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  1. ~I want to be able to understand you. I understand mistakes.
    ~Please be patient just in case I unexpectedly get extra busy. I'll try to tell you if I won't be able to post for an extended period of time. But recently I've been able to reply once a week or more.
    ~Depending on the situation in the rp, in my life, and what you give me, my posts vary from 1 paragraph to about 5 or 6.
    ~I prefer the female part and MxF pairings.
    ~In case this might bother you I don't really do girly girls. I like to play more tomboy girls, but I definitely can play girlier girls if you want or if that would help the plot.
    ~I can do any amount of plot and sex ratio. Make it obvious during the rp how much sex you want or tell me ahead of time.
    ~Feel free to have side conversations as well. There's plenty of things I can talk about. I love Doctor Who and other BBC fandoms. However I am not in the mood to do fandom pairings. I might be willing to do Hermione x Draco
    ~Be able to play and share side characters if needed.
    ~Tell me if you're quitting or will be busy please.
    ~Starting questions: PM or thread? Character sheets? If so, pictures or descriptions and how detailed? Simple (name, age, appearance) or more (background, anything else you wanna add)? If pictures, anime, real, or realistic art?
    ~Have fun of course.


    Dark Revenge (Open) (open)

    He's a broken man. He has a vendetta against this girl, this criminal. She's been a part of the powerful gang in the city for years, always able to evade the police, but they're not as determined as him to find her. He thinks that she killed someone he loved and he wants to get revenge. He finds out where her next job is and on her way back, he jumps her. She puts up a good fight, but he's focused and manages to knock her out. She awakes in his basement, her arms chained above her head, her mask that always hid her identity off to the side, her shoes and weapons nowhere to be seen. To make her suffer, he takes advantage of her. While he planned on doing that, then turning her in, he loves the way taking her feels. He gets addicted and keeps her. Eventually, she starts to look forward to it a bit. This can turn into real feelings if you want.

    Discovering Love (Open) (open)
    He was the biggest player in school. He had seduced almost every girl in school. His reputation spread slowly. Somehow, he was able to slow the gossip (probably by sleeping with all the gossipy girls at the same time to keep them from spilling). But nonetheless, the secret was seeping out. Suddenly, a new girl arrives. He thinks he can take advantage of her not knowing any rumors from school. She's definitely gonna be hard though, but that just makes him more determined. She's not very social and she's definitely not a girly girl who's so easily seduced. He likes the challenge though. He never expected he'd eventually fall for her. Not that he'd admit it. Same for her. After they fall for each other, she finds out about his past, but she doesn't run. She loves him and she knows he changed. But then a couple of girls hold grudges against him and decide to ruin their relationship. They convince her that he went back to his old ways and slept with other girls while he's dating her. Or maybe they drug a drink of his or make him drink a lot of alcohol and he does sleep with other girls. Or he gets drugged/drunk and he tries to rape her because they still haven't had sex. You decide.

    It's Just Pretend (Open) (open)
    YC is desperate to make it look like he has a girlfriend because he's trying to make a girl jealous. He asks a few girls who refuse before finally deciding to pay a girl money for each time she has to pretend with him, the amount depending on what they do (cuddling, kissing, making out, more). Eventually they both fall for each other, but they can't tell if their feelings are real or getting confused with their cover. She realizes she's fallen for him before he realized he's fallen for her, so she calls it off. He realizes he's fallen for her when she quits and it hurts that she's not around anymore. He finally got the girl he was making jealous, but he realizes being around her doesn't feel the same when he's with MC. Another guy takes advantage of how sad she is and comforts her. He gets her drunk and sleeps with her, starting an emotionless relationship. YC finds out and goes to her, they confess either verbally or they sleep together. However, they didn't end their current relationships before doing so, which causes a lot of trouble. They go to try to break up with their current significant others but YC's girlfriend guilts him into staying with her and MC's boyfriend gets abusive, maybe starting to force himself on her regularly. They have to figure out how to get out of this.

    One Night Stand Gone Wrong (Open) (open)
    MC wakes up on a couch naked after what she thought was a simple one night stand. She was drunk and met YC at a bar, they went back to his place together. All she finds is her underwear to put back on, so she does and looks for her clothes. She finds that he's hidden/destroyed her clothes and she is unable to get out of the house or even try to call for help. She is now his slave and she can't do anything about it. The doors are locked and only YC knows where the keys are. Eventually, she begins to enjoy it. Can develop into emotions or not. You choose.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.