Plot Challenge: Window over the city

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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
Window over the city
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Could it be true? Could it really, possibly, be true? The people of the small city knew that something was a foot. They could sense it in the air that the atmosphere, their atmosphere, was shattering. The window that enclosed their lives and kept all peaceful and unharmed, was beginning to shatter. The window over their city that made their lives what they were, was fading away every second.

Shattered particles floated through the air of the city, causing the people to choke on their own air. The people soon began to suffer; each passing second becoming more and more unbearable for the folk of the small city. Each time they looked up, tears came to their eyes as they saw the window as it faded with each missing particle. What could they do? Hope began to mean little to the folk as the outside carbon dioxide began to enter their lives. It was far different from their own, and very hard to breathe in. Soon, their only sources began to dry up or die.

The city of the once peaceful, happy folk began to come to its fatal ends. The window that use to cover their lives with beauty and peace also began to come to an end, unable to protect the lives of the city folk any longer.

Soon, all went dark. There was no time to give grief, there was no remorse, it was only death.

The city of the once protected folk had lived their lives, and in doing so, payed the price.
One day, a window appeared over the city.

It was a window that whoever entered remerged changed. For some, they were turned into what they desired. For some, it turned them into another beings. For others, it gave powers, but for so many, it become their home. The window over the city was worshipped and revered.

But one day, when it disappears to a new city, the townspeople of the old city go to hunt it down... because without it, their life become meaningless. Watch as the citizens try to claim their window back, no matter the cost.
She stood at the very edge of the [residential suite in her father's mega high rise overlooking the city from the fiftieth floor. The view was breathtaking and expansive, and yet though she could see it all from afar, she had never been down there to experience it.

Her only knowledge of it came through her daily conversations with her tutor, the housekeeper and the cook, all of whom constituted her only friends. Her father had many enemies, and he felt that his daughter was his only real weakness, so he kept her closeted away safely in the tower of his making.

One day, her tutor is acting a bit strange and tells her they are going to go 'out' for a field trip of sorts, for educations purposes to a museum. He tells her that her father has approved this and she does not question him. When they get to the ground floor there are men, who upon seeing her draw weapons and threaten to shoot her tutor. One of them whisks her away, but instead of taking her to safety he ushers her out the back of the complex and into a white panel truck which speed off with her inside.

The tutor quickly confesses that someone had his daughter and was threatening to kill her if he didn't bring his pupil to the lobby. That was all he knew.

So..the chase is on. Will she win over her captors? Will she be killed? Will her father pay the ransom?
A leader peers down through his window over the city, his imposing stature casting a dark shadow on the streets below. He is the only one left with a window- glass is much too expensive to produce any more. His country is in unrest, people are poor, and the glass only allows him to see the oppressing darkness that permeates everyone's minds. People slouched in dark alleys, children trying to peer over the high walls that held the city captive.

With a sigh, he placed the barrel of his gun to the roof of his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Who will step in his place?

And will this walled city ever be free of its political upheaval?
From the top of the highest tower in the city, a sapient A.I. is hooked into the very infrastructure. Hilarity ensues when it embeds itself completely and begins to personally meddle in the lives of random citizens for kicks.
There was always talk of the Window. Some say that it overlooked the city of Ervestine, one of millions of viewports that looked over the metropolis that was home to millions of inhabitants. Those who were "in tune" - able to feel the thrum of citymagic, those who could play in the neon, breath exhaust, see the pigeons dancing the future - had whispered of it among themselves.

"I'd heard of someone who found the Window. He found his long lost wife."

"My cousin knows a street user who figured out where it was. He said it showed him things, the fabric of the universe."

"The Window looks into your soul and shows you what it would look like as a city."

No one knows what the Window does, not really. The words are rumors, ablaze like fire, going from power line to power line. All anyone knows about the Window is that it is never in the same place twice, and that it shows you something you need to see. Sometimes it's not something you want to see. Sometimes it's something that threatens to break your mind and everything you understand. But it is always something you must view. Almost as if it chooses the people who need to see it.

Yesterday, every window became The Window.