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  1. Hell and welcome. I found these ideas on tumblr and would love to play them out. And just to give you a heads up, I do prefer to play a female role.


    The friend of my enemy…

    Muse A and Muse B are the respective best friends of a couple who have recently gone through a messy break up. Battle lines are drawn to support their own friends in the aftermath of the break up, each going into bat for their own friend against the other. As each defends their own friend a passion grows between them leading to them falling into bed themselves.

    A modern day rescue

    Muse A has been having a rough time of it lately. Life hasn’t been going their way, car issues, money worries, stress at work, family drama, friendships falling apart. They are struggling day in and day out to keep going. One afternoon it becomes a bit too much and when their card declines at the shops they just break down. Muse B is an employee at the store and watches the whole thing go down. They rescue Muse A from the prying eyes and take them out the back of the shop. Muse B sits Muse A down and disappears, returning with a cup of coffee and a cupcake. Muse B smiles at Muse Aand says “Smile, someone always cares, even if you don’t know their name.”

    Plot Twist: Muse B is Muse A’s guardian angel

    Plot Twist: Muse A has a crush on Muse B from shopping regularly at the store.

    A second chance

    Muse A and Muse B are among the survivors of a ferry accident, Muse A having rescued Muse B and helped keep them afloat until they were saved. They exchange information and begin to correspond, helping each other through the survivors guilt. They fall in love via the communication and then discover the other survivors are dying.

    Twist: Final Destination plot, death is coming for them

    Twist: Ferry accident was to cover up another crime and the survivors are each being killed in case they know something.

    Do you take this woman?

    Muse A is a jack of all trades when it comes to taking care of problems and getting his hands dirty where others won’t. Muse A is hired by a powerful business man to kidnap his step-daughter, Muse B. Muse B has recently begun to take an interest in her family company and has plans to oust her Step-Father from his position. The Stepfather knows that in doing so she will discover other dealings he has within the company. It’s easier for him to just get rid of the problem.

    Muse A has received half the payment up front and carries out the kidnapping. Muse A is to wait a few days and then kill Muse B, however, as they spent time together Muse A begins to fall for the feisty Muse B.

    The day comes for Muse A to kill Muse B. Can he do it? Or will the two form a team to take out Muse B’s stepfather and take back the company.

    Dear Soldier

    Muse A picks up the address of a soldier, Muse B, stationed overseas in a local charity program. They send a care package and a letter, but don’t really expect to hear back from them. Weeks pass, they forget, and then in their mailbox they find an envelope from the soldier.

    It goes from there, and sooner or later, that random soldier, becomes, to Muse A, their soldier. Letter writing leads to phone calls, phone calls lead to skype sessions, weeks folding into months. Muse B excitedly let’s Muse B know they’ll be coming home, and now they face the decision, will they meet?

    Possible Twists:

    1) Muse A or Muse B is in a relationship already.

    2) Muse B gets injured and is sent home, with Muse A deciding to help care for them.
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