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-I prefer 3-4 paragraphs, but two is just fine. Absolutely no one liners!


In a mountain village that has survived for hundreds of years, lives in the domain of an old dragon lord capable of transforming into a man at will. Every few generations one of their village girls is married off to this dragon lord to keep him satisfied and in hopes he will not kill them all. The girl chosen this time around - MC- is in love with one of the village males, and he has strong feelings for her too. However she can not get out of being the dragon's bride.

On the wedding day they must marry in the village and consummate that marriage in a ceremonial room where select members of the village will sit in a adjuring room to 'listen' in. This is only to make sure the girl is not killed, and that the Dragon Lord remains satisfied.

This is a rough idea and I'm looking for someone to either play the Dragon lord, or the village boy who happens to be among the selected to listen to the marriage night. So this plot could go one of two ways.

Let me know if your interested in the comments below!
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