EXERCISE Plot Practice: Week 17, Scales

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot. Participants can use the inspiration and prompts however they wish!

    This is primarily an exercise in how to make use of inspiration even when you maybe aren't 'feeling it'.

    1. Fitness Coach x Gym Regular
    2. Reptiles Are Abhorrent
    3. What if Justice's scales weren't weight measures, but a different sort of scale?
  2. Trying this for the first time >.> I'm sorry if I done it wrong or something.

    A woman in her late 20s with a raven black colored ponytail can be seen pacing around in the small apartment house, in an impatient manner. She donned a simple white colored singlet top and a pair of denim shorts. After letting off a grunt and tightened her fists, the doorbell was rung. In response, the anxious woman quickly made her way to the door and opened it. After noticing that her guests are a young woman who just reached her adulthood, along with a tall, busty blonde behind her.

    "Finally! My dear Princess has arrived!" The woman with a ponytail exclaimed. However, her expression immediately changed into a grim one as her gaze turned to the blonde. "Of course, with that blond-colored snake behind her...!"

    The long, curly haired blonde simply shook her head in response, while the young woman sporting a straight black hair and school uniform simply did a forced giggle. With the... greeting done and over with, the female trio headed towards the living room, where the wall in front of them were stuck with the blueprint plan of Los Santos Harbor along with a couple of photographs and shipment invoices. There are black marker scribbles on the blueprint and the photographs, indicating several points of interest.

    "We..." The ponytail woman spoke once more with her previous excited tone, eager to present her plan. "... are going to rob Merryweather!"

    Her audience was befuddled with her statement. It did not took long for one of them to speak up their thoughts.

    "Rena, are you---"

    The blonde spoke out but she got interrupted at the end by her angry friend who immediately lashed out to her.

    "Shut up Evelyn!" Rena angrily gestured, pointing her index finger. "You owe me one! And now you are going to help me!"

    "Have you even consulted with that four eyed genius?!"

    "Screw that nerd bish! I know what I'm doing! Better than that closet bish I say!"

    Evelyn simply closed her eyes and sighed heavily, before facepalming. At this moment, the young woman with a school uniform spoke up.

    "Merryweather..." She looked at Rena curiously as she continued with a slight hint of Japanese accent. "Isn't that private military company recently got greenlit by the government to operate here?"

    "Yep, Miko-chan!" Rena responded happily. "They are a bunch of cold blooded reptilian bastards doing a truckload of shady shts and fighting dirty wars for numerous countries. I say we get ourselves a karma overhaul by robbing those heartless jarheads!"

    Then, Evelyn and Miko looked at each other...
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  3. Looks interesting, Miya, and like the start of a very interesting story! =D Very nicely done!

    Also, there is no wrong way to use this thread, as long as you're looking at the ideas and playing around with how you can use them, even if it's only related tangentially! ♥
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