Plot Challenge: The Wish of a Child

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    Challenge Phrase: The Wish of a Child
  2. People say that if one wishes upon a shooting stair, their wish will be granted if they do not tell what they have wished for to anybody else, but deep inside, they know the truth: wishes are only granted if one works for them to be granted. However, there are still some who believe in the old sayings, and then there are some who have no choice but to believe in them, for a miracle is their only hope to get out of the situation they are in, or perhaps they can not think of any way to overcome the difficulties before them by themselves. Such is the case with children as well, for they are too innocent to realise the truth, too young to know the harsh truths of the world and far too naive to think that adults would lie to them. Thus, every time children see a shooting star soaring through the sky, they make their wishes, hoping that they will come true eventually.

    Many of these wishes are typical, such as a wish for toys, a wish for a day of happiness, or maybe even a wish for returned affection from one of the early crushes, perhaps a wish for a good grade on a test. These wishes are made with little thought as they are made on a mere whim, or maybe just a strong impulse, so as such, they do not carry much emotion put behind them. Then, there are the more serious wishes, such as the wish of a sickly child becoming healthy, wishes for a friend's safety, wishes that have genuine, real feelings behind them, yet they will still not come true because no steps have been made towards them. And finally, there are honest and strong wishes, such as the wish of a boy to escape poverty or to eat even a piece of bread after three days of wandering in the city, the wish to spend a night safe, the wish to save someone when they are helpless. But not even these will be granted.

    So what is a wish that is surely granted? That is a question that should be asked of historians, for the only wish that was granted to humans was a wish that was made thousands of years ago and now its significance has faded into obscurity. Coincidentally, it also happens to be a wish that was made by a child, the name of whom was forgotten even by the most ancient texts, left out from the text of even the most detailed manuscripts, despite being the wish that saved humanity as a species, that secured our future. It was such an important wish that the circumstances could not help but grant it, it was such an important wish that the laws of space and time bent to make it happen. It was such an important wish that the most rutheless being in the entire cosmos has agreed to fulfill it.

    And what was that wish? Humanity may never know. The knowledge of this first and last wish has been lost to us, and there is no way we can regain it. But maybe that is for the better, for humanity does not need wishes. Humanity needs only actions.
  3. Red.

    That was all he could see around him. He never wanted it to come out like this. All he wanted was to be like his hero so why did it all end like this? It was an innocent wish, a wish that apparently some higher power was hearing. He didn't know why he wished for it anymore as he looked at the lifeless forms of his dead parents. Then again the wish of a child that's only 7 years of age shouldn't really be taken seriously, especially if said child was a superhero fanatic. It's probably too late now but the boy let out another wish. He fell on his knees and looked skywards. With tears flowing down his eyes, he looked at the evening star and opened his mouth to speak.

    "I wish I didn't wish that I could be Batman..."
  4. What if Mama wasn't always gone? What if Papa wasn't dead? What if Big Brother hadn't run away? Would Joseph still touch me? Would he still like to 'play those games' with me anymore? Would he still come into my room at night and do weird things to me? I wish he didn't. Even though I'm a boy, and Mama says you shouldn't do these things with boys, Joseph does them anyways. If Mama wasn't always gone, Papa wouldn't have died and Mama wouldn't have gotten a boyfriend and Big Brother wouldn't have run away. I wish things were different. I wish I could go away to where Big Brother is...wherever he is. I wish I could get away from Joseph and his weird 'games.'
    I wish things could change.