Plot Discussion (Chapter 4, ver 2)

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  1. This thread is for planning and discussing the ongoing story.

    Please take jokes, fan work and chatting to the Ilium Lounge.

    Spam will be deleted.

    The GMs for Ilium are @unanun @Jack Shade @Diana

    Your DMs for regional purposes are @Peregrine (Viridos), @fatalrendezvous (Pegulis), and @Zen (Kaustir).

    This roleplay was the original brainchild of @Quill, a member who left Iwaku due to real life commitments last year. She first developed the story with some help from Asmodeus, who refined Quill's massive ideas into the themes of the Red, Blue and Green nations. It was then run as a roleplay... twice... before Tegan entered with some fresh ideas that took the story to a whole new level.

    What we have in the end is a Mass Roleplay that is one-third Brain Dump, one-third Meta-Concept, and one-third Ingenuity. A fusion of three very different creative forces.

    With Asmodeus' and Tegan's departure, Unanun and Jack will distill ilium's massive ideas once again, and continue with the core of her spirit in a massRP setting to its conclusion.

    We hope you enjoy.
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  2. We are handing over more of ilium to you.

    Before you ask the GMs a question, follow this chain: does your post affect, include, or hijack:
    • Only yourself? Post away.
    • Players in a small vicinity around you? Are you not confident you have done them justice? Ask them and revise as needed.
    • A settlement, town, city, or nation? Contact the regional Dungeon Masters first. They have knowledge of their realm's plots, and how they connect to others.
    • The pulse of the main plot? Then contact me, Jack, or Diana. We know ilium's story.

    Additionally, please help us by following these guidelines.

    1. Respect your fellow authors: In case of Hijacking, read the character to understand. Be open to edits if the author of the character needs something changed.

    2. Collaborate, but don’t go overboard: There is a main plot to Ilium. Before you create a new dragon fire-bombing Hosia or a Wizard-Lord to devour Lukesh, ask a regional DM or Main GM.

    3. Research: A factual post is the foundation of a plausible post. Unsure how something works? Magic? Creatures? Blacksmithing? Do a quick wiki read or toss a message by a DM to help you out.

    4. Be open to change: We have a lot of players and a lot of plots. We may need your help in getting everyone together. Be flexible and prepare to work with us. We’re just facilitators, you’re the ones really telling the story.

    5. Be punctual: The death of roleplays is in paralyzing inactivity. The DM’s WILL move the plot if things slow to a crawl. No offense is meant, but interest and momentum needs to be maintained.

    6. Have fun: Seriously. Some folks have gotten bent out of shape and stressed over the roleplay. Although we all want to tell a good story, we want everyone to relax and have fun doing it. Remember not to back yourself into a corner. We will help you.

    The regional DMs are there to maintain storyline consistency within ilium. Think of them as the first line of customer support. By offloading work and trusting you as writers in this tiered fashion the GMs become free to make the main plot move smoothly. They have been chosen because they have grown into the storyline, and have an excellent overview of how things are moving. We will be arming them in advance with chapter knowledge so they can answer your questions.
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  3. Let's resume posting. Chapter 4 will continue as planned, and we will regather for Chapter 5 onwards.
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  4. Cool, thanks new GMs and DMs!
  5. Awesome now quickly Barvelle residents i need a character to offer a shoulder to cry on D=

    After we finish off that scene, I'll be GM forwarding our Barvelle peeps to NORTHERN LIGHTS DINNER. >:3
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  7. Let's breath a little more life into the group.

    Play @Obskeree 's game: hijacking
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  8. I should have a post up by tomorrow all, you can all blame hollywood for making all the big budget movies come out all at the same time and then blame tiny screaming teenagers for ripping my soul and motivation out :T
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  9. I will post for Karissa hopefully by tonight, but definitely before the end of the weekend.
  10. I'm really enjoying how we are drawing from our own cultures to inject a unique mish-mash into ilium. Keep it up, friends ...
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  11. Does that mean cute dresses, music dance and food stuff =D

    *vrein should just go in pants and a chain or something over his chest* =3
  12. I fully expect Vrein to show up in tearaway pants.
  13. I fully DEMAND that Vrein turn up in tearaway pants
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  14. I'm not even there and I think it's Vrein's obligation as a son of Pegulis to pop up in tearaway pants.
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  15. DO you people WANT me to piss off every predominant woman in Pegulis >.>

    ~Hands gift to Eirenne~
  16. What's the fun of roleplaying if your character isn't going to piss anyone off :{D

    On a side note, I really should start thinking up a reply soon but I'm kind of still stuck and at a loss for inspiration v.v
  17. The Tavark guys seem to be planning well, have you spoken to them?
  18. That's the sad part, I'm in the conversation so I know a lot of what's going to happen but every time I try to think of a reply my mind draws a blank v.v
  19. I'm about to throw you some tasty plot-bait I think Noctis so just gimme a little bit~

    Hopefully this'll spark you up ^^
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  20. @MiNaGi @Tone 6th @UltimaCircuit @Zen @Kino @Obskeree @DotCom and any others:

    The Nocturne Masquerade is a way for Nocturnes to renew their relationships by giving them all a blank slate from which to engage each other. You are all just pleasant backdrops in the scenery, but that doesn't mean fortune will not favour the bold. Practice your social skills, make powerful acquaintances, even impress the Czar, who wanders in disguise. Don't make it easy for yourself - Nocturnes can smell bullshit like rotten blood. This scene will test your ability to write good dialog. There are some candies to be dropped - if you speak well.

    @Diana *stares*
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