Plot Challenge: Unexpected Tornado


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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
Unexpected Tornado
small group is trapped as they wait for rescue after an unexpected tornado hits
Millions of people die. But you are the only one who survives amongst others. Those others, have to find the other people who have survived the unexpected tornado to re-create population.
A man discovers he's a reincarnation of the North Wind via a sudden tornado
An unexpected tornado strikes a quiet town, leaving them to pick up the pieces. But when Town's folk begin to disappear, one has to wonder, was it somethign more?
It was the eve of battle. The banners were being unfurled and the armies ammased. Commanders planned and tactitions advised as the men made merry. But the gods had other plans. Wars waged in vain in thier names angered them and thier justice was swift. The tornadoe tore through both camps nad ended and battle before it began.
The party is swept up by an unexpected tornado while they sleep. They are transported to a magical land where hot snow falls up and it is ruled by a mighty god queen pony. They must end the rule of Princess Night Mare or be trapped there forever.
An inexperienced mage got carried away with wind magick and sent a tornado to a town, destroying it. Now she or he must suffer the consequences.
An unexpected tornado signiled the end of an empire, almost as if a sign from whatever god was still alive after the chaos of the ominiously named End of the World War. Humanity has won against it's steel oppressors,but at what cost? THE PRICE OF AMBITION AND PROGRESS
The village shaman is blamed for the unexpected tornado that tore across the tribal lands taking away the tribe's lively hood, now they must travel to find a new home to settle
A tornadoe is headed for a train transporting nuclear waste, jsut as it's about to pass through a major city
The clouds were black and ominous, and a whistle filled the air. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Animals ran past the two of them as the funnel began forming. And there they stood, accepting their fates. A boy and a girl, too young to die but too foolish to watch the weather warnings. They huddled together, clutching each other with shut eyes as their death came closer.
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No meteorologist could have predicted it. There was no one to blame, no one but the monster who unleashed the havoc, whose actions were directly responsible for so much death and destruction. Yes, there was someone to blame - but never, never someone who might have been approved of by society, for in the wake of such a tragedy, naturally certain absolutes had to be maintained.

Meteorologists... diviners.... fortune tellers. No, surely no one could have predicted that the first manifestation of a real-life superhero would be when she unleashed a tornado in the heart of London.
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chasing storms had been her passion since she was a young girl. Something about watching them form and grow just ignited her curiosity and made her feel alive and vital. Today they were chasing a huge storm that was building over Middleburgh. I had the potential to register off the charts and she was more than excited. It had been a year since they'd successfully caught a storm to get any usable data.

They were set up and in place to start taking readings when everything went dead. No wind nothing. She poked her tongue out at the machines, "Brat."

They waited for an hour but nothing. "Well that was horribly disappointing." She huffed as they packed up.

They were commiserating on the ride back to their base camp when out of nowhere a huge funnel cloud fell from the sky right on top of their van. The driver hit the brakes and hoped it would just lift back up and leave them there in the eye, but they were not in for such good luck. Swirling air rushed at the side of the van lifting it into the air and spinning it like a top. They were pitched and spun and then finally deposited on top of a Walmart roof with a heavy thud.

She looked at everyone and blinked feeling dizziness swamp her and threaten to cause a very unpleasant circumstance, when she heard a crack and the a creak. Her eyes were wide as saucers as the van lurched and fell through the roof and landed on top of the jewelry counter with a crash and another heavy thud. She felt good about the fact that they were closer to the ground now, and that there was nothing else to fall through, but they were tipping heavily to the right.

She made eye contact with the driver and both knew they were going to fall over to the right. They both grabbed their seat belts and braced for it, but one of the others hadn't and slipped out from under his harness and landed on his back on the crumbled door. "James are you ok?"

"Do I look ok?"

"All things considered...yeah."
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"What else was I supposed to put in this?" Egon shouted over his shoulder to the master apothecary up in the loft. The brew he was stirring happened to be bubbling at an alarming rate, giving off the aroma of popcorn and cut grass. He swallowed as he removed the lead spoon with care to put on a matching plate.

"Squeeze in Essence of Zephyr!" the old apothecary shouted from his perch, where he was reading through an old manual for another draught he was having trouble with. "It's a simple Bunyun Tincture, Eggy, don't let it intimidate you."

"Yes, don't be intimidated by the god of winds," Egon muttered as he searched the shelves around him.

"Hurry, don't let it burn!"

"I'm going, I'm going!"

Egon quickly read the labels of the jars arranged alphabetically before him, finally reaching Zephyr. The jar bucked in his hands as he carried it over, nearly dropping it on the tile floor. He wrestled it against the workbench and gritted his teeth as he glanced over his shoulder to his master yet again. The old man's not even paying attention! Well, no help from him, I guess...

Egon summoned the courage to pry off the lid to the jar with a quick twist, and a raging tornado burst forth. With a shout, he fell back, the miniature storm picking up quills, pieces of parchment, and ink wells, making a right old mess. Egon scrambled to his feet, shielding his face as he tried to get the zephyr back under control. Abruptly, a hand snatched out and grabbed the storm by the throat somehow, rattling it, and the old apothecary's arms strained as he squeezed it over the pot. A few drops dripped from the storm in his hands, and he gestured for the jar again.

Egon raced to offer up the jar, and he slammed it inside, the lid popping on automatically. He sighed with exertion and smiled at Egon.

"I forget how tricky they are for first timers. Got to get a good grip on their outsides, give 'em a shake! Now stir that three times clockwise with a crow's feather over it, and then let it set for thirty minutes, but whatever you do, don't take your eyes off it, seeing as it'll walk away from you otherwise..."
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