Plot Challenge: Mechanized Civilization



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Challenge Phrase: Mechanized Civilization
Humans create artificially intelligent robots for the betterment of mankind. These robots feel that the best thing for the human race is that they not lead themselves, and so they take control of the human race. It seems awesome at first, in spite of the protests of disgruntled freedom lovers, however... as time goes on more and more freedoms and rights are taken away. Everyone is equal, in that everyone has only the bare essentials for survival. Nobody is full, nobody is happy, nobody is extremely healthy, but nobody is hungry, nobody is miserable, and nobody is dying from disease. Some go along with it, not knowing a life any different, or truly thinking it for the best. Some, however, fight in the shadows for the freedom that they so desperately desire.
The rebels must be turned... before execution. After all, martyrs would could inspire other humans to rebel.
And rebelling would lead to unecessary conflict that would harm humans as a whole.

(Heavily inspired by 1984)