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  1. Some things to know before you roleplay with me:
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    • I write around 2-10 paragraphs (depending on the rp) I change my writing style after my partner but don't want to write less than 2 paragraphs, and would prefer if my partner could do the same.
    • One liners is a big no no, I get creatively deprived by them. ;)
    • I usually answer once or many times a day if it is a roleplay with 2-3 paragraphs. If it's a roleplay with around 6-10 paragraphs I might take longer time to reply, but sometimes (depending on what kind of rp it is) I can answer one or two times a day.
    • I don't care too much about grammar and spelling as long as I can understand what you're writing. I myself am from Sweden and don't have the best of grammar, but I am using a spelling program so my spelling shouldn't be a problem.
    • I don't do any mature roleplays, at least not sexually mature roleplays. (I don't mind blood and gore, but I'm not very good at writing action scenes). I don't mind romance, but I will fade out the scene when it comes to sex.
    • I usually play girls, but can also play guys, though not very masculine guys.
    • I play in third person past time, (Example: Akira saw the sky turn red). I will become confused if I rp with someone that writes in I form or present time. (Ex. I see the sky turn red). So if you do then I’m not the right partner for you.
    Plot ideas:

    Vampires usually lives alone or in small nomad groups. There is one group of vampires though that decided thousends of years earlier that they would stay in one place and create the vampire council. In our time, almost all vampires follows the rules of the council, and it is accepted that the councils word is law. One vampire has been working for the council since he/she was created, and have always felt that the council is right in everything. He/she never though about leaving them before a new vampire comes into the picture. It is custom for vampires to now and then (which can mean every 500 year for some) visit the council, some even stays close by to help the council for centuries before moving on. One day a young vampire, whom still hadn’t lost his/her love for life comes to the council with his/her maker. The vampire had decided that after seeing the council he/she would leave his/her maker and be going on his/her own. This vampire whom appreciates life in a whole different way than most vampires does, makes the older vampire question the councils method of doing things and eventually leads to her/him leaving with the other vampire.
    (Could be romance, but I’m more expecting friendship. MxM, MxF, FxF)

    Two best friends moves into an apartment, one of them can sense and see spirits, while the other one is sceptic towards everything paranormal. The apartment building was once an asylum, and many mad souls are lost in there.
    (If you have watched Bedlam, then you know a bit what I’m out after. If you haven’t, well, it doesn’t matter cause it won’t be exactly the same as Bedlam.) (No romance between the friends, we can have secondary characters that also lives in the apartment building and make romance a sub-plot)

    - Abandoned
    two teenagers wakes up in a forest with no memories how they got there, and they don’t have any memories about each other or themselves. They need to find a way out of the forest without being killed by animals on their way out and slowly they get back memories about who they are and how they got taken there. Soon some people are trying to catch them and they don’t know who the people are. Will they get back their memories of everything? Will the people that follow them catch them? Will they be killed by the poisonus animals in the forest or maybe get eaten? Or will they be able to get home again. (Can become romance, but doesn’t have to. MxM, MxF, FxF) (They don’t have anything with them except for the clothes they are wearing. Items such as weapons or lighters etc. must be found, and there must be some kind of reason why those things would be there if it’s not trash someone has thrown awyay.)

    And as always, These ideas can be changed and I am up for almost any idea you might have even if it has nothing to do with these three plots. (I don't do overly sexual rps)

    If you didn't find any of these plots interesting but still wants to rp with me, then you can just send me a message and we can create another plot together. These are some things I like to do:

    • Vampires/demons/supernatural things
    • Pirates
    • Fantasy
    • Magical elements in modern world
    • historical (Ancient Egypt, Arabian, Ancient Rom, Victorian era, Medieval etc.)
    • People with powers (X-men like rp)
  2. I could do the vampire plot if you don't mind a fantasy setting.
  3. I don't mind a fantasy setting at all ^^
  4. Ok :)

    How do you want the vampires to be? Like if they can or cannot go out in sunlight, allergic towards garlic and crosses etc. I change it in every rp xD Do you have any preferences in vampires? Like, they always have to burn in sunlight or else it's fail. Such kind of things.

    Also do you want to be the one that has been living with the vampire council all their life or the one that came there for a courtesy visit?
  5. Valerna is the last of her kind. So a visitor seeking an alliance. The normal vampire laws I leave to you.
  6. Ok, then I'll write the first post in a little while. ^^
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