PROMPT Plot Practice: Week 12, Pairing Week

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot.

    1. Landlord x Layabout
    2. Spy x Ruler
    3. Ruler x Child

    Below are my examples.

    1. Landlord x Layabout

      Three months on the dot. The landlord looked at the ledger and sighed. Time for another reminder, he reflected as he climbed the stairs to the top and furthest room in his building. He Reached up to knock, then paused as a weird scent hit his nostrils.

      Slowly, he opened the door, and then screamed.

      Now, he must learn the fate of his mysterious renter, find out what happened, and avoid discovery.
    2. Spy x Ruler

      She had been infiltrating the Emperor's court for a month now, and here it was: her moment of opportunity. She prepared her poison and hid it among the folds of her dress as she met the emperor in his private room, and the two enjoyed each other's company.

      Morning came, and she woke before him and pulled the poison from her discarded dress, only to pause and breathe deeply. She told herself it was bad timing, but she already knew the true reason she threw the poison from his window was much worse for her
    3. Ruler x Child

      The king gazed out at his court, only to pause as he caught sight of his son. He stared a few long moments, then subtly motioned the young man forward. As the young man began to walk forward, the king looked away at a comment from his trusted adviser, and returned his gaze to his son in time to watch his daughter kiss the young man's cheek.

      How long had this been going on? He started to stand, only to pause as he noticed a glint between them, and then redness fell to the floor in great red circles.
  2. 1) Landlord x layabout

    He saw the empty box and knew she had not paid again. He couldn't remember ever seeing her leave the apartment for anything and often wondered how she got food, or basic necessities. He glanced at her file and frowned. Six months without a rent payment, and in spite of that he was having a tough time bringing himself to evict her.

    Deciding to speak to her in person, instead of in a letter or phone message, he rode the elevator up to the third floor and then went to the end of the hall and tapped on her door. She came to the door and smiled at him. "Hi Mr. Vickers...come on in."

    She was in a t-shirt and nothing else and he swallowed the lump in his throat but followed her inside. "Hello Eileen...I um..." He was looking around the apartment ... anywhere but looking at her ... and was shocked to see it tastefully furnished and clean.

    What's going on? Who is she? How does she survive? What does he do?

    Tune in next time. Same Bat time, Same Bat channel. (Couldn't help myself)
  3. The King of Predna is aging, and his health is failing fast. To the disgust of his youngest son, Severin, his seven older brothers have already begun to squabble over the throne, each of them convinced that they are somehow fit to take the Pincushion Seat (as his father had so comfortably put it). Severin, however, is much more well-aware that they possess neither the wisdom, nor the patience, to rule, and he worries for the fate of his country.

    Unfortunately, he is only thirteen.

    The young man has, instead, begun the search for a sacrimental object - a knife blessed by the Three Sisters which grants immortality to those who are stabbed with it, in exchange for carrying a mortal wound for the rest of their life. He hopes that in finding such a knife, he may confer immortality to his father, an otherwise good king - though his methods of doing so are rather not so noble.

    In the meantime, he will have to contend against a warrior who was stabbed by the knife before (and looking to reverse the gift) as well as his aged companion....