Plot Challenge: The Last Flower on Earth

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: The Last Flower on Earth
  2. There's been a drought in the lands -- long enough that the supply of water and food is dwindling down. Luckily, humans have long since traveled to other prospering planets. Unfortunately for the people remaining on Earth, they must ship in supplies from other planets, but this is costly, and funds are slipping away quickly. A prophecy of old told of a mythical flower. When all else is dead, this one flower stands. The one who finds it grants their country and their people the gift of water again. Water, on this planet, is power. Who can bring their people glory? Who will perish? The path to life is littered with death.
  3. Li had been walking through this dessert for how long now three........ no four weeks. Damn one whole month wasted on this stupid errand. That is all this ways a damned errand. As he staggered through the exit of the narrow canyon there it was no more that a mile and a half away if even that, the last flower. The flower that had destroyed so many young men's lives, the flower that had been coveted for so long by so many, and the flower that was said to be unattainable and a myth. Yet there before Li's eyes was the flower. He began to walk towards the beautiful white plant when the winds started to gust up and sand began to cloud his vision. "NO! WHY?!" He screamed. Li ran before the storm could worsen but to no avail, the storm consumed everything that could be seen. However Li pushed on getting pelted by rocks and other debris. He didn't know how long this would last or if it would ever end so he could only go one to that flower. But his actions would lead him nowhere, with the debris and rocks blowing everywhere Li's head and body began to hit its limit and began to give in. Finally he went down hitting the packed sand with an enormous thud. He could only lie there trying to crawl trough the storm but his body would not do what it was told. He laid there for what seemed like a lifetime but how was he suppose to no how long he laid there, not only was time lost in just the dessert alone but to add in this storm it was a concept that was completely unfathomable. And after laying there just about to give up the storm subsided and died. Li uncovered his eyes and there it was, the flower just with in an arm's reach. Li took all his energy to lift his arm and reached for the plant. His fingers were just about to touch the flower and.........................
  4. After reaching technological heigths the humans have grown to incredible numbers and many live comfortable lives although wars still break out from time to time, then catastrophy hit Earth in december 2012. Unknown deceases spread across the continents, volcanoes erupted spreading ash and lava, earthquakes rattled the earth leveling cities to the ground, sand storms and typhons swept across the land and nuclear plants broke down poisoning the crops and waters. The land became harsh and those who were weak quickly died the humans who survived these violent plauges warred amongst themselves for the chance of survival, their numbers dwindeling quickly but despite the fewer numberof living beings the food grew sparce and water was worth more than any gold. The vegetation that still remains is slowly whitering away and nothing will grow in the dead earth, when the green is gone all herbivores still living will start to die leaving carnivores to flourish for a while until the weak are died and their corpses gone. Then it is just a matter of time until the rest starts dying unless a miracle happens and the Earth starts healing and become inhabitable again, if that happens in the human life time is debatable and not something many dwells upon as they scavenge for food.

    One thing remains as a legend around campfires at night, a short time when humans can spare some time thinking of happier things until the harsh reality takes over again. The legend of the last flower on Earth, it is said to grow in a place of sand and stone, defying the laws of nature by surviving where there is no other life. Some believe that the flower represent humanities only hope, a flower of the Gods that will give life to the planet once more. That whoever finds the white flower can bring the blessings of the Gods back onto Earth and blow life to the barren wasteland tha now spreads across land and sea alike. Many have searched for the last flower but so far no one seemed to have succeeded and time is running out if humans will have any chance of surviving to see Earth flourish again.
  5. Nobody knew what happened during the event that became known as The Catastrophe to the next generation, but everybody knew what consequences it had. Whatever weapons were used during that time literally sterilised most of the planet, leaving no living animal or plant behind. The survivors quickly became desperate for food, with some eventually resulting to extreme measures. Others found food in shelters built during The Catastrophe, while still others raided the weaker groups and stole whatever they had with them. Those who could not find other survivors turned insane from hunger and the lack of companionship, becoming more like beasts instead of human.

    But one man... No, that would be the wrong word to use, since it was clearly not human... One creature, covered in a huge, several metres tall battle armour was above it all. It needed no companionship, no food, no water, no air, nothing. It was the perfect and most lethal survivor of all, something that would come out alive even if it was tossed into the hottest star in existence. Naturally, it paid no attention to humans, and anybody who attacked it found out quickly that traditional weapons were ineffective against it. It would just continue on its journey, uninjured by bullets, blunt objects, or even the anti-tank rifles some groups had in their hands.

    Eventually, rumors started to circulate about the creature. Some though it to be the Wandering Jew, others thought it to be a physical god, while still others dismissed its existence as nothing but a rumor. There even existed a group of humans who followed the creature, hoping that they would gain its protection, but the strange creature just continued with its seemingly endless journey.

    But all journies had to end, and the one of this creature ended in an unnamed valley, where he met a young girl, clad in black. She was holding something in her hand, in a really tight grip, but the creature could not make out what it was, so it approached her.

    "My lady," said the creature as it opened its hand, and the girl slowly turned her head towards it. "My lady, you can not remain here for too long."
    "I know," answered the young girl, and then raised her arms towards the creature, opening them to reveal a single flower petal. "But I want to see the resurrection of this world."
    "As you wish, my lady," bowed the creature, and then took the girl onto its shoulders to take her into a place where she could see everything. The journey started yet again.
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  6. Six rust coloured eyes surveyed the scene, hidden carefully under an oxygen mask. Each eye looked about, as four legs slowly walked across the desolate surface. Only rubble and dust were in sight, giant pieces of browned metal randomly sticking out of the ground, as if the Earth had grown large crooked teeth. The metal beams sunk and bent, as if a giant had come across to sit on them. No wildlife could be seen anywhere, and the blue-creature was absolutely certain it was the only thing on Earth.</SPAN>

    It was a pity, really. By the time the Rathguars had developed the means for inter-dimensional travel, the planet referred to in the books found as Earth, was only a simple wasteland. The Rathguars were still trying to decipher the many languages of the planet, but had managed to solve one of the more popular ones, known by the planet’s previous inhabitants as English. The books, encyclopedias of knowledge, where numerous, but not all true. By popular content, it had been determined that the planet had been a true industrial wonderland, although the sentient beings seemed unaware of the looming danger. A few copies showed humans writing about something called ‘Global Warming’. Indeed, they must have been right, for the country the Rathguarians was currently in seemed scorching, albeit some of the planet had frozen over.</SPAN>

    The fact that such a thing could happen by the actions of a single species had gotten the Rathguarians curious, and they regularly sent their people to gather information. The one who was currently stationed in a desolate land known by the books as the northern part of ‘Ontario’, was searching through a building with a sagging roof called a ‘Library’. These must have been where humans stored their most precious information, and were truly useful in their research, although many seemed to share identical copies of books. The Rathguarian moved a rotting shelf and a skeleton out of the way to reach a stack of books, when he paused. There was something that had not been seen in all seventy years of Earth exploration, something only seen in illustrations.</SPAN>

    It was the core of the Earth’s health, and the creature that had died out first, dooming all the other species, sentient and none sentient. It was beautiful, with a slim green body, and a head made of folded white layers.</SPAN>

    It was a growing flower. </SPAN>
  7. [Made me think of Wall-E so here it goes]

    After years of searching the Earth for any living thing, researcher and scientist Dr. Cutten finally found what she was looking for. She was in the middle of a desert, where a tropical forest millenniums ago seemed to exist. For many centuries, people like scientist,researchers, and even common humans helped in the process of finding plants and animals. Countless of these missions turned out in a fail attempt, until now. This was the last flower on Earth, the flower that will help bring life back to this dried planet. Dr. Cutten got on her knees and stared at the wonder ahead of her. It was a beautiful piece of art, a fragile and yet strong organism that endure the exploitation of earth. The petals of the flower were a clean white while being see-through. It was magnificent, nothing she had ever seen before.

    The suit she had on was uncomfortable and the mask wasn't much better either. This was for protection against the poisonous gasses the Earth had. She had to get out of here soon and tell everyone on the waiting ship about her new finding. Slowly, she reached around her were she had put the bucket and shovel before she had gotten on her knees. With careful grip, she dug the dirt around the plant and finally grabbed the circle of earth and lay it inside the bucket. "Hold on there, this is for a new beginning and you are the star"