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  1. I've been just getting all sorts of ideas in my head recently. And what is worse as that sometimes I feel that I don't have the time to RP them all! I suppose that's what I get for working full time though, not as much RP time. Even so I'd really like to play some of these ideas, if only because I think they are super fun and interesting! All the roles that are bold are the one's that I would like to play. If you happen to be interested in any of them please either respond to this Forum or send me a PM.

    A Warning to all whom enter...

    I work a lot, so I don't post every day like I used to in the past. However, that doesn't mean I'm not interested. I've just been busy. I can try and be on long enough to at least post once but sometimes it just doesn't work out. So if you're really a stickler for everyday posts then I'm sorry. Also, when I have the time I try to post multiple times in a day, just because I know I might not get to post the next day. Just wanted to let you all know since I know many people prefer getting a post every single day and that isn't something I can provide at the moment.

    Now for Plots!

    Paying a Debt (open)

    Setting: Historial Japan, Heian Period

    It is a time of great warring as a group of rebels looks to over throw the current Shogun. Once more power is desired and people are forced to pick sides. No man is safe from the call of battle, as the forces wear thin. Of course, many gladly join to keep their homes safe as they know that a change of power would not be in their favor. Though the battle has taken a great turn, and in the Shoguns favor...though at a noble price.

    A Young woman, daughter to a loyal fighter, receives the letter announcing the untimely death of her father at the hands of the enemy. Her mother having passed long before from illness, she found herself alone now in a dangerous world and with no way of living on her own. Of course, it seemed the fates had given her a blessing for her great loss, as a strong and obviously wealthy warrior is the one to have delivered the letter...

    "Your father's sacrifice saved my life, and countless other's...He spoke of you in his last moments and begged you be taken care of...and that is what I intend to do." With those words, she was swept away to the capital only to discover that her father had saved the shogun's eldest son! Tossed into a life of wealth she never knew, she wonders what she will do with herself...and what exactly the son meant by taking care of her...

    Let Me Serve You (open)
    Setting: Historical Japan, Heian Period

    There is a village, resting against a mountain side but otherwise surrounded by forest and field, where a powerful samurai family resides. Working for them guarantees great wealth and a successful future, no matter if be from making their weapons or assembling their armor. However, it seemed that recently there has been a bit of trouble at the family's compound.

    The cook of the family as retired, deciding to go live with her children and live out the rest of her days in peace. Of course, it seems that it has become very difficult to replace her as the three sons to the head of the family have been spoiled rotten with her delicious food. Unsatisfied, they turn away every person who can no satisfy their tastes, causing their father trouble as it becomes more difficult to find new people to replace the last ones. It seems they would be in luck though.

    A Lady, young but built for a farm life, comes to the village. She has left her family, which was packed already with several sons, to seek her own future. Though, she is in truth avoiding being married off, as she is of the age to do so. Not wanting to marry a man as old as her father, she ran with what she could carry, making her money working at tea shops and inns cooking. While passing through the village, she hears a fighter calling in the street for all women and men who could cook meals to step forward. If they could please the sons, they would be guaranteed a place in the service of the family for life! On the last of her money, she takes the challenge, only to find that she was getting much more than a job and a place to live...but three empty pits to fill!

    (In this one, you can play any son you like, and the other two will be NPCs)
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