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  1. This thread is for planning and discussing the ongoing story.

    Please take jokes, fan work and chatting to the Ilium Lounge.

    Spam will be deleted.

    The GMs for Ilium are @unanun @Jack Shade @Diana

    Your DMs for regional purposes are @Peregrine (Viridos), @fatalrendezvous (Pegulis), and @Zen (Kaustir).

    This roleplay was the original brainchild of @Quill, a member who left Iwaku due to real life commitments last year. She first developed the story with some help from Asmodeus, who refined Quill's massive ideas into the themes of the Red, Blue and Green nations. It was then run as a roleplay... twice... before Tegan entered with some fresh ideas that took the story to a whole new level.

    What we have in the end is a Mass Roleplay that is one-third Brain Dump, one-third Meta-Concept, and one-third Ingenuity. A fusion of three very different creative forces.

    With Asmodeus' and Tegan's departure, Unanun and Jack will distill ilium's massive ideas once again, and continue with the core of her spirit in a massRP setting to its conclusion.

    We hope you enjoy.
  2. I am reaching the end of my tether! I am doing this because I like the ilium experience. But I can't write ilium alone, and I don't have the energy to follow up on people for posts.

    It is not my activity that determines whether ilium lives or dies, but yours. The only thing I'm doing is guiding your characters along the main story. Your continued activity and participation is the only thing keeping ilium alive!

    If I have to keep moving things along with massive hijacks chapter by chapter I won't be able to do it, and I'll have to step down.

    The next chapter is planned for 2-3 weeks. Let's rally ...
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  3. Just to reiterate, I intend to tie up a few things from Aldus in the beginning of this coming chapter.
  4. Are we expecting chapter openers like always before we post or? Are we just freeballin this?

    I want to get as much info as a I can for this chapter and especially where I play a part. Looking to keep evolving here and eventually be one that helps with hijacking and driving chapters =)
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  5. The chapter 5 event for Pegulis will not talk about Tavark. That will not stop you from GM'ing your own quest. I am here to police your actions and make sure you don't power game.
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  6. Delete this if you see it as spam, Unanun, but I felt this would be good to say this here:

    We are all GMs in Ilium, at least to some degree. We can't overrule any decisions made by the higher ups, but, that being said, there aren't that many things written in stone, and I'm sure they, for the most part, would prefer US to answer any questions that come up, rather than asking what they want to happen. They want a good narrative, and a game that functions, and, at the very least, they want Ilium to simply survive. We saw it with Asmo and Tegan; if we don't grab the bull by the horns and do things on our own, the GMs WILL burn out. It's only a matter of time.

    So, what I suggest we do is simply become aware that the GMs don't really have a big grand plan in mind for most things aside from the main plot, and I'm sure even that is flexible to some extant. They don't have a big list of things that need to happen, or things that they don't want to happen. If a subplot ends up happening, solve it instead of participating in a way that doesn't resolve anything and then looking to Unanun to say how it was concluded. I blame myself and my fellow Tavarkans for this; we probably should have lightened the load on Unanun by just doing stuff without worrying about who it might upset, or by finishing the plot without waiting for Unanun to resolve it.

    I think there is a certain trepidation when it comes to this, because we feel like we'd be stepping on Unanun's toes, but really, he doesn't have it all planned out, or have an exact Idea of how he wants things to be. Even if he did, that's not what Ilium is about. It's about collaborative story telling, and that not only means that we ALL have a say, but that we ALL have a responsibility to advance the game.
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  7. That is a good way to think about it mister Gonzo. :D

    SINK OR SWIM MY DEARS. >:] The roleplay won't survive unless players post and take initiative to forward their own stories. As much as I love reading and participating in Ilium, I have no personal attachment and will pull the plug on this whole thing the second it looks like it's not going anywhere. We have a lot of people that are queued up dying for an opportunity to run a massrp project!

    GMs can keep things organized and connect the dots, but they can't play your characters for you. >>
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  8. Chapters will open Wednesday latest.
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  9. O_____O
    *Stares at Barvelle, then back at the thread, runs around flailing then dies a little inside in her corner of self-pity and huffs*


    Edit: <Is the Epitome of Childish> =P
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  10. 1. Are we doing a time skip?
    2. Are you going to give us more on the island Darin and I are traveling to?
    3. Can I make another character? If so what restrictions?
    4. Advice on how YOU think I could improve and become a more prominent player in this story.

    A1: about a week.
    A2: no, not really. Keep in mind what Asmodeus has said about Eimund .. the island in the north sea is reflected off of what it did to Eimund and Suvius. develop it.
    A3: You are free to, but please please don't put them into a vital position and disappear. That's equivalent to sticking a dagger into my hands.

    A4: Welcome to my new chapter-ly challenge. Each chapter I am planning on giving the players a challenge to improve your writing skills.

    This week's challenge is:

    Do twice the amount in half the space.
    Then rinse and repeat until you exhaust yourself.​
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  11. Speaking of subplots...

    Merchants around the world: This nasty little blockade in Viridos is throwing a massive kink in whatever money-making schemes you have made. A massive kink. Be pissed about it.

    Smuggling and other ways around the blockade are going to be a big thing this chapter. Make things happen. Send coded messages to each other, set up sneaky checkpoints, bribe a few officials. Hell, if you feel like making a really big mess, try and blast your way through. Try. :devilfire:

    Play your game right, and you could end up as one of the wealthiest people in the world.

    To everyone else, especially peeps in Viridos with nothing to do: Maps do not a smuggler's route make. Goods can only be transported if there is someone there to transport them. There will be a nice bit of change in it for those who act with discretion.
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  12. Additionally, Asmodeus left us the beginnings of ways to delve deeper into merchant politics.
  13. I've got some stuff in the works for the smugglers and pirates in Viridos. I might have to toss in some more obstacles though. =P
  14. Also, I forgot to say this because I was feeling rather grim yesterday, but:

    You all deserve commendations for stepping up in an amazing way for chapter 4. People seem to grow when put under stress, and you've all responded admirably. Thank you.
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  15. On time skip: scratch what I said before, let's say a couple of days instead.
  16. @Kriodine and @Obskeree I've left a spot for you to enter this plot for the chapter. Take it if you wanna come along.
  17. Count me in :)
  18. If Jack doesn't get back to me in the next few days about K'larr, I'm just going to start moving that stuff along, probably with a hefty dose of flashbacks describing what has happened in the tunnels he was last seen delving into.
  19. Just checking with the tavark group, is anyone else going with Darin and Raige?
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