EXERCISE Plot Challenge: "Never meant to do you wrong."

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    "Never meant to do you wrong."
  2. How the hell did this all go so wrong? One minute you're the toast of the Confederation. A hero. And then my happy ass goes and says the wrong thing. One tiny comment that the wrong person overheard. Next thing I know you're on some twisted reality show, literally fighting for your life. I gotta make this right. To do that, I need to be on Death Row. Well, shit. I never did like that useless fuck in the Mayor's office.
  3. It was Christmas Eve. Carla was getting ready to go to a party with a few of her friends. She takes a hot bath, then gets ready into her Christmas costume. She grabs her purse and keys from the table and heads out the door to her car. Just then her fiance drives up. He gets out his truck, stomps over to her, grabs her by the wrist and drags her back inside saying, "You aren't going anywhere tonight." Scared to death, Carla tries to yell for help, but as expected, her fiance shuts her mouth with his bare hand. He leads her to her room and throws her on the floor. He then begins to violently kick her in the sides, and then begins jumping up and down on her legs, breaking them. He leaves out the door for a bit. Carla begins to try and crawl out of there. But, he comes back too soon; in his hand is a wine bottle. He sits on her back and quickly hits her in the head with it, as she quickly goes unconscious. The following day, Carla wakes up in a hospital bed, her legs are broken and her ribs ache horribly, and she has a terrible migraine. She goes back to sleep. Late she is waken by a hand. She looks up to see her fiance, as he says, "Please, Carla, I never meant to do anything wrong to you, I was drunk."
  4. Bumbling amateur Super Hero can't do anything right and usually ends up helping the criminals get away. He seems harmless but after a giant blunder, the young super is now considered a villain. Now the only fan of the super must try to clear his name...But he will learn that maybe his beloved super hero isn't quite so bumbling after all...
  5. He looked at his hand in horror. Stained red they showed him his guilt as clearly as the body in front of him. "No please I never meant for this to happen." he half sobbed at her placid features.

    She rose before him empty eye sockets staring at him. "You let it happen Jerald, you killed me. Its all your fault."

    He staggered back from the apparition whipering "It was just one mistake please."

    His screams echoed down the corridors of the asylum as one doctor remarked to the other hos the bank manager had blamed himself for the accident that had killed his wife.
  6. She was leaving. Her boyfriend had tried to tell her he never meant to- it just happened. Sure, the stripper just ACCIDENTALLY fell on his lap a few times- sure.


    That's when she found it wasn't just her... he had been cheating... a lot... and that's when she found a clue as to why her normally sweet boyfriend was suddenly acting like an asshole- it came from a letter, from some mysterious person who called themselves "Hunter". Her boyfriend was an incubus... So do you trust the crazy note and check the box where it says that you want the problem to be eliminated, or do you confront the boyfriend?
  7. "I never meant to do you wrong."

    A scoff escaped from the redhead who stood above him, and she tilted his head back with the point of her sword, exposing his throat.

    He stared up at her, hopeful, pleading. "I swear. I-"

    "Shut your mouth." The words were as sharp as her blade, and her eyes were hard and cold. "You betrayed us. You betrayed me. You know the code."

    "Yes, but-"

    "I said to shut up."

    The man clammed up at the order, and his eyes dropped from her face to the deck of the ship.

    "Do you, John Daniels, admit to your betrayal of the crew of the Agnes?"

    "I admit to my betrayal." His words trembled in the salty air- the last words that he would ever speak because her sword sliced his head off just a moment later.
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  8. Brynn sat staring at Brandon sitting across the table looking at her like she'd murdered a puppy. "I'm so sorry Brandon...I never meant to do anything to hurt you. Honestly. I didn't know."

    Brandon sat there with his heart bleeding out before her and he was getting I'm sorry. "yeah..it's cool. don't worry about it." He stood up and left the card and corsage there on her table. No prom date for him...
  9. Fool me twice
    A World of Darkness revenge plot for 5 risen victims

    You could have been mistaken for sisters in life, had you not been born decades apart. But you were sisters in death.
    Elise had worshiped Persephone, and learned words of otherworldly power. Not the first victim, but the first to drag themselves, outraged, from the stinking pit he used to preserve his harem; he panicked when he found her gone and relocated in the dead of night.

    He was always sorry. So sorry. He couldn't help it; he loved me too much. Loved us too much.

    When the killings started again she was able to track him. His addiction would provide her with everything and everyone she needed to take revenge. Careful spying taught her his routine, informed her of the protection he was afforded by intelligence and income, and led her to his new sacred space - to her sisters. Only two responded to the call from the underworld; traumatized by their experience but not so much that she couldn't explain her plan, and teach them her inhuman language.

    Whore. I needed this to be perfect. I needed you to be perfect.

    Two more of his wives missing. Another cross-country relocation. He knows someone is playing a game with him, and spares no expense with a secretive investigation. Time is running out. Now when he dreams they are in control - perfect white hands holding him down, green eyes glittering with desire, dark hair pouring into his open mouth and drowning out cries for help.

    We got to know each other when you left us together, and discovered we have so much in common.
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  10. "Never meant to do you wrong."

    So said Ines Ortwahl to the young man in the college classroom covered in a red, needled mist.

    She had put so much love into him. They all told her that one day, at some point, he would lose it, like the rest did. The power he was born with would consume him, and she would have to put him down. But she had always believed in the sanctity of children, and of innocent until proven guilty.

    But they were right. She leveled the gun as he screeched at her, lost to the madness that the red mist incurred, as his blood shifted in mid-air droplets. She fired three shots, clinical, professional, at the center of mass.

    And he was gone, like that. She fell to her knees and put her head in her hands.
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