Plot Challenge: Time Is Running Out

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
    NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

    Challenge Phrase: The Wish of a Child
  2. A few kids across the world are turning to be 'special'. They have a super ability that makes them different from humans. But there are two problems: first, for some reason these children are only in the age of 8-12 and have are immature enough to know how to control their powers and know what is right from wrong. Second, they are not the only ones with powerful abilities, ancient creatures from other worlds are appearing on Earth, searching for these special children in order abduct or/and kill them all. The government will get to this kids before the enemy can. Will they use them as weapons or would they hide them and fight with their own machines of destruction? The children's wish is to fight but is it in their say?
  3. Its almost gone
    Our light
    Our time
    Our lives
    We need to move. Now!
    Didnt you hear me?
    Its coming.
    Come on.
    Dont worry about that. Leave it.
    We dont have time for this.
    Its life or death.
    I refuse to have us die because you were fond of material possessions.
    What do you mean 'when we get out?'
    We wont ever be getting out.
    We're going to die, dont you understand?
    Come on!
    Its too late...
    We're done for
    Its all your fault!
    No, dont blame me for this!
    You cant possibly blame me fo-
  4. We haven't any more money,
    For this I feel the most guilt.
    Perhaps if we saved more,
    You'd be back,
    Alive and well.

    The heart monitor beeps,
    The sound is slow
    And eerie.

    The doctor and nurses crowd around you,
    Working the machines.
    I watch,
    My baby in my arms,
    Husband at my side.
    Dad you seem so far away,
    Laying in the hospital bay.

    You said you weren't afraid to die.
    This statement I take,
    As a lie.

    The plug is pulled,
    Your lips turn blue.
    Tears roll down my cheeks.
    I wish you didn't have to go so soon. ​
  5. The End has many names, including but not limited to Death. However, Death does not necessarily mean End, nor does End mean Death, for while they are close and may be interchangeable for humans, they are, in fact, as far apart as the corners of the universe. They are separate yet equal, the children of a father whose name has been long lost, yet even if they are siblings, their mothers are different and they do not share one single attribute besides being associated with each other. They are mortal enemies, but they are the best of friends, they always slice each other's throats, however, they always mend the wounds of each other. Still, both End and Death feel when the sands of time have claimed another life, when the iron teeth of Entropy grinds yet another concept, object or being into dust.

    And over what has been ended, what is dead, End and Death fight until one of them wins and claims it as their own. They fight for an eternity over each loss, an eternity that seems to be a fleeting moment for the observer, yet it is infinite time for both of them as they desperately try to outlast the other. To see their fight would induce insanity, as uncountable blows are traded in uncountable fractions of a second in between them, shattering uncountable barriers that slice open an uncountable number of dimensions, in which the fight continues on forever. To try and understand why these two fight would be like trying to understand the origin of the universe, it would be like staring into the event horizon of a black hole that has consumed the entire cosmos by itself. So, naturally, no sane being would try to understand End and Death.

    But eventually, Entropy will sink its teeth into everything, destroying the reasons why living beings are not able to comprehend End and Death. Whichever of them claims these reasons, it matters not, for then life will gradually grow to understand these two brothers. Then, it will be their turn to be annihilated by Entropy, for they will no longer have their use as there would exist something that was immune to them. When that happens, End and Death will do battle for one last time in their eternal, yet fleeting life, one last battle to decide who gets to absorbed into the other before both of them are shred to pieces by Entropy, who will now have free reign over every single part of the cosmos.

    However, even Entropy is not immortal, for even Entropy will run out of targets to sink its teeth into, because even if it is a force that can not be understood by life, Entropy will eventually demolish the reasons why it can not be understood by life. Then, as with End and Death, life will grow immune to Entropy, therefore, Entropy will become useless, and the laws of the whole universe will be shaken. The ultimate paradox will form at the centre of all time and space, rapidly expanding across the infinite space until it covers the impossible distance, then devours everything to return all into nothing and nothing into all. Thus, the ultimate paradox will eventually End the End, kill Entropy, then move onto itself, destroying what made it in the first place. Only the absolute zero will be left behind.
  6. I can’t believe what I’m doing right now. Before that, I cannot believe that because of that one silly mistake I’m running for my life right now. I have never felt so threaten before, never is the focus here but who cares?

    I looked back, there was not a single soul in sight but I knew there is someone following me, stalking me. My heart races at the great unknown. What have I done? I growled at the thought of that. So what exactly have I done? I would love to say, but I can’t, not when my life is at stake now.
    A steady source of tapping from the middle of nowhere alerted me, it sounded normal but I can’t trust it. No I can’t. How can I trust anyone here?
    “Hurry up, just take it.” A man’s voice spoke. Startled I spurned around and met him. My gosh, those aren’t human. Not at all. They were animalistic. It scared the hell out of me. I ran. As fast as I could. As far as I could. But the man seems to be outpacing me. He was one step faster than me.
    I cursed under my breath as he pinned me down to the floor. I struggled against his restrains but to no avail. It was useless against him. He is a strong man and the last thing I know was a jab to my right arm.

    My body became heavier and it was impossible to open my eyelids. Slowly but surely I was descending into darkness. Looks like I’ve failed today but I know I’ll be back again tomorrow.

    The man was panting heavily as he watches his patient losing his conscious. It is always difficult putting him on medication. It had been close to two years since he was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia and in recent months his condition had deteriorated so badly that he had been admitted to the mental institution.

    He had proved to be a challenge, yet he’d emerged as the winner. However he also knew that the race will restart tomorrow. Heaving a sigh, he left the ward but not before taking one last look at his sound asleep patient.

    [This is free writing for me and I have not edited it whatsoever so any mistakes wise please be forgiving. Comments are welcomed.]
  7. 10 minutes
    He rushes into the room and locks the door. Surveying the room, he sees that the computer has been left on. Great, he thinks, now he won't be wastinfg time. Only when he is halfway across the room does he notice a small circular device on the desk at the right side wall. This device was small, maybe the size of his palm. It could have anything inside it and thats what made them so dangerous. It was this thing, and others like it, that had caused most of his problems. As almost every one he'd encountered had been some sort of weapon speacially designed to kill him. It was a wonder he wasn'd dead yet.
    Standing frozen at the centre of the small office, he listened as the clock slowly ticked away the remaining time of his life. That there! That was the thought that spurred him into motion. He gave the device wide berth as he crossed the room, to the computer, watching as the tiny thing watched his every move with its bright, red eye.
    9 minutes
    All thoughts of the little device left him as he sat down at the computer. He glanced at the clock again. He was wasting time. And he knew it. He started looking through the files of the computer, starting with the ones in year 2016, that being the year of his birth. He was twenty-seven now and everything had gone to shit the minute he turned 15. He was too young for all this responsibility but one quickly got used to the fact that he was the world's most famous criminal for a crime he didn't even commit. But that was enough reminiscing, he'd found it.
    6 minutes
    He started to run the XA program, having installed it on his first trip into this room. The program would wipe his name from every computer or data base on the planet. Non one would remember him and he'd be a no body again, provided he finished within ten minutes. He looked at the clock, make that 6 minutes. It had seemed impossible when they'd first offered him this chance. Like they knew he hadn't done it. Hadn't done anything more than steal from the candy store as a kid. He guessed that they'd been the ones to do this to him, they laughed but didn't respond to any of his accusations. He wasn't really sure if he could handle knowing who did it.
    But now he needed to focus. Just as that thought crossed his mind, a small noise started on the other side of the room. It was a whurring sound that old computers used to make and it didnt really bother him. Not until it got louder. Then he remebered the device.
    5 minutes
    Damn it! He was almost done, the thing would start to interfere when he only had a few minutes left. Turning his full attention to the right, he saw that the soft whurring had been the little orb opening and changing shape. Now it was deformed from it previous, more harmless state. Something huge and hairy was coming out of it. It looked like an insect's leg. Oh god, if it was a giant spider, he was leaving, infamy be damned!
    But that was the point, wasn't it? To test him, make him face his worst fears. Which was infact getting eaten by a giant spider. He watched the ugly thing make its way slowly out the little ball. It wasn't that big, not really. Only up to his fuckin' shoulder! And it was at least as long as he was tall. This was a problem. It was green and yellow and brown, colours that really made it look worse for the fact that they emphasized the thing's eight eyes. All staring at him, to see if he would run, or fight it. Why did it have to have such dangerous looking fangs?
    He glanced at the computer screen. All he had to do was press delete, then enter twice. And it would be done.
    4 minutes
    Here were his options: Stay and fight the spider and possibly die an agonizingly slow death, or run, He chose the latter and took off for the door. After fumbling with the lock for a few seconds he ran out into the hallway that he had just come out of a few minutes ago. A bullet whizzed by his head. They were still shooting. And as much as he wanted to be torn apart by bullets, he had something he needed to do. He slid along the wall until he came to a room, his room actually. And like every paranoid, on-the-run felon, he had a gun under his pillow.
    That was no longer there.
    Thats okay, theres always the bat under his bed.
    Which was also gone..
    The switchblade in the desk drawer?
    That would have to do.
    2 minutes
    He ran back to the room, avoiding flying bullets. But it was empty. He looked around the room again, the little device was gone and so was the spider. What? Oh right, its a spider and its probably on the ceiling. But in the movies, it doesn't attack until you turn or look up and see it. Lets save that for later.
    He walked, catiously to the computer and pressed the delete button. Almost immediately, it jumped on him. Something sharp dug into his back. Oh god, its gonna eat me whole, he thought, stabbing wildly backwards with his five inch knife. The grip on him lossened just enough for him to move forward a little and turn around.
    The sight that greeted him was the spider's huge, wide open mouth. Sharp teeth lined the outside of it and he took another step backwards, bumping into the table that held the computer.
    60 seconds
    He saw now that there was a small gash near the gnashing mouth. Ew, it bleeds green. One hand reached behind him to feel blindly for the right key. The other kept stabbing at the mouth.
    30 seconds
    The stabs were only barely keeping the spider from eating him and he was pushed up against the table, the spider's legs trying to close around him and force him into the mouth.
    20 seconds
    He knew his time was quickly coming to a close and so he thrust the hand with the knife into the mouth to his elbow, stabbing into the spider's insides. The teeth closed around his arm and he clenched his teeth against a yell. There was a soft cracking sound as he hit the inside of the ectoskeleton, no louder than one cracking an egg.
    10 seconds
    He pushed his arm forcefully back into the spider, all of his arm into the thing as the knife came out through the ectoskeleton. It stopped moving about him and twitched.
    5 seconds
    He started to pull his arm out.
    4 seconds
    Just as his hand reached the correct key.
    Hit tapped it once as the spider jerked.
    And then he tapped it again.
    Turning back to the the computer screen, he saw a confirmation box. He pressed enter again and sighed as the spider disintegrated into thick, black smoke, revealing his arm covered in bloody gashes and scratches.
    He moved enough to crawl away from the computer and lay on the floor on his stomach and wait till someone found him there. Seeing red smears across the table and floor surprised him till he remembered. Oh yeah, my back is bleeding.
    He was done now. And now he could sleep.
  8. We're running out of time...
    Who's "we're" you may ask.
    The world.
    It's ending, the seventh sign has come, and there once was a whole team to fight the darkness and bring light back to the people, but sadly the others are gone... It's just me now. The group started as seven people, one to fight the darkness at each sign. But for each time darkness leaves, someone who witnessed the battle between the darkness and the light of the world, whether being the one in battle or not, must die. And my master has told me that I must live through it, because for each time darkness fails, they will try again, and we need someone from the original team. That's why I made a girl, born for this exact reason, fall in love with me. I didn't love her. She was invited along to help me by witnessing the battle between the darkness, and light, so she can die. But if she dies, I die too. Because, I am in love with her.