Plot Discussion.

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  1. MxF

    Now we need a plot. Is there a time period you're particularly fond of?
  2. nope not really...modern is probably my better one though
  3. Alrighty.


    Do you want fantasy involved, or just normal humans?
    School? Adventure? Maybe a modern-day monarchy of some kind?
  4. fantasy would be ok if you have an idea in mind, what do you mean by school?
  5. School, as it the setting would be a boarding school or something. The characters would be classmates.

    Fantasy? Sure :) The first thing that comes to mind is an old story of mine, but it's really complicated. Basically, it's kind of a play off of Avatar (Not the blue-peopled one) with the elemental nations being at war, only with Pure and Dark elements added to the mix. But we can do something else.

    What kind of fantasy do you like? Vampires? Werewolves? Pixies and fairies? Merpeople?
  6. I LOVE FAIRIES!!!!!
  7. XD Alrighty! I haven't done one with fairies. This should be fun!

    Do you have an idea for a plot in mind?
    I'm headed to my hometown. My replies will be slow (I'll be typing on a kindle fire)
  8. yeah I have an idea. So we are the second generation twins of Tinkerbelle (so Tink is our momma) after that idk...any ideas now?
  9. I'd have to do some research to get it as close to acurate as I can get, but it sounds fun :D
    I did watch the first Tinkerbell movie, though.
    As for ideas, hmm...

    There is an incomplete idea that comes to mind. One or both twins get caught in London. When the time comes when they can go home, they want to stay. They made a friend in a human child or two. Perhaps the child/ren is/are disabled
  10. that is an interesting idea, we could go off that for now :) we can always change it if we don't like it
  11. Alrighty, I'm excited for this one~ I'll go ahead and make the thread :)