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  1. Hello fellow role players~

    I'm new to this whole type of role play, but I'm interested. ^~^

    If anyone would like to role play this with me, that would be great!

    Can be MxM or MxF.

    All plots are gender adjustable.
    FxM or MxM only please~

    [Character 1] Is a famous singer in a fairly new, popular band. [Character 2] is [C1] biggest fan. When [C1] gets injured after promising the rest of the band he/she would meet them at the next gig, [C1] asks [C2] for help. What happens then?

    The United States is in a national state of emergency! The President has kidnapped one of the most valuable people in the United States- The daughter/son of the vice president! Why has he done this? No one knows. It was easy to track him from Clarksdale, where he kidnapped [Character 1], but no one figured out who the kidnapper was. He left a trail clear as day, but his identity was unknown until he posted a video on the internet. [C1] was wide-eyed, hands tied together roughly, ducktape on his/her mouth, her/his feet chained together. [C1] looked terrified as President Leon began to explain how he would meet whoever would be retrieving [C1] at the South Airport in Texas, that is, if they brought him $1,000 and a plane ticket to Australia. The video gave them all the proof they needed... yet, at the same time, it caused the entire country to spiral into madness as many began to revolt against the government. ((Character 2 is either the president or C1's rescuer))

    [Character 1] is a new teaching assistant at a nearby High School. [Character 2] offers to take [C1] in and teach him/her how to be a teacher. Throughout the year, they go through the normal ups and downs of being a teacher. At the end of the year, however, it is found that [C1] is starting to develop a crush...Nothing is done until the next year. When [C1] returns to the school on his/her last year as a teacher's assistant, what will [C2] do?

    [Character 1] has hired [Character 2] to be his/her new butler/maid. It is quite obvious that [C2] will do practically anything [C1] asks him/her to do. It's been two years and [C2] has become [C1]'s favorite. However, [C1] gets a little nervous when [C2] becomes more or less chained to the house, in a metaphorical sense. [C2] doesn't leave the mansion for 36 hours straight. It was then [C1] approaches [C2] to see what is wrong.

    Open until I say otherwise!

    I play the submissive in most plots, if that is okay. Mostly looking for dominant people, but I can play either if you really want it that way. Also, no plot has to be a dom/sub plot! I can do equal status rps too~

    Also you can use any plots here~ Requests ~ For a Libertine [T] RP as well
    I am Open to any plots you have in mind too!
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  2. I think I'd be up for it
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  3. I'm up for it.
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  4. I'm interested
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  5. The Halloween one sounds rather interesting.
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  6. I'm open for either the abusive relationship or the waitress/waiter one! I play male or female!
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  7. I'm up for the cafe one. maybe maid?
  8. I'd be up for the college one if this is still good. Or SAO. (Only watched first five episodes.)
  9. I'd love to do the first or second plot as mxms.
  10. I like all of these Roleplays they all sound very fun
  11. Haha, awesome, I'll pm you~
  12. I quite like the idea of the last one.
  13. Interesting~ I shall be Pming you
  14. I am interested in the first one, I can play as dom. if you want me to. I would want to be Character 2 maybe...