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Plot Picture Challenge # 2

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hana, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. The exercise is simple. Think of a plot, a story, that comes to mind when you look at the chosen image, and write it down. Let your mind and your imagination wander, and go on from there.

    'woodland procession' by nicole gustafsson
  2. Have you heard of 'Doubutsu no Obon'? It is a day where the creatures we care for, creatures we treasure, and creatures we hunted come back to our world. Those who have gone from this plane return for a single night, carrying a bright light to show the way. They walk on their hind legs like humans and clothe themselves with the robes of the Underworld, fit for a hot summer evening, and march down the streets with their nose high in the air and legs taking them to homes where the memory of them lives on.

    The black cat wearing a bright pink robe - starkly bright against her smooth fur - walking beside a rabbit with its ears perked and twitching with excitement. They, and the animals around them, chatter as if they were human beings, like family and friends who have known each other for a long, long time. Up the hill they walk on their soft and padded paws, down towards the maze of buildings and civilization. A raging torch, a giant bonfire reaching towards the night sky and tickling the blinking stars, acting as the beacon for spirits who wander too far away.

    Oh, but they aren't always so friendly. Those headless boars rising from their graves, their dead and rotting bodies collapsed in the woods, disappearing and swallowed by the old earth. Taken down by the men and women who raised their guns and with a single shift of their fingers ended the life of a creature that merely lived their lives as usual, roaming the grounds they called home. The deer with their antlers shattered and broken, some of them even bare-headed. They rear their heads and shout at the skies, crying out for what had been stolen from them.

    Look! There is it now, among the dandelion fields. They stand as they are plucked, glowing bright like fireflies as the spirits begin to move.
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