Plot Challenge: The Perfect Crime

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
    NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

    Challenge Phrase: The Perfect Crime
  2. Last breath, I gasp. Feeling the hard metal slug push it's self through my body took the breath away from my lungs. I staired with eyes shacking, my vision blured as he slowly slips away from my sight. Falling down, down through a bottomless abyss of nothingness as my lifeless body hurdles limp through the air. I could see my body, falling to the coast that washes up the cliff's side, but how? Raising my hands, shadow, his shadow. He holsters the gun and turns to walk away, yet I'm drawn to him, in life and death. My soul forever locked with in the gun powder caked beneath his fingernails as he opens the driver's side door of his old red Odsmobile.

    I couldn't move away from him, drawn into the car's essance as he drove me, in this life and the next. I could feel his moist hands gripping my... the car's steering wheel. Left, right, turn about. Soon, we were home once again, where he left me for the third time and entered our home. I would cry if I had eyes. Instead, my highbeams activate, then the engin starts. He comes out as the car drives it's self out of the drive way and back the way we came. The gas pedel firmly on the floor, the car picked up speed greatly as wheaving in and out of traffic, going back to the scene of the murder, my murder. Without stopping, the Odsmobile drives it's self off of the cliff, my soul finaly gets to rejoin it's first shell. Darkness...
  3. It is said that during the age that was forbidden even by the gods, there existed a planet, on which crime, insanity and ridiculous intelligence met at once, a planet that has been transformed into the very mirror of an age so merciless and so chaotic that nobody remembers even a fraction of it. What many do not know, though, is that this planet did indeed exist, not to mention that it was probably the worst place to be in any era of history period. It was a planet covered by a single city that stretched across all of its oceans and continents, thus, it earned the name of the City-planet, even though many of its kind has existed before. But what really mattered is that when a catastrophe shattered the City-planet's main square into nothing but dust, crime suddenly wrapped its ugly self around the planet, never letting go.

    Such was the chaos of this planet that both the police and the local military became useless against the local criminals, who became so infamous that even spaceships started to avoid the City-planet. Eventually, even organised crime broke down into nothing but anarchy, and with a non-existent social structure, the City-planet starting decaying fast. Of course, at this point, many wished to leave the planet, however, only the wealthiest had the means to do so as a fare to the nearest planet cost a fortune, not to mention that there were very few spaceships still in useable condition on the surface, and even fewer pilots were daring enough to navigate the orbital junkyard that now gathered around the atmosphere of the planet.

    Belrav was one of the few who would have attempted escape, but he lacked one very crucial part of his escape: a spaceship that could take off from the surface. To buy a spaceship, one needed money. To get money, one needed a job. To get a job on the City-planet, one needed to turn himself to crime. Therefore, Belrav, along with some of his better friends have decided to pool their money and buy a relatively small steel grip, a machine that would help them rob the biggest money vault on the planet, the one belonging to a company that somehow managed to prosper even on the city-planet. Their plan was simple, but perfect as they managed to buy some fancy technology for clothes that prevented identification, and really, all Belrav had to do was wait for the signal of his team-mates

    He did not have to wait long. A screeching, ear-splitting noise soon cut into his hearing range, coming right from his headphones, which literally scared the soul out of him. He quickly took the headphones off and shook his head to clear his mind of the terrible noise, then he flicked the switch on the console before him, and the steel grip roared to life. Gravity-manipulators came online all over the body of the long, snake-like machine, slowly lifting it off the ground as the output of the devices was raised. The air started to pop and crackle as the outdated machinery attempted to bend the laws of physics even further, but their efforts were in vein as reality held onto its laws as if its life defended on it. Still, the current lift was enough to raise the steel grip above most obstacles, and most importantly, the gravity manipulator in the front of the machine did not come to life.

    Belrav grabbed the control sticks of the steel grip, then blew the air out of his lungs as he mentally prepared to navigate the short way towards the bank, then he oriented the machine so that it faced his target and finally, as he kept one hand on a button of the console, he slammed pedal to the metal. In response, the steel grip started with a huge jolt, literally smashing through the house in front of itself and flicking the debris away with the power of its gravitational field. Soon, a tornado of debris surrounded the steel grip while Belrav counted to four, then with all his might, he pressed the button on the console in front of him, which caused the frontal gravity manipulator of the steel grip to explode into a ripple of air. The gravitational field of the machine collapsed, and the debris were flung at the wall in front of him, tearing the thick sides of the money bank into tiny pieces with the help of the air pressure. The side of the money depot was literally blown open, revealing thousands of bars of a strange, yellow-grey alloy, the only accepted currency on the City-planet.

    The steel grip shut down immediately of course, but at the same time, hundreds of shots tore into the air, shots that came from self-made railguns located all over the place. The high-energy shots literally vaporised every security officer inside what was left of the bank, clearing the way for Belrav's team-mates to move in, and for him to start the engine of the steel grip again. He smiled as he resetted the gravity manipulators of the vehicle, knowing that yet another one of his plans came to fruition. He still had to make sure that there were no witnesses left, though.
  4. Overlooking the water from the cliff I was shattered. It had been two years sense I had seen his face, the man that I loved with all my heart and soul. He had been sent away to prison after killing a man. I couldn't hide it anymore, they broke me. The cops, they broke me down. I didn't want to disappoint him; I would do anything to have him here with me now. "Kate," I heard the voice from my dreams, from my memory. I turned and my eyes filled with tears.

    "Oh, Johnny!" I cried out as I went to throw my arms around him. The look on his face stopped me in my tracks.

    "You ratted me out Kate." With tears falling faster from my eyes, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me.

    "Johnny, No. I never wanted to. They broke me down Johnny. I love you. Don't do this, please Johnny, don't do this." The last thing I heard was the sound of his handgun. The last thing I felt was a sharp pain entering my chest. The last thing I saw was darkness.
  5. He hadn't known it would turn out like this, but he had no other choice. What was he to do, living the way that he did, in this world? The bank was unusually crowded for a Wednesday, causing him some displeasure at having to take the back door. It hadn't really proven difficult, he just hated the intervals and rules of time manipulation, he had to use their actions to get him into what he wanted.

    First a clerk shows up late, the second that door opens, everything freezes. Slipping inside past the clerk's halted frame, the man comes across the security glass. Taking a moment to conceal himself behind some filing cabinets, he waits again as the clerk now starts to reanimate, slowly at first but rapidly moving up to his normal pace. The process repeated itself as soon as his ID card hit the scanner and the door was pulled wide open for him.

    The last part was tricky, finding enough room to hide near the large bank vault. On several occasions he had to freeze again and move, lest he was a second away from being discovered behind some of the potted indoor trees or behind a printing assembly. But finally, as it always did, the deposit came. A large armored truck, carrying large containers of unmarked bills. The second that the vault door had opened to let them inside, the day was complete. He strolled out but a moment later, his backpack filled to the brim, pausing only to grab one of the green peppermint candies from the desk of the employee closest to the door. The entrance remain open after him, and he thought a second about closing it, but with a smile he sighed and shook his head.