?!"

    "Screw that nerd bish! I know what I'm doing! Better than that closet bish I say!"

    Evelyn simply closed her eyes and sighed heavily, before facepalming. At this moment, the young woman with a school uniform spoke up.

    "Merryweather..." She looked at Rena curiously as she continued with a slight hint of Japanese accent. "Isn't that private military company recently got greenlit by the government to operate here?"

    "Yep, Miko-chan!" Rena responded happily. "They are a bunch of cold blooded reptilian bastards doing a truckload of shady shts and fighting dirty wars for numerous countries. I say we get ourselves a karma overhaul by robbing those heartless jarheads!"

    Then, Evelyn and Miko looked at each other...
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  3. Looks interesting, Miya, and like the start of a very interesting story! =D Very nicely done!

    Also, there is no wrong way to use this thread, as long as you're looking at the ideas and playing around with how you can use them, even if it's only related tangentially! ♥
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  4. Alexis peered into the cell, hands clasped behind his back as he stared down the dragon. He had never liked her- no, none of them- and the chance for this had been too good once he'd been elected director.

    They'd been given enough free reign for too long, and the time for someone who could put them in their places was far past. Everyone before him had been too cowardly. They'd compromised, allowed these freaks to control their own lives when it was very clear they would just cause trouble. What had they expected from a bunch of overemotional kids with anger issues?

    This had been long overdue.

    And the reptile...his eyes flicked to her face once more as she fidgeted under his scrutinizing gaze. He didn't trust her. Never had. How could he? She had been the reason his house had collapsed on his family- an accident, collateral damage, both she and the organization claimed, and such claims could be true. But he would not forgive her for such an act. His glare hardened as he remembered and his hands clenched tighter on the clipboard.

    Finally, the girl on the other side of the glass dropped her head and turned her back on him. With a disgusted shake of his head, the man turned away from the cell and checked his watch.

    Coughs ripped themselves from the pitiful, broken creature behind him, and he spared her no more than an uncaring, almost annoyed glance before starting to walk away.

    "So that's it?" Her voice, shaky and raw from sickness, filtered through the speakers.

    "What did you just say?" Alexis turned around, his words dangerously soft. His brown eyes locked on her expectantly.

    "That's it?" Luna repeated herself, struggling to her feet and supporting herself against the wall of her tiny confinement cell. The lights on the shock bracelets around her wrists blinked calmly. "You're just gonna stare and leave?"

    A scoff escaped him. "What did you want me to do?"

    "I dunno...turn off the lights for once?" She waved up at the painfully bright flickering bulbs that illuminated the tiny room she'd been stuck in for the last week and a half. "Let me out?"

    "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"


    "Then no."

    A scowl marred her face and she forced herself to stumble forward more. "Why are you such a jerk?"

    "It's my job." And with that, Alexis turned his back on the dragon and walked away for good, ignoring the irate shouts that followed him.

    She wasn't broken enough, but she was getting there. It was time for phase two.
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  5. Justice stood in front of the doors to the afterlife, seemingly bored as she stared at each person who came forward. Some of them towered over her, entering the mile-high doors with ease. Others barely reached her knee, the doorstop far too tall for them to get over. Others, still, were her size - just tall enough that getting a leg over the threshold was a nuisance, but not impossible.

    She had seen many different people of many different sizes, often having to funnel the smallest of them towards a much smaller basement door leading down into the ground. Of course, they would kick up a major fuss - no one wanted to head down, it just wasn't in human nature - but it was easy enough to pick them up in a hand, drop them in, and walk back to her post at the door. Now and then, there'd be someone who was just short enough that they couldn't get over, and they were the hardest to deal with, given their size.

    This time, though, in the stream, she found a man who wasn't no taller than the arch of her foot. If he hadn't come up to her podium, she would have never known he was there.


    She frowned and looked around, her book of names open to log each incoming soul. She did not, however, see the source of the voice in the crowd of souls that were approaching her, helper spirits dividing them into groups by height.

    "Hey, you! Up there! Yeah, you, help a fella out, huh?"

    At last, she located the voice as someone shoved - minutely - her ankle. She looked down to see a man in a business suit craning his neck up at her.

    "Help me over."

    "No can do, buddy. You're too short for this particular ride."

    "Excuse me? After all I've done for my country? All the work I put in?"

    Justice screwed her face into a sneer.

    "What's your name?"

    "Ed. Ed Davis."

    She, of course, didn't actually need to know his name, but the fact it needled him did her heart good. She looked into her book, flipping a page exactly to his 'track record.'

    "Huh. Funny. All that 'good' you did for your country seemed to serve your pocketbook more than your employees... Oooh, and all of these violations, dumping chemicals into consumable watersheds... And you paid some money to a couple of politicians as 'gifts', not to mention you've got all these lovely, lovely DUIs..."

    "Hey... hey, hey, hey, people make mistakes, alright? I had to feed my family. I was looking out for my own," the man raged, his face growing puce as he waved a finger.

    Justice looked less than impressed, tracking her finger down the list of infractions.

    "Really. You threw out your daughter, you twisted your son against your first wife, you married on the second which you cheated on the first with... And the third left you after finding out about the 'boys trip' to Thailand where you... indulged." Justice shook her head. "Look, the door is that way. Now, move it, we've got people to process."

    "You're going to let me in!"

    Justice was known for patience, but the man's size was enough to convince her that no further explanation was necessary. She picked him up and began to cart him towards the smaller door. It said something that the doors might as well have been the Sancta Porta in Rome to the tiny man. She held him out over the doors with both fingers.

    "For you men, it's never enough to know how small you really are. Even when you can't even reach up to someone's knees," Justice stated as she dropped him down the shaft.

    She went back to her post, dusting off her hands, and she sat down.

    "Alright! Next please."
  6. Jack stood with his clipboard next to the scale smiling encouragingly at Miranda. She took off her watch, her shoes, and ever her pedometer before she stepped on the scale. He liked her though, because though she had a huge amount of weight to lose and come into the gym in pretty bad physical shape, she had a sense of humor and worked hard to change her body.

    He slid the weights around and jotted down the number without comment or judgement.

    Miranda peeked at what he wrote and winced, "If I just didn't love donuts so much this would be a lot quicker."

    Jack looked at her, "Well you're down a pound, that's one less to lose right?"

    She rolled her eyes at him, "Small consolation when there are a hundred more where that came from...but thanks. And just so you know...I didn't actually eat any donuts this week."

    "Good girl."

    She peeked up at him as they moved to the first machine together, "So...um...how long would it take me to prepare for something big?"

    "What kind of big?" He asked intrigued by her manner and question.

    "Well...I'd like to do something no one would expect me to be able to do. Everyone in my family thinks I'm weak and lazy and I want to shut them up." She took a deep breath and bit her lip, "I want to run a spartan race."

    Jack stopped cold and looked at her. he could see the sparkle of determination in her eyes but also that cloud of self-doubt she seemed to have following her around too. His face lit up and he leaned a bit closer to her, "Miranda...tell you what...we'll train together and in a year...we'll run one together. Deal?"


    Will Miranda succeed? Will Jack? Will they find more than a trainer/ client relationship?