Plot Challenge: The Lady in the Mask



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Challenge Phrase: The Lady in the Mask


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One word: Masquerade.

Now, I know that may seem obvious, or even cliche, however. The symbolism behind a mask is so much more than just a mask. My plot idea would be exactly what I stated above, a masquerade back when it was popular in its time. A romance, of sorts. But one that's filled with murder and spite. Two lovers, absolutely stricken for each other, however, in a masquerade the male partner finds himself flirting with a woman who is not his partner. The lady in the mask whom was involved in the flirtatious conduct, gets murdered in the evening. No one knows who caused it, but the deaths hence forth are all murders of women from masquerade balls.


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Times are hard. The world is a violent place where people fear to go about their daily lives due to the muggings and murders that occur daily. The police are powerless; the government has banned the use of such things as guns and tasers, leaving law abiding citizens all but defenseless to the hordes of criminals that seem to grow in number by the day.
In the midsts of this, though, there remains one hope for the people: The Lady in the Mask.
A hero who fights against this evil, even going outside the law to do it. A vigilante who protects those who cannot protect themselves.

The Lady, however, is not just one.

A society of women who wear identical masks and defend the innocent.


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Every month the king and queen had a masquerade at the palace and every month Cole went to that masquerade. Ever since he started to go he had been mesmerized by a woman that always seemed to show up there. In the end of the masquerade everyone took of their masks to show eachother who had been who, because all people always had different masks, except the girl whom had interested Cole. He always tried to find her to the end of the masquerade but everytime she had disappeard before it had ended, and no one he had talked to knew anything about her, actually they hadn't even seen her.

Cole needed to know who the girl were, she whom had a ghostlike ability to show up and disappear every month. Could it be that she were a ghost? Cole needed to know and asked some friends to keep an eye open for the girl during the next masquerade. Once it started and he finally found the girl in the mask he started to follow her, but soon she disappeard. One of his friends catch a glimpse of her though and went to him to tell him where she had gone. She had disappeard behind a painting that hide a secret door, now they are walking in the catacombs trying to find the girl.

What secrets will be found down there? Will they get to know who the mystical girl are?