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  1. In the world of mythical beings, the lands have become that of a wasteland allowing the flourish of the mortal races to exist. Elves, humans and Wraith’s live in the lands of Sol with the conviction of the old tome that the skies were purged by the Ivory King from the threat of the Baron’s. Dragons that were labeled as demons and their flesh worth a mountain of gold.

    Even as the world continues to move it is clear that there are still some of the few scaly beast’s left, though the history has been something of askew to the truth.

    A young woman has arrived in the small village, wounded and delirious from her travels, most writing her off as that of a loon and left to die; she was shortly captured by a slaver that seen a unknown potential in the woman. Or rather the jewel that she carried close to her breast, a dragon jewel. It didn’t take long before the slaver came to realize that the jewel was more of a cosmetic attribute to the young girl revealing her truth of being one of the baron dragon’s. Fortune watered his mouth but fame grew more attraction possessing the greed to take hold to keep the woman and revel in the cruel torture that would eventually force her to reveal the truth of her body.

    With the show coming to that of the capital city, the dragoness is kept beneath lock and key desperately looking for a way out and to continue on the search for the Polaris – an ancient jewel that holds legend to grant anyone their deepest wish.

    Where do you stand?

    It is just a loose plot still but I am looking for someone to come and join me in this one. I’d like to play the female in this plot as I am generally playing the males for every other one I do. The male character is entirely up to creation, occupation, looks, etc.

    What I am looking for this roleplay is this:

    • Partner capable of posting at least once every two days
    • Must be capable to post at least three to five good paragraphs
    • Can help drive the story along
    • 18+
    • Romance, Comedy, Drama and the likes
    • Communication between partners
  2. Still looking for partner
  3. Looking for partner
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.