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  1. This thread is for planning and discussing the ongoing story.

    Please take jokes, fan work and chatting to the Ilium Lounge.

    Spam will be deleted.

    This roleplay was the original brainchild of @Quill, a member who left Iwaku due to real life commitments last year. She first developed the story with some help from Asmodeus, who refined Quill's massive ideas into the themes of the Red, Blue and Green nations. It was then run as a roleplay... twice... before Tegan entered with some fresh ideas that took the story to a whole new level.

    What we have in the end is a Mass Roleplay that is one-third Brain Dump, one-third Meta-Concept, and one-third Ingenuity. A fusion of three very different creative forces.

    We hope you enjoy.

    Like our own dear Lut Sar, the Karma System works both ways. Now it's reward time. Some of the players who have really helped drive the story and ease the pressure on Tegan and I will be getting cookies.

    Don't get bummed out if your name is not below. We love you all equally. But this project is a big one, and it won't survive unless we delegate responsibility to those who have demonstrated they are ready for it.

    @Diana , @Jack Shade and @unanun are now Co-GMs for Ilium.​
    But whyyy?! (open)
    Without Diana, we wouldn't be here. Any of us. Not only has she made Iwaku the best roleplay community that I have seen, but she was also pivotal in setting up the boards for Ilium, defining the format and rallying the staff and players in the early days. And we have groovy graphics thanks to her. Diana will be helping lead the ongoing plots in the Blue Nation.

    Jack Shade is an old friend and writing partner to me and Tegan, and one who we trust implicitly when it comes to concept, characterization and storytelling. He helped us make the Iwaku Mythos (the site's previous mass roleplay) a huge success. Jack will be responsible for the ongoing plots around the Prosperos Sea, where the nations overlap.

    Unanun has proven himself an incredible asset so far. He has taken the plot of the main villain (the Ghoul Sage) and made it intriguing. He has also world-built in every nation and plotted some very long-term developments for the story. As a member who I ruthlessly trolled, harassed and insulted when he first roleplayed with me, his decorum is legendary. Unanun will continue as a guiding force for the antagonist plots of Ilium.

    @GonzoB. , @DotCom , @Jack Shade , @ET4252 , @Zen , @Diana & @Saphen are invited to submit second characters for a nation of their choice.​
    But whyyy?! (open)
    Gonzo has been a superb roleplayer, coming out of nowhere with a character decision that single-handedly steered the Kaustir plot. By having K'Larr fuck over the Czar, he hurled himself beyond the point of no return. This kind of ballsy decision to put himself in the firing line is something we want to see more of. Great stories begin at the point where something goes wrong. Gonzo proves this.

    Dotcom has been with us since the start and has shown great characterization. She is leading the way on depicting the Avian mentality, and has also juxtaposed some great comic relief with the grimdark questing themes. She has responded intelligently and intriguingly to a series of big events, and been a picture of chill throughout the creative process. She is an example of a great player.

    ET has likewise been with us from the start and played a truly memorable character. By stealing a dragon egg she has, like K'Larr, put herself in the narrative firing line, for better or worse. The character she plays is a difficult one, but not once has she broken from the challenge. The emotions of pack mentality, motherhood and feral anxiety resound in every post.

    Zen has truly come into her own in this roleplay, and led the Kaustir plot as a central protagonist. Her character is a unifying one, with human frailties and subtle backstory, which she has revealed in expert ways. Like those above, she hurled her character straight out of her comfort zone and is roleplaying in circumstances of constant peril. We could not ask for more from a player.

    Saphen has come in as a new Iwakuan and endured relative isolation in Viridos. With Ironblood's expedition dominating, he has roleplayed alone and on the sidelines. However, he has conducted himself superbly in this time. Read his posts and you will see strong storytelling, linking into the greater plot and bringing his character to a central position. More than any other player, he has captured the feel of Viridos and presented a character that it truly emblematic of the Green Nation. And he has done so under his own initiative. For this, we thank him.

    @Torsty , @Falcon, @Peregrine , @heliacalRebirth and @Requiem are invited to submit second characters for the Green Nation.​
    But whyyy?! (open)
    We are in need of strong personalities in the Viridos plot. Many applicants have gone inactive, and the story is suffering for it. As much can be seen in the lower post counts and pacing experienced there. So we are asking for your help.

    Torsty has moved in leaps and bounds as the scheming Mayor of Avarath, and helped depict the goings-on of the merchant guilds and the Draken revolutionaries. Being a political character comes with responsibility and risk, but Torsty has embraced it.

    Falcon has made strong moves in the plot and put her character into interesting situations. From the backstory developed with Ironblood to the support of Captain Valyrin during the spore storm, and finally to her pirate kidnapping, she has demonstrated the ability to move beyond her comfort zone.

    Peregrine has played the long game and captured nicely the fly-on-the-wall character, witness to events in Barvelle. He interacts well with other players and pays good attention to characterization. As a fish in a weird situation, he is a memorable, and we look forward to following his story.

    Requiem has acted maturely and entertainingly with his undercover plot. It was a position he could have easily abused. But instead what he showed was a character with many facets. His actions have been balanced and his characterization strong. He is a good example of not too little, not too much.

    Heliacal has worked well to involve other characters and has plotted certain elements of the Kaustir story. She is always thinking about where her character should go and the relationships she should foster. Chapter 2 has shown her slowly revealing greater depth and greater potential.

    Everyone else...​
    Let me reiterate that you are not being punished, overlooked or discouraged. Some of you are making great posts, but in short supply. Some of you have not yet stepped beyond your comfort zones. Some of you are still finding your groove. We want to see more of what your characters are about. Tegan and I will work hard to bring opportunities your way in the days ahead. But right now, you have all played your part in making our first two chapters awesome. So we thank you.
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  3. *waves arms around!* My specialty is connecting characters together, creating plot points for people, and helping people find ways to make their wishlist happen! So if you're one of those people who are stuck and "don't know what to do" send me a PM about it. Eeeeeeven if you are not a part of Pegulis.

    I have three Pegulis plots I can fold characters in to! If you've just got in to Pegulis and need something to do, I have thiiiiiiiiiings. Come to meeeee.
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  4. I've got a plot for Kaustir if anyone is interested.

    Amalia's father is looking to marry off his daughter, recently made into General. He is looking for an extremely wealthy husband who lives in Kaustir. His home is in Zirako and he's been receiving suitors for several days now. Here's the post.
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  5. 'Kay, so I've acquired some fancy-ass word processor for my phone and a decent means to type out posts that don't come out as incoherent spewings of text, so I'm hoping to get my shit in gear and get involved with Ilium again.

    The Kaustir plot is going great and it's been awesome to watch develop, but I don't think I have a lot to contribute to it with Bracht; he was a cool concept, but I've sadly run out of steam when it comes to writing him. My plan's to jump into the Viridos plot instead and see what shit I can stir up.
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  6. Posting in Kaustir terrifies me. It's, like, 30% giant bugs, 70% careening post speed. Which I suppose may slow down in this next bit here, but we'll see.

    ...on second thought, those bugs though...

    ---> I would also like to offer my meager plotting services, since my MC may be hoofing it solo for a minute. SOMEONE BE MY FRAND
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  7. I feel like I'm missing some important source of info. I didn't see anything, other than the preplanned stuff with the boss man, that mentioned Darin leading stuff. I'm just wondering if I'm missing a source or just not reading carefully enough. Anywho...

    I do look forward to working with you guys I this next part.
  8. Oh I was merely assuming he'd be the de-facto leader of the rabble of PCs in Tavark (assuming they form a group and assuming a lot of things really) since well.. I don't think anyone else is even vaguely leader material..
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  9. Hell yeah, gi-...

    Yes, that makes rational sense. Whomever she marries - just how old fashioned is Kaustir? - will it affect her work as a general?

    Avarath is under attack. Ambushed by it's own people. The Draken Rebellion will continue in chapter 3. You're all welcome to partake! Whether you want to join the rebels or protect the interests of the 'Anjuvannam Guild'(a gang of filthy rich merchants) - players who contribute to this plot and make significant efforts to bring peace will be heavily rewarded by the city of Avarath.
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  10. Hm. So all those in Dorgrad are still trapped fighting bugs? Either way I'm thinking maybe to join the rebellion with a bunch of workers against the government (like maybe hearing word of it in Avarath then starting an uprising back in Dorgrad.)
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  11. TRAITOR!

    But yes, sounds good. I haven't mentioned you in the next chapter opening, but I'm thinking H'Kal was offered Henvit's job, or even a role on the Commissariat (the officer class who run the city), since he was the one who kept the workers' shit together during the attack.

    And it's a 3 day timeskip after the attack. Enough for the fake tablet to be Fedexed to the Czar and for him to flip his shit all over Zirako.
  12. I don't know, I haven't thought about how it will affect her work. I guess it will depend upon the relationship with her husband. Also, you'll have to convince her father since he would be interested in extending the family line with babies.
  13. Why not have people fight to the death hold some games or something? That's how Amelia became general in the first place, why not force her suitors to prove their worth o.o

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  14. Her father doesn't care about their worth, all he cares about is money. Not saying I won't have my own obstacles for the suitor after he gets past the father though. >.<
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  15. But Amalia is the first general of Kaustir, that position comes with more than a little clout. Certainly more clout than her father, now. She could set the terms of her own marriage, and hold a fight to the death amongst the suitors sent by her father. I'm sure the Czar would endorse this. It'll be fun watching how Amalia wields this awesome power she's been given.

    Oh Amalia, you clever fox. ^_-
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  16. Asmo's Deer-in-Headlights Survival Manual

    Kaustir "Red Purges, eh? Better get home to my family before they're locked up for looking funny."
    "Lut Sar as High Inquisitor? But he's a ponce! That boy needs some help from a REAL man!"
    "Oh fuck! I once had a cup of tea with K'Larr! Time to leave town!"
    "So that one Commissar who worshiped the insects got away? Let's find that milky bastard!"
    "Gawdam Drakens blowing up mah shitty walls! Someone needs to stand up to those scaly terrorists!"
    "Oh I do so love being connected to wealthy merchants and-- HEY! What's that warship doing in the port of Avarath?!"
    "I for one welcome our insect overlords."

    Viridos "I need your clothes, your boots and your giant bumblebee. I'm flying up to the Aviary to see if I can help."
    "Hmm, this house that fell on my house has some cool stuff. Let's sell/exploit/fuck it."
    "It's okay, Mr Riven Tree! I'll keep you safe while that big ole Avian city looms dangerously close to your canopy."
    "La la la! I love the Shartan Labyrinth! It's soo much fuuun! Oooh, someone's come to get my help."
    "Why, darn tootin' ah sure don't trust that Lady Ironblood. Ah'ma follow her to Edelon and watch for Monolith heebie-jeebies!"
    "Gawdam Pirates blowing up mah shippy walls! Let's organize the navy and go kick those guys asses!"
    "Kairos is gone! Aaaaagh! Everyone panic but me!!!"

    Pegulis "Gawdam Vikings occupying mah shitty walls! Viva la resistance!"
    "Uuuurgh... why did I follow Captain Ilsa... this expedition sucks. Oh look! Barvelle!"
    "Right chaps, let's go find that Medwick fellow. Expedition awaaaaay!"
    "Hmm, that Paladin ain't got shit on 'im. Let's join his quest to kill that robey bastard who's helping Eimund."
    "Ah, I remember when Eimund's ship sank. I just didn't mention it till now. Let's investigate how this dude is still alive."
    "So the Ghoul Sage used a Cradle like this one, eh? Let's study it for further clues, Scooby!"
    "Did you see that weird bandaged guy in Aldus? He knows stuff that he shouldn't know. Let's give him political influence."
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  17. Yup, it's been three days, in Viridos. There's still the occasional, terrifying rain of death from above by the storms that rage around the Aviary. The city itself is on a collision path with the Prosperos Sea. Which will probably result in massive tsunamis, killing even more people in other nations.

    @DotCom and @ET4252 we will be posting in Viridos, now. Aerie can arrive at the Aviary and Glyph and Caoimhe's conversation will be wrapped up in flashback as they arrive.

    *Kicks everyone into the sandbox*
    Follow your hearts on this one. Go home, go with Ironblood, go to the Aviary, go where your heart tells you or some shit.
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  18. Does that go for Shardis too? I don't want to get lost, even though I wont be around much, I still want to keep track, sorry.
  19. Yes, I just didn't tag you because you said you wouldn't be around.
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  20. Hey Tegan. How would you say the Riven tree fared? Large amounts of damage? Little damage? Deaths? Injuries? I don't want to just control the whole of Riven without your say so. Plus it wouldn't be as fun for the others if absolutely nothing happened right?
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