Plot ideas for a long term partner.

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  1. Haii, I'm Cece. Ive been roleplaying for 2 years. I really love writing and telling stories and reading stories other people create. Imma try and keep this short and simple. Thanks for reading!!

    I dont have any official rules or anything 'cause i dont have a god complex. Just write how you wanna and be interesting. And not a butt face.

    I have some plots that im kinda interested in doing, but feel free to message me with your own ideas, fandoms or not. Pretty much all of my plots involve romance.
    Don't worry about commenting here. Just message me and ill get back to you ASAP.

    - Alcoholic/Drug addict in rehab & a mentor in the program
    - DDLG
    - Children of classic fable/fairy tale characters
    - Sociopath killer & victim turned to partner in crime
    - Anything involving crazy people or killers
    - Previously abusive partner getting help and trying to win back their ex
    - One grew up in a homophobic family and cant accept that they are gay, the other grew up in a gay accepting family and is open about it
    - Something involving editing memories
    - One with the obsession of using humans as canvases, the other volunteers to be used because their tight on money. {This could go a a romantic artistic way by the artist painting and such on the canvas while said canvas is naked and they get close and intimate, OR it could go a crazy weird way by the 'art' is made by inflicting wounds upon the canvas. I'm open for both}
    - something involving Sherlock
    - I love phobias so anything involving that.
    - Zombies {Classic}
    - A hard of hearing artist and a partially blind musician

    Ill update as i think of things. Thanks again for reading. And if you wanna shoot me a message just to tlk im up for that too!! (have you ever noticed that up and down are opposite but if you say 'im up for it' or 'im down for that" they are synonymous.. Js)
    Dont be shy! Talk to you soon!
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  2. Still looking
  3. Still lookin
  4. Still lookin
  5. I am interested in a prison roleplay
  6. Awesome possum!! Message me!!
  7. I'm interested in either a prison RP or the pyromaniac RP or the previously abusive partner RP. I messaged you too.
  8. Hey! I really like your "killer and victim become partners" idea. ^^
  9. Awesome possum! thank you! Message me about what character you wanna be!!
  10. Still on the prowl for a partner!
  11. One can hop into books and movies, the other can bring things out of books and movies.

    This plot sounds fun.
  12. Yay! im glad you think so! send me a message with your ideas about the plot and what character you'd like to play
  13. Still searching for partners. updated plot ideas. Feel free to send your own!
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