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  1. Ok so this is kind of the classic Jock x Nerd/badboy/jock This plot can be tweaked to whatever stereotypical teenager you want to play, however the plot I am writing will follow the premise of a nerdy badboy.

    Riley is the most popular guy in school, head of the student council, quarter back of the football team, and captain of the swim team. he is loved by the entire student body not only because of this but because he is kind. He never lets the popularity get to his head and always stands up for the students his idiotic team members deem as lesser than them. ____ is the new kid, he is openly gay and immediately sets his sites on Riley, the sweet and sexy quarter back. There are many flaws with the new school he is thrown into and the biggest one is that over fifty percent of the student population is homophobic. This is due to a very strong religious standing in their society, which is led by Riley's own parents. Now Riley is the only one who has extended a ounce of kindness and understanding to _____ since he came into the school, helping him whenever the football team decides to mess with him. Which is how ____'s crush on Riley starts. He uses his intelligence, and uncaring attitude towards the school rules, to hack into the school network and figure out what classes Riley is struggling in. He then sends a fake email to the Football coach from the principle stating that until Riley brings up his grades, he is suspended from participating in the football games but is free to practice. Riley is then forced to seek out a tutor and _____ is the first to offer. Thus begins their relationship which will be very forbidden, morally confusing for Riley, and nerve racking for _____ because he never knows how Riley will react to his advances and how he will react if he ever finds out that he was the reason for his suspension from the team.

    (Btw as for who is dom and who is sub, I don't particularly care but I did kind of see the nerdy/badboy as being a dominating submissive... that probably doesn't make much sense but I mean he is submissive when it comes to having sex, like he is the one taking it, but he usually initiates any action except on a few occasions. and MC would be Dom when it comes to having sex but a bit... nervous and stand offish at first.)

    My CS:

    Riley Hauffmen
    Straight (Haha... not for long >:3)
    Mother ~ Janey Hauffmen
    Father ~ Henry Hauffmen
    Little Sister ~ Jenny Hauffmen

    Riley is an extremely kind individual, he see's the best in everyone and tries his hardest to never cast judgment. This is most likely due to his religious upbringing but he believes that everyone deserves to be treated with love and kindness. However he does have a violent, angry side like most teenagers and if you manage to piss him off he won't hesitate to throw a punch. He is also extremely protective of the ones he loves, especially his little sister Jenny.
    Riley does not have any physical modifications, however he does have a very bad scar on his chest from when he was little and was in a car accident with his mother. Also a scar or two from football.
    Riley was born into an extremely religious family, in a small town called Freeland. His mother and father raised him on the belief that god was their savior and that he must always walk in the light of his glory. Yet when he was little he never really bought much into this, he always saw the bible as another book he was being forced to read instead of playing with his friends. He actually became the trouble maker of the town, always getting into trouble. His parents were deeply concerned by this, both being adamantly involved with the Church in their town. However their concern disappeared when Riley was 12. Him and his mother were driving home from his Aunt Emily's when they were T-boned by a truck going 60 MPH, Riley was on the side that had the most impact and no one thought he would survive. But after hours of surgery he managed to pull through. This miracle was what made him believe that there really was a god. His mother and father both told him how he was lucky, how he owed god his life now so he saw no other choice but to believe as adamantly as his mother and father wanted him too!

    It was from this point on that he stopped acting like a petty child and started doing everything he was told to by his parents. He went into high school with a strong resolve to be the best he could be. Which wasn't that hard since people seemed to really like him and soon enough he found he was talented at athletics which was his ticket into football and the swim team. By Junior year everyone new his name and he was the most popular kid in school. He founded the SCA organization (Student Christian Athletes) and was elected student council president. And even though he attends every Sunday Mass, and he even wears a cross around his neck every day there is still a part of him that is unsure of some of the things he hears preached in the church. However he would never vocalize these uncertainties, and keeps up the persona of the firm believing good boy student. But that persona is beginning to crack his senior year as all the pressure for college, sports, grades and friends begins to really weigh down on him. His grades, which have never been very good, are slipping and his parents keep riding him to go to school for football or Swimming when in reality he could never see himself doing either of those things for the rest of his life! Part of him just can't wait for school to be over so he can start his life all over again somewhere far away from Freeland.
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  2. I would very much like to try out this RP with you *^*
  3. Awesome :D
    I'll go ahead and make the thread

    Just a question, you don't mind using real pictures do you?
    cause I just made my character sheet and the image I want to use for my guy is Sebastian stan.. because he is one fine piece of man.
  4. Nope! I'm sure I can find something! ^^
  5. yay! ok, so I made the thread. (I suck at titles, if you have a better idea please do share.) and I am working on a first post now, which will go where I put my CS. Uhhh I think we should start the day Riley is informed of his suspension from the football team and starts looking for a tutor OR we can start with the day your character decides on his plan to hack into the system and all that fun stuff. Which would you prefer?
  6. We can start it when he finds out he's been suspended! I can play some of my characters' plan in my first post as a bit of a back story for him ^^
  7. alright awesome sounds like a plan! ^^
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  8. Ok so I got the first post in, and it ended up being ALOT longer than I had intended x-x sorry
  9. Looks awesome! I have to work for about 9 hours today so I won't be on until later, expect a reply later today though! ^^