Plot for 'Peritan Manor.' Limited spots: 9. Spots avaliable: 8

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  1. The Hevanly Post, Monday,December 3rd 1945
    In the early morning hours of Saturday, mant people verutured out into the cold for a remeberance cerimony that has been held for the past twenty years thar has been held for the Peritan Family. After the mysterious deaths in Peritan manor, leaving a family dead and a child missing ,the building has been forclosed. Though, many people went out to mourn the deaths of the well loved Peritan family. I believe the deaths, though they seem to be accidents , are not as such. Can anyone expose the truth of what happened in Peritan manor?

    The Hevanly Post, Monday, December 31st 1945
    The events in Peritan manor have been found too be murders. Believed to be comited by the lone, and still missing, survivor. Lucius Garen Peritan, at the age of 14, has been proven gulity of the crimes discribed in the diary of the maid, who also met of an unforunate fate, Mary-Jane. These are the entries made in the diary.
    So the characters are:
    Lucius Garen Peritan, Age 14:
    Victor Granfa Peritan, Age _:
    Mabel Kimberly Peritan, Age _:
    Angela May Peritan, Age _:
    Harold John Peritan, Age _:
    Miss, Avangelista{warning ghost}:
    Lucas Deventaria {Lucius's partner in crime ghost}:
    Alister Revenga {the trusted butler}:
    Mary-Jane Hevanla-ray{a maid} {this is taken by myself}

    This is a horror roleplay if it wasnt clear, the only set things in most of the characters (apart from Lucius) is the name. Everything eles you can change as you wish. Honestly all that would happen is the day too day life in the manor with the hanuting of Miss Avangelista, a good ghost giving warnings and Lucas, Lucius partner in crime.

    Please leave a reply if you are intrested, and the character you'd wish to be.
  2. I would be interested in this especially Angela
  3. Yay! someones intrested.
  4. Yes I am and I apologize I was gone for a little bit
  5. It's fine! it's fine!
  6. I really like this idea and would love to join you
  7. Do know anyone else who would like too join?
  8. I can put out word and see. Is it ok if i put your rp in my signature so people click on it?
  9. its in my signature now ^^
  10. I am interested I would just need a little bit of a background on some of the characters in order to play one of them :)
  11. I'd be interested in Miss Avengelista.
    Assuming she is playable.
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