Plot Challenge: The Blackened Door



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Challenge Phrase: The Blackened Door
Centuries ago, the gates of Roufenhaus were breached by a legion of demons most foul. They sought to conquer the castle, and with it, the mystic power that lie deep inside its walls. The inhabitants were easily defeated by the invaders... but the king would not fall so easily. He fought for his life, and a few demons fell before his knees. As time passed, his stamina fell, and he was finally killed. With his dying breath, he called upon the last defense, the power hidden in the castle. The very power the devils had come to conquer now radiated throughout the stronghold, obliterating the dark invaders, and burning the entrance shut from the inside, charring it black in an instant. Now, centuries later, the magic that sealed shut the doors of Roufenhaus has weakened, and the very same forces from all that time ago once more seek to conquer it...

There was a door in the Tower. It was tall and it was blackened and Sheraton frequently passed it, touching it. Running small fingers over the crackled surface. He found himself wondering what secrets it held, what Teak was hiding behind it? Some sort of.... Not a Monster, for Sheraton was a Monster and he'd know if there was another in the Tower. Wouldn't he? The boy found himself biting his lip at the idea of another of his kind, if there was something he didn't want it was another of his sort. Still, it was better to be in the Tower than anywhere else.

The blackened door called to Sheraton to open it, as with most teenagers a secret that wasn't his own was fair game. With determination the boy snuck out of his room one quiet evening, in the gloom of the Tower's arrow slits. Teak couldn't keep a secret from him! Sheraton produced his lock picks and knelt at the door knob and began to work.

The lock turned with a hard click, the door squeaked loudly and began to swing in...