Plot Challenge: This Will Destroy You

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: This Will Destroy You
  2. Fifty years in the future, more people are either dead or hiding in concrete houses. Survival is hard, food is scarce.

    5 years before that deforestation and building on grassland had reached a new high, lpants were scarce, and those that were there had been genetically modified to hell and back. That became the problem, the genetic modifications had unexpected side affects, the plants - they became sentiant. And they weren't happy.

    It started slowly, with people getting injuried by stingers that hadn't been in their path, and roots tripping people into dangerous sinkholes. The it was vines, creeping around the legs of anyone who stood still too long, flytraps trapping people, and poisonous mushrooms letting out poisonous spore. People tried to respond to the growing threat, but the plants grew too quickly, to widely, even in places where it should've been hard they thrived.

    Now it is the people who are scarce, who are struggling. Living in this world requires stratigical thinking and suffering - and for the weak, this will destroy them.
  3. Seeing is believing...And it was believable.

    Hello, I'm Tom Tansuck reporting live from just outside the old district of Yunersburg.

    Never again will anyone walk into the old district of town due to the fact that there is a being there not of this world. No one really knows who or what it is. From what we have learned...What is in the old district appears to be a human but when close enough it is just a floating pair of clothes. However, we talked to one of the by standers during one of these 'encounters.' And his story was rather interesting.

    "Saw these kids come into the ol' district..They seemed to be following some person but when the one kid ran up to turn around the kid ahead..It..It wasn't a person...It was just clothes!..That..sucked the life right outta the poor kid..Leavin' him to be a prune on the streets!" Bystander, Joe Wimsly stated.

    Police reports say they did in fact find the body of a prune-like boy. Claimed to have still been breathing and rushed immediately to the nearest medical facility. Unfortunately though, we could not get a word out of him but he was able to put what he saw and supposedly 'heard' from the menace into writing...And I quote...

    "I looked to see nothing but smoke...But I could feel something seeping from my body. I couldn't move or anything and before I knew it I collapsed on the floor and was unable to move or anything. I felt sick..Close to death..And the words that rang loudly in my mind from ..whatever it was were.. 'This will destroy you.' "

    So nobody knows what exactly this clothed monster is ...An apparition? A message from the great beyond? Or what it meant by its phrase. But there will have to be some serious investigating done here.

    Back to you, Lacy.
  4. Silex loomed over the metal table, a somewhat confident smirk playing upon his lips as he stared down at his latest subject. It was an avin, a hybrid of human and bird. She was truly a rare find; not only was this particular race of Beast especially hard to track down and capture - a feat made even more impressive by Silex's humanity - but her plumage was bright purple, the color of royalty among avin society. Silex had already dug sharp metal hooks through the flesh of his captive's wings and into the table, preventing her from escaping without tearing the very appendages she would need to escape the humble, isolated cottage. And even if she did take that risk, she would surely bleed to death while flying aimlessly in an attempt to find her own world and return to her life.

    The avin girl was young, merely a teenager by human standards. She had only just learned to fly when Silex had found and incapacitated her, and her pained screeches were weak, not yet having reached the ear-shattering pitch that her kin employed as a weapon. She was also awake and fully aware of what Silex was doing; her sharp, avian eyes tracked his every move instinctively, while the rest of her body language screamed fear. Silex had no intentions of purposefully amplifying that fear as his subordinates might have, but he certainly wasn't going to alleviate it, either. Why bother? The avin wasn't planning to attack him any time soon, and besides, it was becoming increasingly clear that his intentions were...less than noble.

    The black-haired man of knowledge held out one of his pale hands, and his violet-feathered specimen cringed sharply, another cry threatening to burst from her short beak and possibly shatter the windows. Silex would have none of that, so quickly, he grabbed hold of the girl's beak with his other hand and firmly held it shut. Tears started to stain the avin's beady black eyes.

    "Shhh," Silex hushed her, "calm yourself." The hand he held over her feathered chest began to glow as energy pooled in his fingers. He watched her closely, ready to mentally note every happening as he cast the spell so that he might record his observations. "You should be most honored. I've chosen you as the latest subject in my experiment. Haven't you always wondered what happens when a being's soul leaves its body?" The avin didn't move, she didn't dare to. "Well, regardless," Silex continued, his tone calm, almost conversational, "that is the question I am determined to answer. However, I should warn you..." The glowing in his hand intensified, and the avin felt the channels connecting her soul to her body being severed one by one. "This will destroy you."

    The girl's inhuman scream could be heard for miles.
  5. The man looked into the abyss in front of him, staring at the fog that obscured the bottom of the pit. He has been here so many times that he knew how the bottom of the ravine looked: littered by hundreds of rocks with sharp edges, it was the perfect place to die. There was not even a river that could have slowed his fall down, as it dried up so long ago, just as his willpower had. He had enough of everything, he had enough of his life, even if it was successful, even if it should have made him happy, even if it was a life for which most people would have killed for to have it. But those people who think he had everything missed that he had nothing despite his way of life. He had no love. He had no compassion. He had no hatred. He had not felt a single emotion in his life. He only had stoicism, logic and reason, which made him successful in the world of business, but made him a failure as a human being.

    No matter how many have fallen for him, or who wanted to take his heart, he always remained stoic, never feeling a single hint of emotion. Some could stand him for almost no time while others stood by him for long, hoping that they could change him, yet he did not change, no matter how much effort they put into shaping him. Eventually, everyone abandoned him, and he was left alone to fight against the hardships of life. But on this day, everything became too much even for his stoic heart. The weight of life has cracked his soul, and for the first time in his life, he experienced despair. For the first time in his life, he stared into the abyss, and contemplated the consequences. They were not as painful as the life he lived.

    And with that thought, he took a step forward.