Plot Challenge: Runic Engraving

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: Runic Engraving
  2. The year was 934 AD. Björn Bergvid, a Swedish viking from Öland, were about to make his last journey before his life would end. With a crew of over twenty strong men he would travel towards what we today call united kingdom. Unknowing about the fate that waited him he kissed his wife goodbye before promising that he would return with a great fortune. This journey would be made to honor his dead son, he died as a great warrior and now he probably were at Oden's side waiting for his father to join him.

    Before he left he went to the rune stone that had been raised for his son, the one that Björn himself had made. "I will see you in Valhalla my son." He said before leaving towards the ship and the men that waited for him. He may be old but he was still a viking and a warrior, he wouldn't give up just yet.

    (I love my Swedish viking blood xD haha)
  3. Humanity was born blind. Even though their eyes percieved the world with all its colours and all its beauty, they could not see what lied beneath it all, what made the world move. When they have been born, they thought that the sun was nothing more than a globe of light pulled across the sky by a chariot, that the stars were pictures drawn by the gods themselves, and that a mighty Pantheon resided atop the fog-covered mountains. Other humans believed that their souls are continously moving towards perfection, but are reborn in different bodies every time. But as time went on, they started to think that they were molded in the shape of their creator, and have been expelled from an utopia because they have done a horrible act. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that all of them would be doomed when the son of their creator returns, bringing with himself the apocalypse.

    But then, suddenly, humanity started to think. They started to realise that the world functioned according to laws that could be easily described by equations, words or very human concepts. Suddenly, being the creations of an allmighty creator was not so appealing anymore, so humans have begun to rely on themselves, on their own sciences. They called it first theology, then alchemy, then physics, and then a simple science branched into many difficult-to-comprehend areas. However, for the first time in their lives, humans could understand what made the world work, they could comprehend the inner workings of the Earth, of the Sun, and even the solar system itself... Or at least so they thought.

    For beyond the world that humans percieved lied the true world, the laws that made up the universe, the laws that needed no confirmation from an observer to exist. A young woman knew this all too well, for even if she was not born blind in the human sense, she did go blind, only to recieve a different kind of sight that always tested her sanity. For her, the world was made out of runes, of hieroglyphs, or out of incredibly complex equations; it was a junkyard of letters, numbers, symbols and even pure entities beyond human comprehension. It was madness incarnate, a darkness the source of which was overwhelming light, a light the source of which was eternal darkness, a set of laws that have been written without the human limits of perception in mind, rules that contradicted yet supported each other. In other words, this young woman saw the world as a pool of Chaos born from Order, a tower of Order that has been built by Chaos. There was simply no other way to describe it.

    For her, the world looked like that ever since she turned fourteen, and for some reason, she has not yet lost her sanity, even though it was being challenged by the world around her every day. She has managed to keep her mind intact even though it was besieged by a world that did not make sense, but what made her even more impressive is that she knew how to control it. All she would have to do is to trace the symbol in the air, or on a surface, and she would be able to bend the rules of reality as humans percieved them. Of course, she has never done that in front of anyone. She only practiced it in secret, knowing that if her power would get revealed to the world, others would begin to seek it, and humanity would turn mad, for it will be a long time before a human is born with open eyes.