EXERCISE Plot Picture Challenge 2

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  1. Pictures can inspire stories within us, from characters to creatures and even whole storylines.
    The purpose of this exercise is to craft an idea for a roleplay, story, or whatever else based on the image.
    There is no right or wrong - just create a plot from the picture!

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  2. The dragons were actually peaceful beings. They could come in any size, they rarely made an appearance, and when they did, they seemed like ghosts, moving quickly and disappearing before you even knew you saw one. They wouldn't stay in once place long.

    All that changed when, thousands of years ago, a prince decided he wanted one of the great beasts as his own, to tame it, perhaps even raise it. The prince managed, after years of nonstop searching, to find a nest where a mother dragon was keeping her small brood of eggs. He stole one when she left to get food, but as he as climbing down from the nest with the stolen egg, the mother caught him.

    Angry, but still sticking to her peaceable nature, the mother tried her best to take her egg back from the prince without hurting him. When he wouldn't relent, and even went so far as to attack her, she was forced to kill him to get her egg back.

    When his son didn't return as planned, the king became anxious and demanded that a search party go out looking for him. They returned with his broken body and told the king that they were sure the dragon had done it. Swearing revenge on the species, the king decided he would would enslave them. They would become little more than domestic animals.

    His plan worked, to an extent. Soon, dragon-pulled carriages were a common sight, and farmers used the beasts to pull their plows. Upper class children had the smaller ones as pets. The larger, more untamable ones were pitted against each other in the arena. They fought for the prospect of getting food. The losers would either die a few hours later from a fatal wound inflicted by another dragon, or be killed for its failiure.

    It was a common sight across the world now, as they had started trading dragons for this purpose. There were few wild dragons left, and when they were found, they were dragged back and forced into working for the humans.

    But there was one dragon no one could catch. This dragon was undefeatable and hell bent on destroying the humans for what they had done to his once peaceable and thriving species. He was huge. Bigger than mountains, even, standing up his head would brush the clouds.

    He has been destroying traders, breeders, and arenas, and setting free the captured dragons kept inside. The humans still haven't gotten a clue that this dragon, nay, this Titan, is going to eradicate them one way or another. His intent is that only dragons will roam the earth.

    Whose side are you on?
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  3. Long ago at the dawn of time this world was created by a powerful god known as Suzaku. This god divided the lands into six kingdoms with six powerful dragon lords to rule each. All was peaceful until the rebellion. Now a simply a legend, forbidden from being spoken, amongst Aurora's people. Its said that there was a rebellion to over through these Lords. Fighting to bring these powerful monsters down from there thrones. The lords where over thrown and almost dead in the long war, losing those who supported them. Going to Thalia, the only female lord of the six, they sealed their powers in her, so none could get their hands on these god like powers, putting her into an eternal sleep. With her slumber the lords turn to stone in their lands, leaving only the statues and the legend.

    The new kings cause nothing more then war and despair on Aurora. The towns people are ill, starving to death and even thrown into useless battle for entertainment to the new Lord's. Many have tried to change this god awful fate by other means, however all that is left that can be done is find and awaken the Lady of legends, Thalia.

    Lord Kronos ruled the land in the east long before it was the dessert it is today. A man who personatliy matched that of the flames. This land was known for the volcano's and fire that suronded it making it the number one place for a strong willed adventurer. Now its nothing more then a waste land of old lava paths.

    In the west was the domain of Zora, the ruler of the waters and all its mythical creatures. The once beautiful water paradise is now a swamp like land with filthy water that's no longer the pride and joy of its people.

    Southwest lies a kingdom hidden with in the trees. Devon the lord of few words kept his civilization high in the tree. Where there were complex housing systems. A beauty of nature now a forest of blackened dust.

    Alba ruled the land in the southeast, a kingdom that gave free as the wind a completely new meaning. The land was made up of three floating islands which where the home of any creature that could fly as high as the jetstream.
    The islands now crashed into the ground and it's beauty now forgotten.

    The land of light, located in the North, is what most called it because it was the country of happiness. Well it has its ties with the spiritual world. It was a sunny place that seemed to be peaceful and high in medical technology at the time. Though this lands agriculture hasn't changed much its glory or golden days has.

    This was the dark mysterious land, located in the center of the others, in which Lady of legends Thalia ruled. The land even to this day has it beauty and holds its far share of secrets. Though its dangerous to enter due to the fact that Thalia is hidden within the forest most have tried but failed for those protecting their queen till their dying breath. In this land you can fine Fae that are a bit crazy and act big but its for the sack of their beloved Titana.
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  4. "Momma. Will you tell me the story of how Papa saved us?"

    A young mother standing in the small kitchen of their old and broken down home looked to the young blonde haired lad, giving a soft smile, "Of course." With that, the mother put down her cooking utensils and made her way over to her son, sitting upon the small area rug with him, pulling the boy into her lap,

    "You see son, a few years ago, when you were just a babe, a great shadow had befallen the land. This shadow tore apart villages, houses, and even families. Many lives were lost to this strange shadow as it moved from place to place, and there was no village that had not heard of the strange creature. One day, news came to us that the creature was heading toward our village. Your father, fearful the creature might destroy us, visited an old wise woman a few villages away. He asked her if there was anything he could do to stop the creature. The woman responded, telling your father there was a way. Should your father be turned into a beast more terrifying than the shadow creature, he could weaken it enough to where the wise woman could seal it away. You see, this wise woman was just not any wise woman. She was a witch. A witch, but a good one at that. Should someone agree to a deal with her, she would keep it and fulfill it."

    Brushing the boy's blonde locks from his face, she continued, "Your father made a deal with the wise woman. Should she turn him into a creature powerful enough to defeat the shadow monster, he must live in the mountains to the far north, hidden away from man until one strong and courageous enough to pass the wise woman's trials arrived and turned him human again with the amulet that she had hidden away many years ago. Your father agreed to the terms and the woman turned him to a powerful beast. One taller than even the canyons and plateaus. With wings that spanned further than the plains. When the creature finally arrived and the battle between your father and the creature began. For to full days the battle raged on, destroying nearby fields and homes. Yet finally, your father defeated the beast, weakening it enough so that the wise woman could seal it away within a tomb outside of her home. Your father said his goodbyes to you and I, then, flew away to the far mountains. And there he stays, waiting for the day when a brave soul can find the amulet and free him from the spell so he can return home to us."

    The little boy looked to his mother with wide expectant eyes, "Momma, do you think I can be the one to do it? To save father and bring him home?"

    "Perhaps. Someday."

    (I know this sounds like a post or a short story, but I tend to do all my plots in narrative form lol)
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