EXERCISE Plot Challenge: The Servant of Time

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    A PLOT CHALLENGE is where you are given a word, a phrase, a sentence, or a setting and you have to come up with a plot idea that is inspired by those words!

    The object is to THINK FAST and share the first ideas that come to mind. It's an exercise in quick creative thinking. You can do this challenge any time. Or multiple times!

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it! You are to write down a plot premise or basic idea. This isn't about writing scenes, this is about writing up a setting!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you ask permission or give credit to the muse.

    Challenge Phrase: The Servant of Time
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  2. You'd think that keeping time in order would be easy. The hand on the clock turns at its own steady pace, right? Nothing could possibly hinder it. It is the one constant in this world - the one thing people can rely on to be there, whether they want it or not. I will never get tired of the shocked look on people's faces when they are proven wrong.

    The last untamed wilderness, time. That's how humanity approached it. All of the system's heavenly bodies were already colonized, even the most inhospitable asteroid. Every centimeter of space is taken up by some man-made object or another. Perhaps an advertisement or a special "authentic" nature simulator. Nowhere left to expand but up and out, and even space was starting to get crowded. The countless counterculture college students drifting endlessly in their bachelor houseships, the massive space resorts set up to hold the most privileged of the elderly so they could live the last of their days in complete luxury, it was a culture of decadence once more. The asteroid belt was a tangled mess of skyscrapers that turned into bridges to the next rock over. It created this crazy networked web, an unplanned ring splitting the solar system in half. Inside, there were several bike trails that let you circumnavigate the entire solar system without having to put on a spacesuit - and you were never more than five meters from a fast food restaurant. Expansion was becoming more and more costly, but the demand kept rising as the incredibly healthy population expanded at an exponentially increasing rate.

    Every researcher knew that the time travel breakthrough would make them infinitely rich, especially if they exploited the technology themselves to put some money in a savings account. The theorists said it would be fine: infinite parallel universes would be created, resulting in no danger to the original timeline and unlimited opportunities for growth and re-growth. It didn't quite work that way.

    I'm not sure what time I'm from anymore. None of us are, the Servants. Depending on when I report to my employers and what stage of civilization they are in, I'm told to protect their corporate interests at all costs or to make sure the clients have the most fun possible or to bring back interesting magical trinkets. I usually ignore their requests, though. The job was initially created for selfish purposes, but it has a much higher one. If one thing goes out of line, the smallest of things changed, you won't even get a chance to consider the implications. Whatever properties of physics or whatever deity that weaves the spacetime fabric resets the whole thing, or so the theorists say now. I always wondered how they would know if the universe is still here, but I have no doubt it is the case. I've seen it all begin to unravel after some time tourist knocks over an insignificant vase, and I've seen myself appear for a brief instant to right it again.

    Oh, you wonder what I'm telling you this for? See, here's the thing about time. Everything has already happened. Imagine our surprise when we look back and see a Servant actually interacting with someone from the past. The first time I had to do it, I nearly had a panic attack. It just goes against every instinct I've ever had, even while knowing the consequences of walking away. And, well, it sucks for other reasons, too, because there's just no easy way to say this. In a few moments, you will be coming with me to the future to be one of us.

    ((Time travel roleplay! Characters can be new or old Servants, crazy time tourists, natives in the current storyline, etc. Rogue agents tired of the endless grind of keeping the universe alive. Evil future scientists fueled by hubris. ))
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  3. Time. People often view it as something incorporeal. Something you cant see, but just live through. You go from yesterday to today to tomorrow, young to old, new to used. Time isnt something you can feel, see or hear. Its just there. How wrong they are. Time is more than that. It is everything. It holds your future, your hopes, your dreams, your death, your birth, everything. Its all there, within 'Time.' Time is not invisible, or incorporeal, most of all its not a process. It lives. It breathes. It does not dream, does not sleep, or eat or rest. Its not human ether. Its a creature, an ancient being living within this darkness we call the universe. It knows all things. It knows the beginnings and the ends of everything. That is its job. It creates time, monitors it, keeps it moving in the way it should be.

    I had only been a normal little human, going about my life: work, home, family, sleep, rinse and repeat. That was my life. Then Time came. It came and it took me away. I have no idea where it took me, still dont know if Time is a man or woman, or even what it is. All I know is that I've become a slave to Time itself.

    (Ooohh.... I kinda like it. XD)
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  4. In this Universe, there is the Castle of Teemuus, where Time was once created. Created by a God? No, it was created by Servants of Time, who now are the ones that take care of that Castle.
    They do not serve a master, but yet the whole population of every planet that exists in any galaxy.
    Their tasks are simple: manage, cut, copy, paste, move, all around that. If there is a de ja vus, it's probably a Servant's mistake, quiet happens. Don't be so bully about it, there isn't a Servant of Time for every living creature, there are only 50 in the whole Universe, and they do not reproduce.
    Will anyone take the challenge to be one of those 50? I don't think so. Wedding dress selling isn't the world's hardest job; Time is.
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  5. The Servant of Time was feared throughout the years. He came swiftly when you would least expect it and take you away. Man tried to come up with a way to beat time, to keep the Servant away. All of them failed. The Servant came and swept them away, never to be heard of again. Soon, men tried to search for the Servant. None found him. They never would find him. He was all and all were him. His shape changed as the eras came and went. Sometimes, he was a knight in shining armor who came just too late. Other times, a doctor who missed one tiny detail. He was everyone and no one, yet he was there. Every death, every stillbirth, every miscarriage, he was there. One wonders how he could live such a life. He had seen so much death, one would wonder if he had long gone insane. He probably had, until one day. That day he found the woman he could not take away. He found the one woman strong enough to be with him, even help him at times. They were married within the year. Yet, even his own wife was swept away by his hand. Yet, out of the death brought a life. A small life in which the people called her the Child of Time.
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  6. There wasn't a second that existed that they didn't know about; these people who were past, present, and future. These people existed purely to warn humanity of the future. The would warn them of the future. They would lecture them about the past. They would guide them through the present. But being a servant of time came at a price...These people neither had a future or a past. They simply existed at that time. They were not born, and they did not die. Sure, they would cease to exist, but it was just that. They would simply disappear without anyone knowing they existed in the first place. They would vanish, and another would take their place. It was a lonely existence, seeing their loved ones die, and the loved ones after that, and after that. But it was the price they paid for being all-knowing. Now, the newest servant of time came to be, trying to warn humanity of the incoming apocalypse. If they did not change, then they would cease to exist. But humanity had grown arrogant and would not listen to this strange person among them. Surely, they were just trying to gain attention. How could they truly see into the future? But they could. It was clear as day what was coming. But they would have to educate them. They would have to try and change the world itself.

    Because that was the job of the servant of time.
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  7. The servants of time. The Observer and the Chronicler, two figures known across the seven realms. They had never begun and would never end; they simply were. Immortals, the both of them, perhaps gods in their own right, though passive and apathetic. As their names suggested, they did. The Observer observed. Every moment throughout history passed before his eyes, the birth and death of every person, every foundation stone laid and every roof collapsed, every sparrow's song and every wolf's howl. This he dictated to his partner, the Chronicler. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every century they sat, he spoke, and she wrote.
    The Library of Truth grew around them as faithful servants gathered to organized the volumes. Millions upon millions of books fill the shelves; every person and creature and plant and landmark and building and stream and ocean and cloud has their own book, written in exhaustive detail and filed away meticulously.
    Naturally, there's a fortune to be made in stealing books. Steal the book of a bank, know how to rob it. Steal the book of a man, know how to ruin him. Steal the book of a nation, know how it can be toppled. Knowledge is power, and power is money. Still, there are the small issues. Not the least of which is locating the library, and then foiling the various defenses to actually get inside.
    Still, a few books have been leaked... so surely a few more can be acquired.
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  8. Time

    Boundless. Unstoppable. Eternal.

    These are but a few of the aspects which color the human perception of time. But long ago, before time as we know it, when the universe was nothing but a yawning void of Chaos, something stirred in the darkness. All of existence was born in a single, miraculous moment of blinding light, and in this time before time, entities wholly unlike any living thing that would succeed them came into being.

    They have been known by many names throughout the eons. Some see them as gods, while others consider them personifications of time itself. The Watchers, as they would later be called, have always remained a tantalizing mystery to the civilizations of lesser beings that marveled at their greatness. All that is truly known about them is that they were witnesses to all of time from the very beginning. Every hour, every minute, every second. Each moment in time from the dawn of creation to the cold, silent death of the very last star. They saw the entirety of time from beginning to end, and as they began to understand that the end of existence would mean the end of themselves as well, they decided to take action to preserve it.

    Not all of them agreed on how this should be done, however, and their disagreements eventually evolved into conflict. The first denizens of the primeval universe went to war amongst themselves, and the cosmic forces they wielded against each other in their battles gave shape to the galaxies and solar systems which would fill the chasm of endless space. In the end, one Watcher emerged victorious: Chronos, who thereafter would be known as Father Time.

    Still, all was not well in the universe. The titanic clash between the Watchers, although finally resolved after countless millennia, had damaged the fabric of time in terrible, unforeseen ways. This fractured reality could not exist in such a state for long, and so something had to be done to ensure all of time did not collapse in on itself. Father Chronos, in his infinite wisdom and boundless might, drew the cracks running through time into himself at a point in space where they all converged and sealed the damaged portions of reality away in a dimension outside of time. This feat greatly weakened him, however, and so he was forced to remove himself from the time stream as well in order to rest and recover his powers.

    This process would require innumerable years to complete itself, and so Chronos left behind a group of servants to watch over the universe for which he had sacrificed himself. These servants would eventually rally around the place where Chronos sealed himself away, using it as a nexus to travel throughout the past, present, and future. They were dedicated to maintaining the time stream in accordance with their master's wishes, and so the Servants watched over the nexus and the planet that (perhaps not) coincidentally formed around it.

    This planet would eventually become known as Earth, although relatively few of the people who have called it home throughout its history are aware of the Servants of Time and the work they do. But on rare occasions humans by accident do discover the secret places around the planet where remnants of the rifts in time Chronos sealed away can be found. For those unfortunate enough to stumble into these so-called "rabbit holes", it can mean finding themselves emerging in places and eras completely unfamiliar to them. Luckily for them, it is the job of the immortal Servants of Time, who are also known as Timekeepers or White Rabbits, to pluck these time-tossed souls out of danger and return them to the time from whence they came.

    The Timekeepers are an enigmatic lot, but their calling card throughout history has always been the same. Each Servant of Time whose duty it is to retrieve those who are lost and temporally displaced carries with them a talisman in the form of a pocket watch, the face of which is engraved with the image of a white rabbit. This magical watch allows them to travel through time at will, but if they are ever separated from their watch a Timekeeper will begin to rapidly age until they disintegrate to dust.

    It's a dangerous and thankless job, but as with most jobs, dangerous and thankless or otherwise, somebody has to do it.

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  9. There is Time and there is Space. These two non-being entities subconsciously control the entire universe and the myriad of incredibly diverse planets, asteroids, floating communities, and species held within it. Time and Space are normally unobserved and undisturbed, a trouble for many who are conscious of their being and not being, but, even though undetectable by those preside over, actually actively maintain the universe's ever precarious existence.

    Each non-being entity control a being specified for carrying out needed tasks that need concrete, solid assistance. To the two rulers, their jobs are relatively easy and their tasks spaced well out. To the Servants of Time and Space, however, the truth couldn't be more contrary. The Servant of Time, or as she liked to refer to herself as, Nu, was a caged bird with clipped wings, doomed to forever be chained to Time's unyielding demands. The Servant of Space, Ne as he called himself informally, was equally upset with his conditions but far less abrasive about it, seeks escape internally instead, creating a world all his own within his very being. Eventually, he hoped, Space's power would osmosis into him and enable him the ability to create the world he had so lovingly constructed. The Servant of Time had a more brutal mission: to destroy her ruler and take control of the universe already made.

    Meanwhile, each Servant were kept busy with their own tasks set by their rulers. Quite often the tasks would coincide with one another, a great blessing to both Servants who relished each other's company, being largely alone when not together. They both have kept to themselves about their own personal missions, but each have already made the dangerous mistake of incorporating the other into their future plans.

    How do they each plan to involve each other? What sort of tasks do Time and Space send their Servants on?
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  10. A man stumbles upon the knowledge to manipulate time. The more he uses the power the more knowledge he gains in his art but his mind and soul are twisted as well. The results of his time manipulation begin to distort time in various places and times throughout history with the end result that the circle of time will collapse in on itself causing every moment in history to happen at once, a paradox would then ensue and space time would collapse. The man who is learning to control time knows this is what will happen and begins to look for a way to outlast this event so that he might be able to create a universe after the collapse where he is all powerful and immortal. In the future people notice the effects throughout time past, present, and future, and form an alliance to try to capture the man causing the damage. Though careful research a way is designed that devices can be imbued with the power to travel though time and manipulate it to correct the imbalance. Their minds are not effected directly by the time magic as they aren't dealing with the raw power. As they being their travels and fights they find that there is more to their powers than first thought and their abilities expand to fight the threat. They are the servants of time and fight to save their universe.
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  11. They say time is linear.
    That’s what I used to believe as well,
    But they are wrong.

    Time is an ever shifting loop, sometimes twisting back on its self, sometimes leaping forward by thousands of years, but one thing is certain. What is, has already happened, and is destined to happen again.

    So was I. Let’s see if this will help.

    Once there was a young man who was about to jump off a bridge and end his life. Along comes an old man who talked him down. Told him all the wonderful things he cold do with his life, reminded him of all the people who care for him. The young man moves on. He becomes a famous doctor who saves thousands of lives and, in time, forgets all about the old man who saved his life. Eventually the young man becomes very old himself. One day when sitting in a park a strange man comes to him. “You must come with me.” He says, “There is someone I need your help to save.” The stranger leads him to a strange vehicle and then drives him to a bridge. There on the bridge is a young man preparing to jump into the roaring waters below. “If you don’t save him,” the stranger says, “thousands who need his help will die.” So the old man gets out of the vehicle, goes over, and talks the young man out of jumping.

    Do you get it yet?
    The old man and the young man are one and the same. The old man saved his younger self. There was no choice in the matter, he was going to do it, because he already had done it.

    Who was the stranger?
    They call him the Servant of Time. He exists solely to make sure that what has happened will happen.

    And now you ask me why you should care.
    I didn't either, until I understood. You see the Servant of Time has appeared again. It seems he needs us. He says that something has gone wrong, from our point of view anyway. Some sort of “time terrorist is running a muck. We are supposed to stop them. He says the world needs us. We’re supposed to save it. No, there’s not really any choices here. We have to save it. We will save it, because technically we already have.

    Note: The prompt made me think of [MENTION=4238]Ryex[/MENTION] ’s signature, which led to my writing the above.
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  12. The life of Elwyer was a mundane one. Day in and day out she waited, watched as others spent their lives the way they wanted, mused thoughts in her mind about their lives and spoke whispers to them in the night. How she longed to join them, have an end to her own life. She watched them through a basin of water, the glistening tides reflecting the light of their world into her own dark and dreary one. Her hand caressed the sides of the porcelain basin, long fingers ached to dip into the liquid. Her dull eyes watched with wonder at the moving figures in the World beyond hers, full of desire and jealousy. She never ate, she never slept, her very being didn't need those unnecessary tasks as any alter in her life would cause turmoil on her dear treasures.

    Every now and then a touch of hatred would seep through her eyes, when her treasures killed one another. Times soon came when war ravaged the lands, causing the Keeper grief and sorrow and as her tears fell into the basin, hurricanes and downpours would rummage through the World. She knew she had to keep her calm, but the thought of her treasures dying and killing caused too much hurt on the being's soul.

    Soon, her heart grew cold. She no longer cared if one killed the other, her fingers no longer ached to touch their World as it was now tainted with hate and despair. Her eyes only reflected the hurt they had caused her, staring blankly down into the glistening basin. As time passed, her soul began to wither; the war and deaths taking a toll on her. As she grew old and decrepit, a new light shone near her, taking in the lessons she failed to see.

    When the day came that Elwyer passed on, the new light took her spot with new plans in mind. Though the fate of this new being is already sealed, there is nothing she can do, but such is the life of a Servant of Time.
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  13. Time controls everyone as if we were puppets with our strings attached to the hands of a clock.

    Don't believe me? Take a look at your schedule and tell me if this sounds familiar:

    Wake up,








    It repeats. Over and over. Day after day. Weekends are the only deviation, and sometimes even then your daily schedule controls them. And even if we were to break free from the shackles of this type of life, Tine would still be your master, dictating whether or not you live or die.

    Everything is in a delicate balance. Even waiting five extra seconds before crossing the street can be your downfall. Often, these variables do not come into play, because the cogwheels of the great clock of Time are well-oiled and they do not cause accidents. But sometimes, sometimes, some dirt will jam the wheels. and something will go wrong. You will wait those five seconds. You'll hesitate to press call. You'll put off your doctor's visit- just until Wednesday, it's just a headache.

    And then, in hindsight, you will realize just how much of a puppet to Time you are.

    Eventually everyone runs out of Time, after all. Your clock just got a bit clogged. No hard feelings.
  14. Chrono sat watching the sand fall through the hourglass from his great throne in the heavens. Long spindly fingers tapped against the gilded skulls at the end of the armrests as eyes as dark as coal moved to the solitary figure moving about the throne room. "Be quick about it and be gone."

    Angela smiled and nodded at the harshly spoken command and moved to the large hourglass and turned it over to begin its work for another hour. That was her job, to turn over the glass every hour. She had been doing so for seventy years now, ever since the last servant of time had passed away. When she'd first come to the job, the master had been kind and even spoke with her from time to time. But as her time drew close to and end he had become darker, and more cold toward her. She wanted to believe he would miss her, but she doubted he even had the capacity for that anymore, having been through so many servants.

    Chrono watched her and then as she turned to leave he spoke, surprising even himself. "Wait...I must ask this before you..." he could not bring himself to say the words so he left them unsaid, "Why did you choose to come? You are the only one who CHOSE to become my servant."

    Angela had not been aware of that fact. "I was lonely. I had no family or friends, I thought perhaps you would know how that feels and need a friend as well."

    Chrono stared at her with those black fathomless eyes and then for the first time in many millennia he stood and approached her. "If I could have a forever friend, Angela. you would be my choice." He bowed then and reached for her hand. "Would you choose to stay?"

    Angela could not have been more shocked, "If I could stay forever, Lord Chrono, I would indeed choose to be your forever friend." Her hand that had once been so fair was now wrinkled and spotted with age and looked so frail held in his much larger one. She was no longer a fair maid, but an old woman of over ninety.

    Chrono smiled and covered her hand with his other and smiled, "Then the only gift I have to give is yours Angela."

    felt strength course through her body and when she looked down at her hand it was no longer that of an old woman but one she remembered from long ago. confused eyes looked up at him, "What has happened?"

    Chrono smiled again, "Now we can be friends forever...thank you for choosing to stay. I am not sure how I would have continued without you."

    Angela smiled up at him and touched her arm with her free hand, "And I was not sure how I would ever bear leaving you behind."
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