PROMPT Plot Picture Challenge 52

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A picture is worth a thousand words, as is often quoted.

How does the picture below speak to you? Perhaps as a poem? Perhaps a roleplay idea? Maybe a story?

Whatever comes to your mind, write those words down! All is well and welcome, whether a couple of sentences or more!



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I can do either. I do prefer that there be a goal, but I like letting the charaters dictate what happens.
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Doma gently stroked the oar in the water as he rounded the bend in the river and saw the giant skull. There had been tales, legends passed from generation to generation of the giants who once dwelt among them, and kept them safe from the ogres to the north and their fearsome weapons of fire. he'd heard them all his life, and now that the Ogres were once again waging war on their land and stealing away people to work for them as slaves he was determined to find the giants. If even one remained they would be saved he just knew it. The sight of the skull gave him both hope and fear.