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  1. Hello everyone.
    I am currently looking for members interested in One x One roleplays.
    Later I plan to make group roleplays, so please look forward to those in the future.
    If a plot is taken, it will be crossed out. If you'd like to do one of the plots already taken, please ask first to see if I'd like to do another one, but a different plot in mind.

    Plot 1: Were x Human
    Things in the world have changed since 10 years ago. All around the world, politicians everyone announced that humans were not alone on the Earth and that there were people who had evolved pass their human forms. They are called Weremen. There many forms of weremen; feline, canine, aquatic, feathered and mythical. [YC] is the heir of a famous weremen family in the world, wanting to know more about what was really out there and to see what it was really like to be around humans. And he's about to get his chance. At the private school for weremen that he attends, he hears about the new transfer student who will be attending this year. A human student will now be at their school, only because their parent will be teaching a class.

    [MC] is an everyday human who's father has had an interest in weremen before they were announced to the world and now he is finally able to teach at one of the most prestigious schools where only weremen attend. [MC] growing up with the knowledge of weremen, she has always thought of them as interesting but didn't really care if she met any or not. With this opportunity to go to one of their schools, all she can think about is how will her new life be like from now on.

    Plot 2: Witch x Dragon Knight
    During the medieval era, there lived humans, witches and creatures of the dark. Humans rely on witches for their magic for medicinal purposes and personal gain. Witches have powerful magic, some use for good and some use for bad, especially those who thought that they could control humans as well as creatures. Creatures of the dark kept to themselves unless they felt threatened at some point. [MC] is a young 20 year old female, who manages a herbs shop that her grandmother left in her care after her death. She never knew her parents except for the fact that they both abandoned her and soon passed away not too long after, that's what her grandmother told her. Lately while helping out customers, lizards and all sorts of gross creatures are crawling all over the shop. She thinks it has a lot to do with the herb garden, but soon finds out that isn't the problem at all. One day, a male comes into the shop and he looks very suspicious, dressed in nothing but black and glasses sitting upon his face (YC). Soon after another male comes in and asks [MC] for a good tea his fiancee would like, when the male gets a good look at [MC], he starts asking her to go out with him and almost attacks her.

    The male is stopped by [YC], before being scared away by him when he showed him a different side of him. He turned to [MC] and started to explain to [MC] something insane as well as why all the strange things were happening to her. He told the young female that she was witch born with good and bad blood. Her grandmother was a good witch who focused on white magic, but her mother wanted to try black magic and soon she was rejected by her grandmother because of her choice. [YC] also says that he is her protector due to a deal he made with her mother. [YC] is the rarest creature among all, the pure black dragon, a powerful creature who could destroy towns and villages in a matter of seconds. Of course [MC] didn't believe him at first and started to panic until [YC] kissed her unexpectedly to calm her down and two more rare creatures appeared out of nowhere to protect [MC] from the male. A large black dog with red eyes, flowing hair and two horns on the front of the head, the other a large white cat like creature with bright blue eyes, flowing hair as well and one horn in the center of the head. [YC] then explained that they had to find her mother because she was still alive, but she locked away her powers when she went into a slumber while on her mission.

    [MC] doesn't know what to do now that she knows the truth about herself. Her decision now depends on not only her life choices from now on, but her mothers.

    (More Plots To Come)
  2. The second one sounds really interesting. I'll roleplay it if no one has claimed it yet. I am a pretty big medieval fantasy junkie myself.
  3. I'm glad you're interested if you wanna talk more about it just message me.
  4. Both stories sound quite interesting indeed, I'd be willing to try out either of them!
  5. I'd love to play either of these ideas with you, if you're still looking for people!
  6. I'm highly interested in the first plot <3 I've been DYING to do another were- rp :D
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