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  1. Hello! :3 Glad you stumbled upon this. First off, allow me to explain what I meant in the title. A drawing RP is an RP that its posts consists of drawings with handwritten or typed text (if you feel like your handwriting is so doctory that you have to type what the character is saying). This is much like what you would see in a comic book or graphic novel, and it's great for aspiring artists or hobbyists that just want the extra practice. Written RPing is accepted as well considering that's most of the RPs on this site.

    As for everything else, I would prefer this to be MxM or FxF. I do straight as well, but it will take some convincing if you want to be the girl. My interest will be lost fairly quickly if you want a straight pairing with me playing the guy. Romance may or may not be added, but there will be blood.

    Do you want to do a Drawing RP with me but don't like the plot? You can pitch in your own idea~ I've been dying to try out a drawing RP so don't be shy.

    Do you think you're not great at drawing? Doesn't matter. I will do a drawing RP with you even if you draw like a 2nd grader. I don't mind, as long as I know what's going on.

    Is the plot coming to smut? (To 18+) We can skip or write it out. Or if you prefer drawings that don't expose genitalia but gives a good idea of it, then that's fine.

    "But I'm a teenager and I want smut": "And they had lots of sex" will be written on a piece of paper and skip to afterwards with appropriate censors.

    The Plot:

    Two unfertilized eggs from different women had been donated to the *Insert country here* government for a scientific experimentation they have been trying to perfect since the 1920's. The idea of a superhuman pair with extraordinary abilities instead of sending thousands of humans out to die seemed like a brilliant idea. Why suffer all the protesting and political debates when no one would be against sending two powerful humans out into the battlefield when their purpose was to fight? The civil rights groups would consider this to be "inhumane", but was it really?

    Once they executed the tests, the eggs had been fertilized by donors and kept in an artificial womb for analysis. Each passing year the pair grew stronger in abilities, excelling high school track star stamina by age 10 and becoming almost as strong as twice their size. However, a lab breach occurred by the time they hit 11 years old and were kidnapped to a powerful organization and were kept for many years. They broke their humanity and trained them to become the ultimate terrorists. Their minds were shattered and brainwashed to believe that the government was their enemy. Fearing something like this would happen, the lead scientist installed two emergency chips to the back of their necks, one that injected their nervous system to send a message of temporary amnesia to their brains, which would cause the two to forget everything they had learned for many years. The codes were these chips had been lost throughout the years their minds were broken, which caused the doctors to execute it for it was better to be safe than sorry. All they should know is their names and abilities. With no idea who was their boss and their allegiance to the organization, they escaped and roamed around the modern world they were kept away from. From there, they will have to choose what they believe is to be right and wrong while two incredibly powerful groups will have to try and convince them.

    ~This plot may require that we double up as the head of the scientists and as head of that organization. Or we can both play them, but the main characters are the superhumans that could become romantically interested in one another.
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