Plot Challenge: Mythical Atlantis

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Challenge Phrase: Mythical Atlantis
An evil has been cast onto Atlantis, causing everything to decay. A group of merfolk set out on a quest to find a wizard that can help save their beloved, ancient home before it's too late.
In the not too distant future, a group of deep sea explorers come across the city of Atlantis. It has been populated by beautiful human like sea creatures... who also happen to have a fondness for playing rather morbid games with outsiders. The explorers are forced to play these deadly games and win, or die a horrible death. ~<3
A young prince awakens in Atlantis with no memory. As he explores the great city he begins to see people turned statues all around him. Without knowing he stumbles upon the heart of the city and a voice tells him to save his people. With no idea on how to help the statues he begins his quest.