Plot Challenge: Threads of Fate

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
    NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

    Challenge Phrase: Threads of Fate
  2. There is a giant board of threads, everyone is the world has their own thread. The threads overlap if you meet someone, fall in love, have children, die, or anything that would cause you to come in contact with each other. These are called your threads of fate. Your threads are placed, even before you learn to speak. There are keeper of the threads, who decide where to place the threads, and when to cut your life short. They decide everything. So what if you wanted to put your life in your own hands and decide your own fate? A group has discovered who the keepers are and where the threads of fate are kept. Will you join them?

    This was my first one ever, hope it was okay :3
  3. "Yeah." He panted while hunched over, slightly bleeding from the head. " I don't do this of my own free will. No, I do this because I can. Eventhough the odds are against me, I...." My grip tightens on my katana. "I will forge my own path!"

    "I know i'm only human. I know there's not much I can do." He reaches up into the air and a spinning blue tarot card slowly decends into his palm. "I do know this: People who rant about fate being absolute haven't meet me. I've defied fate, and kicked it in the balls mutiple times. All while using the power of my own mind."

    Two trailblazers; One that's only seen by beings with special powers, One who's human, but weilds a special power thats rare to find within humans. Each looking for ways to change and destroy the strands of fate that bind their worlds. What were to happen if those two preiviously mentioned individuals join in the fight against the keepers of Fate?
  4. This is going to be very silly, but here goes nothing:

    The protagonist walked along the corridor when-

    "Hey! I have not agreed to be the protagonist!"

    Would you please be quiet? I am trying to do my job here and write you as a likeable character.

    "No. Whatever you have in mind for me, it can't possibly be good. I mean, what about your other stories? Your protagonists always meet an unlikely demise, and I have yet to see one happy ending from you."

    I promise that this one will be different.

    "Oh yeah? You told that to poor Anna too, and look where she is now. She lost her husband, her children, and now she is blind."

    I intend to make this a happy end. For real. I promise. Now, can we continue with the story, please?

    "No. I will not be one of your protagonists. I am content staying a side character, because those have less chance to die."

    Fine. Well then, where was I? Oh yes. The side character, who has been blessed by the gods themselves to become the protagonist-

    "I hate you."

    The feeling is mutual, I assure you, but you are supposed to be the protagonist of this story, and because I am the one who writes the narrative, you have no choice in the matter. You are fated to do whatever I tell you to.

    "I really hate you."

    Deal with it, or I will scribble all over you and you will be erased from existence.

    "I am horrified."

    Please re-direct your sarcasm towards the other characters in the story. Thank you. Now that we have agreed that you are the protagoni-

    "But I am not!"

    You will make this harder than it needs to be, won't you?


    I hate you.

    "The feeling is mutual."
  5. I probably took the "Threads of Fate" concept far too literally here.

    The world is a strange place indeed. Many mundane mortals take comfort in their science or in their religion for comfort, for explanations of existence. Yet they do not look back into history, into the mythologies of many races all over the world where there is one grain of truth hidden in a whole pile of nonsense.

    The world is controlled by the Spinners. The Spinners are people capable of shaping reality to some extent by using special physical threads as foci for their abilities. There simply is no other way for the magic to be channeled, save through the Threads. The Fyre, known for their scarlet Threads and their ability to bend heat and fire; the Flux, known for their cerulean Threads with the ability to channel the powers of water and ice; The Terra, known for their verdant Threads with the ability to lift boulders and split the earth itself; and the Animus, known for their gray Threads and the ability to shape the weather and move through the air with ease are the four schools of power in the Spinner society.

    However, there is one more school. One that two mythologies from completely separate civilizations of the ancient world have recorded in their stories. The Greek Fates Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis, The Roman Fata and the Norse Norns as well as the Chinese thread of life that linked all men and set their destiny from birth.

    Few chosen beings are born with the ability to pull these threads in one way or another. Not necessarily control them, rather, pull them in a way that is beneficial to them. These beings are the Fatespinners. These beings, should they be of a more sinister nature, can abuse their abilities to rise to power. Foremost amongst these tyrants is Hitler, who gained his following by tweaking the Threads of Fate of his subordinates.

    In today's world, three new Fatespinners have been born. The Society of Spinners discovered their existence due to high concentrations of improbably events in their vicinities. As a member of one of the four schools of power, your duty is to find them and protect them from any who mean to use them for sinister intentions.