Plot planning for Boo and Me

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  1. Name: Melody

    Nicknames/Alias: Mel, Hydro

    Powers: Can manipulate anything having to do with water (turning water into ice, bringing rain, etc)

    Parents: None


    Heigh: Average (5"5)

    Weight: Also Average (130)

    Tattoos: She has a water droplet tattooed on her right ankle.

    Pirecings: Ear lobes. (Nothing crazy. Lol.)

    Eyes: Blue

    Bio: Melody was created by the government from pure scratch. She was created to help stop floods, hurricanes, and other water related issues from reaching towns and major cities. She is often called to stop a flooding dam from breaking or a river over flowing. She doesn't mind it, though she does wish she were an average girl with a normal life and a simple romance.
  2. Name: Blaise

    Nicknames/Alias: None

    Powers: Can manipulate anything having to do with fire (burning wood, lighting up a room, melting something etc)

    Parents: None


    Heigh: Tall 6"6

    Weight: 135

    Tattoos: He has a birthmark like a flame on his ankle.

    Piercings: One ear pierced, and a tongue piercing.

    Eyes: Golden

    Bio: He doesn't know where he came from, but he was brought up in an orphanage. His magical powers began to manifest when he turned 15. The orphanage threw him out after he accidentally set fire to the garden. He left, and made his way to various cities where he did odd jobs to get money. He has never been in love, but knows that he can never be with anyone otherwise they will get hurt.​