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  1. Hey everyone I’m looking for some partners for plots I've made. Hopefully one will intrigue you and I can do them through Threads or PM's it's really your choice. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Any plots ideas of your own you want to play then let me know. I'm open to ideas.

    The New Keeper

    This plot is about MC who is a shrine spirit that stays at the temple. As centuries have gone by one family was chosen to be the keeper of the shrine. They simply talk to him, make sure the temple is clean and so on. Here it is; modern day and that family had abandoned that shrine 200 years ago. Leaving the spirit to become bitter towards human. YC can have a multitude of ways on how he stumbled on to this shrine, just message me or reply on how your character will be getting there.

    Endangered Species

    This plot came to me because of my classwork (yes my imagination comes at weird moments) but I may update when I come with a better plot or we can work on the plot together. I pretty much wanted to make MC an endangered species and somehow meet YC. I was going to make MC defensive to the idea of having a mate, like they just refuse. So it takes MC parents to arrange a marriage with YC somehow. Like I said this came to me because I was doing classwork so revision will be needed or suggestions can help.

    Unknown Incest

    Another spur of the moment Idea; I was thinking about twins who developed feelings for each other when they were 12 or something. Their parents found out and tried therapy, allowing them to have extracurricular activities. So nothing worked and they decided to just separate them for a good 5 years. After that they come back to live in one house again. Do they still have feelings for each other? If they do will they hide it from their family or display their affection since they almost 18?
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