EXERCISE Plot Challenge: The Old Phonograph

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    A PLOT CHALLENGE is where you are given a word, a phrase, a sentence, or a setting and you have to come up with a plot idea that is inspired by those words!

    The object is to THINK FAST and share the first ideas that come to mind. It's an exercise in quick creative thinking. You can do this challenge any time. Or multiple times!

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it! You are to write down a plot premise or basic idea. This isn't about writing scenes, this is about writing up a setting!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you ask permission or give credit to the muse.

    Challenge Phrase: The Old Phonograph
  2. Dude - this is cool.
    I've got to try.

    After thinks up plot: God this is going to be the lamest thing ever, but you asked for whateve rfirst popped into my mind.


    The year was 1933, a man by the name of Edgar Louis was a stage magican, and a failing one at that, he barely got any money from his shows and was always booed off stage for being ratted out as tricking the audiences. One day he sat alone in an old hotel room, when a demon appeared, offering him the gift of magic. Edgar being an idiot agreed to this. So what the demon did was charm a phonograph, as whomever would hear it would fall under whatever illusion Edgar desired. Now Edgar used this mainly for show purposes, and eventually when he passed on, the phonograph fell into the hands of his son. A greedy man, who began to manipulate the power in the phonograph, tricking people into believing he was a god. His numbers have been rising over the years, and now he's gotten the president under his curse, and he's begun his also incline to take over the world.

    But there are some, a rare few who have angel blood, and can ignore the noise of the phonograph. But what chance do they stand against the rest of the world?

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  3. (I think this turned into a story more than a plot... oops. Sorry. >.<)

    Mr. Gerard White sighed as he looked around the attic, one filled with dust and memories of his long life. It had been nearly seven years to the day since his wife had passed away, claimed by a cancer that she had been fighting diligently for many years, and he could no longer manage their big, old home by himself any longer. He'd know this for some time but had put off moving for nearly two years now, not because of his aversion to change but because of this attic. The last thing he wanted to do was wade through all his old belongings, sorting through what he would keep and what he wouldn't. There were many memories from his childhood here that he supposed may be nice to reminisce about, but those were the last thing on his mind at the moment. After the passing of his wife Gerard had grieved, as anyone would. He knew she was gone, but still hadn't been able to bear the thought of giving away her things. So, he had packed them away, all in boxes and brought them up to the attic where they had sat, collecting dust for the past seven years.

    Gerard started with boxes to the left of the cramped area, ones mostly filled with old things from when he was a young boy so many years ago. It would be easiest to start here, he believed, though trying to sort these boxes alone would be no easy task anyways. His son had offered to help but Gerard had refused the offer. This was something he wanted to do alone.

    Quite some time later Gerard had managed to sort through most of the things on the left side of the attic. Very few things had been placed in the black confines of the trash bag he'd brought up with him, but most he had opted to keep, placing them in one of the boxes he'd brought up with him labeled 'keep' in black marker. If he had held onto them this long he saw no reason to throw them away now.

    Lacking space on the ends of the attic all of the other boxes were piled on the right side. Almost all of them were filled with memories of his late wife. Taking a deep breath, Gerard contemplated taking a small break. He'd had one a few minutes ago, but another surely wouldn't hurt. He managed to talk himself out of the idea quickly, however, knowing that if he copped out now he wouldn't return himself to the task at hand. Getting to work a little reluctantly Gerard pulled a box towards himself, blowing the collected dust away before opening it. Atop everything else in the box lay a photograph, the black and white picture protected from fading by the frame it had been placed in. Gerard remembered that day it had been taken well, and he found himself smiling at the memory despite the ache it brought to his chest. It had been their wedding day, one of the happiest days of his life.

    Slowly looking up from the framed picture after spending a few minutes reminiscing, remembering the day and it's events, Gerard spotted something else of interest. Honestly, he had wondered how he hadn't taken note of it from the moment he's d stepped into the room. There, sitting in the corner with cobwebs almost seeming to grow from it's dusty, tarnished surface, stood an old phonograph. Gerard remembered it well. It had been his father's, and had been constantly playing when he was a child. He had remembered the way it had fascinated him when he was young, but the memories he connected to the rusting object most were of his wife. When they were teenagers and he had danced together to the sound of the old phonograph in his livingroom. On their wedding day they'd had the old phonograph playing for their first dance, and even in old age they'd danced together to their song in their shared home. It had always been something sentimental to the two of them. As Gerard stared at the old music player he felt a wash of emotion. Still, he stood and approached the old device. Still sitting in it's hold was an old, dust covered record that Gerard had come to know well. It was the song he and his wife had adopted as their own. The thick dust that coated the black surface was slowly broken by small droplet of water as tears began to leak from Gerards eyes.

    A few hours later Gerard had done all he was able to for sorting through the attic. He had a half-full trash bag and a few boxes of things he had decided to keep. Each were filled to the brim, and he would likely enlist the help of his son to aid him in bringing everything down from the attic. Sitting among those boxes of thing he'd planned to keep sat the old phonograph. Despite all of the memories it held for old Mr. Gerard White he had opted to keep it. How could he simply discard all of the history it held? His history would always be a part of him, something Gerard had learned well. Though he was stepping into a new chapter in his life, one of moving on, he would always hold onto his history. No matter where his future took him, he would always hold onto the past.
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  4. The old phonographs are actually alien devices that help broadcast interstellar messages. The government has recently discovered this and have confiscated every phonograph they could find. But once they were all assembled and the message was clear...they realized it was a threat. The aliens will arrive in two weeks. Are you prepared?
  5. In the aftermath of WWIII, people begin to emerge from safehouses and shelters to forge a new life. Cities became isolated and distant from one another, and people were only thinking of survival and propagation. Rebuilding societies from nothing took decades and decades. Time flew by unnoticed and unheeded as people farmed, built crude machines to filter water so that it was safe to drink.

    It was nearing the one hundredth year after the last great war, and it was time to celebrate all that they had accomplished. But how? All electronic devices had been rendered inoperable by the magnetic pulse weaponry, but someone found odd things in an old library. After careful research it was discovered that they would play music but only upon a certain instrument called a gramophone.

    And so, a search went out in every direction for such a thing. Who would find it? Who would bring music back tot he world?

    (I'm the worst dystopian thinker...)
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  6. Ursula's Shop of Small Wonders has a certain air to it that seems at odds with its appearance. For all intents and purposes, it is just a junk shop with a few nice antiques in the window, the furniture always seeming to be on sale for the low, low price of ten dollars outside, if it isn't raining. The inside isn't really very different, with random pieces of sets from a variety of ages, of all types and sizes, from every era. The store's decoration itself seems to be going for grandma-chic, with lots of lace, dolls, and Precious Moments memorabilia.

    But there's a sort of foreboding inside. Perhaps it's the fact that there's very little lighting inside. Perhaps it's the fact very little of Ursula's things (if Ursula is the little lady behind the large desk) have ever been dusted. Or maybe it's that you think you see things dart past you between the tall towers of life's detritus within the shop, from one china hutch to the next. Whatever the case, despite the cutesy look Ursula has going for it, few of the locals in town ever step foot into the place. It is a wonder Ursula manages to keep her doors open, much less lives off her profits.

    This is why Rocky Hammon, put-upon insurance agent and self-styled picker, decided to go inside, unaware of the strange air that surrounded Ursula's shop after a long road trip coming back from a conference in Pittsburgh. While walking around the crowded interior of Ursula's, he found very little that would be worth too much, but that was to be expected in junk shops. They were sometimes just glorified storage spaces for someone's hoarding habit.

    What he did find, however, was an old phonograph. It seemed to be in mint condition, if just a bit rusty, though if he was honest, the rust seemed a bit too red to be rust around the needle. He had asked to play a vinyl on it, but Ursula - the old lady, he was sure - said that she had none to try on it, a fact he found weird as these shops had at least three or four boxes of the things. However, he couldn't pass up the opportunity, and he bought the old phonograph, deciding that it had to be worth something to be in such good condition. Ursula even offered him a discount, saying that she'd been trying to find a buyer so long that she was practically thanking him getting it off her hands.

    He had no idea what it was he was bringing home with him...
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