EXERCISE Plot Picture Challenge 3

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  1. Pictures can inspire stories within us, from characters to creatures and even whole storylines.
    The purpose of this exercise is to craft an idea for a roleplay, story, or whatever else based on the image.
    There is no right or wrong - just create a plot from the picture!

  2. "Technology was far left behind. A new world looked upon us as humanity reemerged from the ashes of cataclysm brought by our species inherent rage and greed. Until someone dug, he dug too far. He did it to hide from some random thugs, but what he found would get rid of more than just a few worthless thugs. Witchcraft, sorcery, magic, they called it, but it beyond that. Now this man rules the poor with an iron fist, and the rich a golden sword.

    Will someone ever dare rise a finger against this tyranny? Or is his 'magic' oppressive enough to destroy every single person's will?"
    (That's one. It's much more general and basically applies more to the setting of the picture than the picture itself.)

    "When elves and men decided to work together, no one expected it to be this way. Peace treats were signed, anti-racism campaigns rose from nowhere, love sprung in the most unexpected places. This was a step forward, it was set to bring a future for everyone. Was.
    When science and magic decided to work together, lives were saved, but more were lost. The cost of progress, it is much higher than simple taxes and raw materials. It must be paid with blood and flesh."
    (In a nutshell, this one applies more to the picture but in its own way. It's about underground stuff and how just like we see in the real world, sometimes very bad things are done for a kingdom to be born. Yooo that rhymes :v)
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  3. "Wait, wait, wait so explain it to me again. This dude... he's like a fuckin' wizard or some shit, am I hearing that right?"
    "He's a channeler. Like, he casts illusions and shit, and people do what he says. He ain't got no wand or nothing. See, magic's like this broad word for a bunch of little shit that people can do, right? You've got your actual wizards, casting fireballs or whatever, then you have people who can sorta see the future, or control animals and shit. Like Bucky. Remember him?"
    "Bucky's a weird mothafucka' though."
    "Yeah, but it doesn't change the fact. So this guy, he's like another one of these little niche practices, you know? He chants some shit, people hear it, they start doin' what he wants."
    "You're just describing a fuckin' wizard. Take a left over here."
    "Alright, okay maybe I am. For all intents and purposes, yeah he's a fuckin' wizard."
    "Up this street, should be on our left."


    "How many guys you think are in there?"
    "Jerome said he might have a little muscle."
    "Well Jerome's the undisputed fuckin' champion of understatement which means he's probably got an army or some shit down there."
    "Or Jerome's right and he's just got four or five guys with him. Just chill. He lives in the sewer. If he's squatting around a campfire down there then he's not gonna have that much of a fighting force behind him, you dig? We'll be fine."
    "Yeah, yeah, I fuckin' dig. Let's just get this over with. Missin' the goddamn game cause of this."
    "What game?"
    "The game."
    "That's today?"


    "We clear?"
    "We're clear."
    "Who dares trespass on m- hurk!"
    "Shut the fuck up, Jesus that shit's annoying."
    "Just shoot the son of a bitch."
    "I'm gettin' to that. Now you listen here you goddamn little-"
    "Kestos mireiya nyerocosta-" BLAM
    "Shut. The. Fuck. Up." BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM
    "Hey, easy man, you got him the first time."
    "Hate goin' into the fuckin' sewer and this motherfucker starts givin' this bullshit-"
    "Alright, alright relax. Come on, let's get outta here."
    "Covered in shit. Dirty ass mothafucka'..."
    "You done?"
    "Yeah I'm done."


    "A Homerun Bacon Quarter Pounder with a medium drink and the Three Cheese Supreme with no onions and a medium drink."
    "And get me some of them curly fries too."
    "And a medium order of curly fries."
    "Think we can still catch the game?"
    "What time is it? ...Yeah I think we can catch the last thirty minutes."
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