Plot Idea - Slight Master/Slave theme

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  1. Hey guys!
    I had a plot idea that a young woman is bought/claimed by the main man's brother or father. He is very cruel to her and treats her more than a prisoner than anything else. But the female can't get out of the situation because she signed up for this. Perhaps she is a refuge or just had no other place to turn.
    But the male character sees that she is in trouble and "kidnaps" her. He never liked his family and steals her away. At first she is terrified of him but he's more more gentle than his brother/father.

    I would prefer a partner that is SUPER active, able to post several times a day, 10+ usually, as that is usually what I am able to do. I am on every single day for at least a few hours and am a quick poster. I prefer 1-3 paragraph posts, longer is okay if the scene is fitting. Please let me know!

    Keep in mind that I've never done a roleplay like this, so it'll be new to me. :)
  2. I can't guarantee 10+ replies a day but I am on quite often when I am not working.
  3. Sure, no problem! I'm just looking for someone who is fairly active doesn't have to be that much. I'm actually about to head to bed, but I will PM you tomorrow if you still want to pursue this. :)
  4. Alright, until tomorrow then!