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EXERCISE Plot Picture Challenge 39

Discussion in 'INSPIRING MUSES' started by Greenie, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words, as is often quoted.

    How does the picture below speak to you? Perhaps as a poem? Perhaps a roleplay idea? Maybe a story?

    Whatever comes to your mind, write those words down!
    All is well and welcome, whether a couple of sentences or more!

  2. It did not want destruction, it needed it. It did not desire death, it hungered for it. It had come from fire and brimstone and so it desired all things to end in fire and brimstone. It expelled flames from its throat hot enough to scorch the air and blacken the castle walls. The shortest breath was enough to cause the ignition of the lungs. To take hold of a weapon was turn your hand into a burning, blistering mess no longer recognizable as human flesh. To run was to be burned alive, to be enveloped in flames and left a blackened skeleton so charred the weakest breeze would scatter your ashes amongst the land.

    There would be no bargaining with it. There would be no fighting, no escape and no hope. There would be no blood and no graves. There would only be fire and brimstone. For fire and brimstone are all the dragon knows.
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  3. Let me tell you about hate.

    As I looked up towards the kingdom that rested on the cliff side towards the dragon as it incinerated everything in its fire breath, I finally understood hate. I heard the screams of the castle denizens until they were heard of no more, choked by smoke. The stone doesn't burn, but it still burned hot, and like an oven trapping heat, cooked the people inside. The castle dwellers thought that being on high gave them power over their enemies. Those that jumped from the stone bridge realized how far it was to fall.

    It didn't have to be this way. An orb had been placed deep inside the darkest depths of the castle, the dungeon. That was where a royal spy stayed for the remainder of his life, under the cruel tools of the king's torturers, punished for doing his job so well that paranoia took root in the court, and vile lies became worth more than his loyalty. He saw though unblinking tired eyes as I buried the dragon's treasure under the dirt. There were no muscles left on his thin pale face.

    I didn't have to escape from the flames for I was already gone. The orb had collected hate over many years. I endured the backhanded compliments of the court like a whip across my back, gritted my teeth as I went though my regular administrative tasks. I had been a sorcerer once, but with the prohibition of magic, I was forced to blend in. There had been rumors about me, of course, but they were clouded in the guise of a fool whose work consumed his life and whose only friend had been a traitor to the kingdom.

    It was now that I witness the payoff. The orb which I planted like a seed sprouted. I had given the honor to my friend to be the trigger to the kingdom's destruction. The dragon had been enraged by the supernatural, collected hate it sensed from the kingdom, and as a blind agent, set out to destroy. It was angered, but it wasn't in the dragon that I finally understood hate.

    I could feel only a cold emptiness as I witnessed the destruction. The slow burn inside wouldn't stop ever since the fire was ignited. It didn't matter if those inside died even a thousand times. The injustice had already been done. All I could do was let it burn. Let it all burn.
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