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  1. This thread is for planning and discussing the ongoing story.

    Please take jokes, fan work and chatting to the Ilium Lounge.

    Spam will be deleted.

    This roleplay was the original brainchild of @Quill, a member who left Iwaku due to real life commitments last year. She first developed the story with some help from Asmodeus, who refined Quill's massive ideas into the themes of the Red, Blue and Green nations. It was then run as a roleplay... twice... before Tegan entered with some fresh ideas that took the story to a whole new level.

    What we have in the end is a Mass Roleplay that is one-third Brain Dump, one-third Meta-Concept, and one-third Ingenuity. A fusion of three very different creative forces.

    We hope you enjoy.

    OK, it's Viridos's turn for a sprawling plot. So go explore, kids. Just remember that every so often, giant rocks will rain from the sky in a random part of the Realm, killing hundreds...probably.

    Monolith peeps! This is the last scene! If you post before I do, this is the setting/stipulations.

    They have returned with monolith to the Sea Wraith. They are still anchored off shore. It is night.

    The monolith has been locked in a lead-lined crate and stored somewhere way below deck. It is shut up tight, and Ironblood is guarding it.

    DO NOT GO NEAR THAT FUCKING THING unless you want your character to be driven Cthulhu style crazy. No joke. Look at those 13 dead bodies Ash forgot to bury. *Waves to Ash*. Even though it has been contained, those on the ship can definitely feel its presence. It's not enough to make one hallucinate or go insane, though. It's more of that feeling that something is watching you from the shadows but when you turn to look, nothing is there. So the crew is understandably on edge.

    You don't need detect alignment to know that thing is fucking evil. *Shoves the pirates at everyone*


    Soooooon, soooooon.

    I'm passing out now. You kids be good. x_x


    Herp a derp. Added a picture of the actual fucking city.
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  2. Well, thats a scary lookin bug. Also how much time has passed since chapter 1?
  3. Not very long. Couple of days, maybe. This gives people who have major unfinished plots (*cough*Viridos*cough*) to get caught up. But everyone who isn't tied up can keep moving forward to the next plot.
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  4. So...

    If anyone's in the military, is remotely decent with a weapon, and wishes to kill/support Amalia during this expedition, uh here's your chance...?

    I know some people were struggling to introduce their character and develop it, so here you go!
  5. Did someone say bodyguard?! Someone needs a character who's good at defense?! Count me in!
  6. I need any unaligned assassins or ne'er do wells in Kaustir. Toss me a PM and we'll plot.

    I have a counter-proposal to new general's expedition.
  7. @Bahiyya: Um, appreciate you putting me in charge of something - gives Gomyar a chance to redeem himself for doing basically nothing in the first chapter - but I'm a little behind and not quite sure what's going on. I go to the "Story So Far" place for that, right? Also, Gomyar doesn't need to chant anything. His Aux gives him natural purifying powers. He's not very scripted in magic.
  8. @Quiet One

    Er... That was actually me who put the chanting in there. It's a Jainist chant/prayer for peace and enlightenment. I thought it would be cool if the purifiers had that little trick up their sleeve. If you don't like it, I can just change it to him waving his arms around silently. (Or whatever it is he has). I didn't put him in a leadership role, though. He was just ahead of the group because LOL LOL he can stop the corruption.

    Bahiyya was just summarizing my post in her post... For some reason. So she's not the one to blame.
  9. Okay. Just misunderstood then. When Gomyar purifies, he does it with direct contact, touching the plants and literally drawing the darkness out through his fingers.

    But, since I've been reading through the chapter I missed, I realized Gomyar would end up feeling ashamed for what he missed out on. He may not have wanted to be there in the first place, but he wouldn't want to be so useless. (If I'd been online I probably could have helped with that Killing Cloud. That's as far as I've read for now.) He may have been taught the words, but not necessarily be able to put any power behind him. In his embarrassment he might be trying to redeem himself and seem more important.
  10. @Tegan - Hmm, Cthulihan style crazy do you say? Mind if I shoot you a PM asking a few questions about these monoliths? I have some reading to do while I wait, but I'm trying to think big picture here and that might have something to do with it.
  11. ATTENTION CREW OF THE SEA WRAITH!.. we have reached our cruising altitude for this flight, and You may now feel free to roam about the cabin and attend our fore and/or aft bathrooms.
  12. About how far to the pirate cove is the AWOL Pegulis group?
  13. They changed destinations, they're heading down to the Chersonese now. My character will be brokering them passage to Viridos
  14. OKAY, I have made the Archon's post in Barvelle! I left it very open ended about who all she summoned besides the three characters named. So if you think you are someone the Archon felt it necessary to summon, and wanna chat up the reasons why, SEND ME THAT PM so we can discuss it. <3 Especially you peeps that haven't been able to post or get involved in a plot yet.
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  15. Grumpy, Judge and anyone else who is involved with K'larr's expedition to the location inscribed on the true tablet, give me a PM and we'll talk about it a little bit. Also, if you are wanting to get in on this plotline, send me a PM and I'll see if we can somehow work you in. This goes for anyone, from any nation.
  16. You kids and all your time/distance questions. I feel like I'm back in the Officers Mess.

    This will probably happen a lot with the nation-focused plots. The story started with Medwick sending off messengers, but then in the next posts they were on the other side of the fucking world and long dead. Then Eirene passed out for 3 days, because I thought that would be cool.

    But the result is everyone hitting me with their calendars.

    So fuck it. Just think something up, explain in this thread why you think it works, then roll with it. We'll patch up the vaginal tears as we get to them.
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  17. I'm getting the vibe from the Kaustir nation that it's the next day after the party. @_@

    Does anyone object to this deduction?
  18. Day after works for me, wouldn 't be the first time draegal lost some memories to his alcoholism.
  19. So like I asked in the previous thread, we just post whatever and someone else will bring us in right?

    Or is there a specific way for Kaustir players to get in on the action I should be following?
  20. Asmo's Deer-in-Headlights Survival Manual

    Kaustir "Grr! Me kill bugs! Me follow pretty lady into desert and plagiarize Starship Troopers"
    "Why yes, Mister K'Jol/Lut/Da'Haka/Guard1/Douchebag2 - I'll kill that bitch for you. Dorgrad sound good?"
    "Boy, I sure am bored being a Communist miner in Dorgrad. I wish something exciting and entrepreneurial would happen."
    "Wait... Nils is a veteran Ipari? Fuck that - I'm one of those guys too!"
    "Stone tablet, eh? This I gotta see."
    "Hot diggity! I've gotta get my wares/grandmother/butt to the eastern cities, and this convoy is just the protection I need!"
    "Oh look! A camel!"

    Viridos "La la la la! I'm a happy care-free citizen of Aviary! I love long walks on the b-- OH FUCK WE'RE GONNA DIE!""
    "La la la la! I'm a happy care-free citizen of anywhere else in Viridos! I love long walks on the b-- OH FUCK FALLING ROCKS!"
    "Er... yeah... I was like... on the ship all along... just er... I didn't do nuffin... but I'm here now."
    "Kairos! Kairos! What do we do?! There's a city falling from the sky!"
    "We need an elite group of oil drillers competent dudes to fly up to that city and help rejig the vertabuffer assemblage!"
    "Ah ha! Falling rocks! Now is the perfect time to... do that thing... that I've been plotting to do!"
    "Yaaargh! I be a pirate!"

    Pegulis "Dig dig dig, fuck, dig, fucking avalanche, dig dig dig."
    "Hmm... I don't recall this big-ass blanket of snow being on my usual hunting route. Let's check it out."
    "La la la la! I'm an Avian scout, flying around in the lovely winter ai-- OH FUCK, DEAD PEOPLE!"
    "Hmm... as a smart cookie of Barvelle, I deduce that the last shipment from Aldus should have arrived by now..."
    "Hmm... as a smart cookie of Aldus, I deduce that our loved ones might have been fucking killed by golems..."
    "Curses! I was exploring these mysterious caves, and now those dicks from Aldus have ruined my game!"
    "I'm here to fight the Ghoul Sa-- OH SHIT, I'M LATE!"
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