Plot Challenge: The Hallow Grove

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: The Hallow Grove
  2. Far away from human civilization, somewhere in the still undiscovered parts of the world, there was a forest, the trees of which were said to cure any disease that might ail humans, animals or plants. In exchange, these holy trees only demanded that their subjects respect them as they are, to not damage them in their vulnerabilty, to bring them water in case of a drought, to bring them good soil or fertiliser in case they were dieing. However, humans have all but forgotten about their existence, choosing to rely on their so-called science and medicine instead of these trees, which could have granted them even immortality. But such is the way of humans, they wish to rely only on themselves, even if it costs them their lives. They want to dominate, to conquer, not to coexist with their environment, so they destroy it instead of trying to live in harmony with it.

    This forest had a guardian spirit, who used to be human herself, so she understood the greed and ambition humanity perfectly. Thus, when humans abandoned the forest for their own sciences, she continued her work diligently. She took care of the trees instead of the humans, she whispered into the ears of animals to make them take care of the plants, not to mention that she drove all evil spirits away. Whenever a human accidentally visited her forest, she made sure to keep out of their way so as not to make them aware of the forest's special properites. For a while, this worked quite well for the spirit, but one day, an old man wandered into the forst at a wrong time. The spirit was taking a bath in the nearby spring, so the trees, following their own good nature, healed the old man, and when the spirit returned, the damage was already done. The old man became a youth again, so he looked at his body in disbelief, which was when the spirit appeared before him.

    The spirit pleaded with the old man endlessly, and made him promise not to share the secret of the forest with the rest of the world. However, as even he was only human, eventually, the secret got out, so people started to flock to the forest like doves. The spirit knew that if the forest healed so many humans, it would wither, so reluctantly, she told the trees not to heal any humans anymore. The people who went to the forest to get their sicknesses cured were very disappointed, but they turned their disappointment into anger, and called the old man a liar. The scandal that resulted from this case was so enormous that ironically, the old man could not find refugee anywhere but inside the secluded forest. There, the spirit appeared before him once again, and apologised to him about her behaviour. She explained the nature of the forest to him, but the old man refused to believe her.

    Eventually, the spirit gave up on convincing the person. She knew that he would eventually return to take revenge for the "atrocity" she commited against him, so with great regret, she took away the ability of the forest to cure life, and locked it inside a small mirror. She then fled the forest, and as a punishment for her selfishness, she started walking around the world. Even now, she is amongst us, using her small mirror to give even smaller miracles to humans, to remind them that not only they exist in this world, that each and every one of their existences is a miracle, and should be treated as such.
  3. *It did not seem far, the children running around and playing there 'Explorers' game... The light grass seemed to shiver in the gentle breeze, carrying the hearty sounds of young laughter. Their parents were in the house, a few hills back, almost able to be seen in the distance had one a good eye for discerning details. Ignorant to the world around them, they kicked up the dew from the last night gone by, and continued to run around, their imaginations soaring like airplanes . As they turned a corner, running round a pretty thick bush into some woods, they froze. All the leaves they had thought they would see had vanished, replaced by the harsh earthly arms that shot up. It seemed time had frozen still as well, as the winds had stopped its breezy nature, and the grass itself seemed to appear darker than normal. As the children turned around, they saw a reflection, and their eyes welled up in not only fear, but confusion. They had just run this way hadn't they, and yet the never-ending halls seemed to stretch both ways, like it was encasing them. The hairs on their arms stood on end, along with their roots. A scary feeling seemed to surround them, they did not know where they were. Feeling like an arm would come out and grab them at any moment, they huddled up together, the small sounds of whimpering emanated from the three small siblings.*

    *Something strange seemed to float around, though it was hard to place a finger upon it, let alone an eye. As their vision turned up, they saw what they had hoped to... But not in the same light. The few leaves that were held far out of hands reach blocked out the sun, or most light for this matter. In the distance as they tried to find an exit, it seemed like a very faint mist was surrounding them, though it could have been the contrast of all the tree's. It was strange as they turned there heads, a reaction to something, though there was no noise made, and they couldn't make out anything different. An icy chill ran down their spines, causing the young ones to shiver, unknown to whether it was from the cold, or from a fear that was setting upon them. Lungs that filled up seemed to feel a tad colder, and one of the small ones began leaking small droplets, though not a movement for crying was shown.*

    *As the first of the three began to move forwards, the other two grabbed his arm, scared of being left behind and warning him through their eyes. He tugged his arm and they followed him, though it was apparent he was scared, he wanted to run away, get out of this place. With every footfall that landed, they though they could see something moving in the distance, behind the trees it was hard to tell whether it was tree's further back, or perhaps someone was hiding... Lurking... Waiting. Their heads turned time and again, constantly paranoid someone was following them, or something was in the woods. They had not noticed that time was flying by, and yet they had not found an exit, and everything still seemed to look the same as before. *

    *As they stopped finally seeing the distant tree's, and realising nothing looked any different then when they had first stepped in, they crouched around each other, like little baby penguins conserving heat, and let out their quiet sobs. There were no birds or animals around, causing the woods to have an abandoned... Even haunted... Posture about it. In the distance, unable to be seen were a pair of eyes, watching... Waiting... New people had entered the forbidden woods, woods that had been rumoured were dangerous, and not to enter willy nilly. The fates of these young children would only be found out, in the presence of time.*
  4. The sun was shinning brightly and shinning through the plump fresh green leaves of the trees in the forest. The atmosphere was calm and serene. Never be mistaken by the forest, for it has it's own dark secret. If it senses a presence it doesn't take a liking to, it turns into a maze of sorts. The person could be wandering for a day or even possibly months or years going this way and that trying to find their way out. The villagers take pride with this forest, for it helps seclude them away from unwanted people. Prying eyes that dare to take away the precious forest, but there is another secret with the village and forest.

    The villagers are those who survive without contact with the outside world. They are secluded for a purpose, and never want to be found. They hold the power to destroy the world and reborn it anew. If it was to fall into the wrong hands, humanity would befall and die. The power was created a long time ago, to stop a being who became lustful with power to create the world again. That person was so lost within chaos that when he entered the forest it distorted it and caused a rift to be open, for those who enter will be lost. That being who wanted to create the new world was destroyed by the seven mages who were the council of the village. As well with the help of a pure hearted female who lent her powers to them.

    There is a 16 year old girl who wandered into the village when she was five years old. No one knew where the mysterious girl came from or how she entered the forest and didn't end up wandering for who knows within the forest, but in the end they took her in. In a way, at the time she appeared the village and forest couldn't be more happier. They were in a drought and the forest was slowly withering away. And upon her arrival it rained and the forest seemed to come back to life when she went on a walk within the trees. The villagers believe she is a fairy born within the young females body. There would be no one around with her kind of luck and power to instantly heal the huge forest by herself, and the forest seemed to enjoy the young girls presence.

    As for those who wander into the forest and loose their way, they say she female girl appears before them and shows them the way out. Those who are lucky enough to escape with the girls help, believe that the forest makes those with hatred and done evil deeds be lost within their own minds. It's always the rare chance for the female to show herself even to those with pure hearts. Those who have been saved say they see fairy wings attached to the girls back. Making them believe that she is a fairy born human. For whatever the cause is with the mysterious girl she keeps the village safe with the help of the forest.
  5. The air was thin and silent. Nothing but bird songs echoing through the branches of the trees that stood staring into a never-ending daydream. The sun was blazing down upon the patches of grass spread carelessly through the empty space. One soft gust of wind brushed past the leaves causing the trees to dance with elegance. All was at peace in the world. Love songs being whispered to each animal in serenade before it was time for hibernation. Each animal pouring their hearts out in hopes to find a partner to rest with. Soon enough the sun began to say its final goodbyes before its slumber. Every rabbit hoping one by one into their burrows in preparation for the harsh winters night.

    Soon enough the beautiful silence was broken by the sounds of dead branches snapping and crunching. A young looking woman strode slowly past each tree. She placed her hands firmly on one that seemed lifeless. She whisper words of joy into it's bark. Each word slowly seeping through every inch soon enough reaching the roots. She then placed her forehead softly onto the bark and closed her eyes. She began to tap into the trees storage of life and gradually began to feel its every emotion. It felt in pain. The area was unwillingly exposed to bad gases that traveled through the air from a near by factory. This disgusted her to the core. Every life, even the smallest, deserved no pain. Even the trees, but it would seem they had been forgotten about.

    The female was dressed in a long, flowing, black dress with golden patterns that spread throughout the material. They formed the shape of flowers and vines that covered the bottom of the dress up to the chest where they dis-burst to every corner. On her back was a dark red cloak made of the finest silk. The hood was up covering her long black hair. Her eyes almost hypnotising with their depth. A dangerous shade of red with what seemed to be symbols surrounding the iris. These symbols seemed to mean something, but to any normal human it would be illegible even to the smartest of minds.